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21 || September || 2022
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How to become a
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Hi 👋🏾
If you love being online listening to other people show off what they have—or don’t have—then you’ll love this week’s tech career. It’s all about showing off your brands or companies.
This week we’re looking at becoming a social media manager, your internet besties. Read on for more gist on what to expect, what not to expect, and what companies and the public expect from you (for better or worse).
by Immaculata Abba, Caleb Nnamani and Timi Odueso.
Tech trivia questions
Some trivia before we begin. Answers are at the bottom of this newsletter. 
Who is a social media manager?
You’ve definitely heard about social media managers.
You know how every company, brand or celebrity these days has a Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or even TikTok account?
It’s all social media managers. They’re the brains and fingers behind the screen.
💡 About 59% of the world’s 7 billion+ population is on social media; that’s 4.70 billion people either watching videos on TikTok, connecting with friends on Facebook or joining 7 PM Spaces on moaning on Twitter. 
Social media managers present brands to these people using content creation to endear you to different products. They are the digital voices and community builders that amplify the work of businesses and people. 
Think about any time you’ve bought merch from a celebrity or a company? Or think about tweets you’ve seen that made you buy a product. That’s what social media managers do, they market products and services through storytelling and community building. 
A great example is the Netflix Naija Twitter manager who uses tone and trends to get more subscribers for the company. Because the social media manager tweets relatable things, more people will follow the page and they’re more likely to sign up for Netflix because of it.
They go by other names too including digital marketer, brand manager, audience engagement manager, and community manager.
🌟The good news? Social media management is one of the few tech roles you can learn and do with just your mobile phone.
How social media managers work
Social media managers are in charge of monitoring, evaluating, measuring and increasing the presence of brands online.
The very best social media managers are able to help brands gain more customers through the following steps:
How do they do this? Well, today’s guest—TechCabal’s Bright Azuh Ucha—has given us the dos and don’ts on how social media managers work.
The Dos and Don’ts
What are the tools of a social media manager?

Social media managers do quite a bit: content creation, designing, scheduling, analytics. Here are the easy-to-use tools that most use to see this through.
✍🏾 Writing/Storytelling: The bulk of a social media manager’s work lies in storytelling so here are tools they use:
Google Docs || Microsoft Word or any writing software.
🎨 Designing: Social media managers are not designers, but knowing how to make simple designs and templates make their jobs faster. Here is one easy-to-use tool most use:
📊 Analytics: Social media managers measure the trends. They’ll evaluate their own followers and engagement—and their competitors’ too—to discover which type of content moves the business forward. Tools they use include:
Google Analytics || HubSpot || Facebook Insights || Twitter Insights || Buffer
🗓️ Scheduling: Need we explain? Tools social media managers use to schedule include:
Buffer || Later || Canva || Dlvr.it
Hear it from a social media manager
This week, we’ve brought TechCabal’s very own social media strategist, a brand manager who tripled TechCabal’s social media following and reach within 18 months.
Bright Azuh is a digital marketing enthusiast who helps brands grow their social media platforms. She has a demonstrated work history in print, tech and music media as well as startups. She is skilled in content marketing, social media marketing, storytelling, journalism, email marketing, copywriting, media relations, and corporate communications.
Q. We already know who a social media manager is. Who is not a social media manager?
Social media managers are not creative teams; we are not an all-in-one creative team. We are not full-time designers, bloggers or video editors. Companies have misconceptions that SMMs have to design and do all these but it’s not always so. 
Yes, many SMMs have these skills but they can’t do all of it. Social media managers need the support of creative teams if you really want them to have enough time to creatively think up solutions that help your brand grow. 
Q. When and why did you choose to become a social media manager?
In 2020, I worked as a content writer for a company during the Big Brother Naija Lockdown finale and they needed a live-tweeter—I did that for just one hour. 
Then I joined TechCabal in December 2020 as a reporter and a social media strategist and that was my first go at social media full-time. Because I resumed in December, there wasn’t much we could do for 2020, but when we resumed in 2021, I started to create the TC brand, crafting the brand and visuals slowly, while still writing 2 articles per week. 
Then later that same year, I was offered the option to do social media management full-time and I chose it.
I chose it because I wanted to learn growth and product and product marketing. I was already enjoying reading about numbers and growth marketing; it made me happy.
Q. It appears that social media managers use a lot of tools. How should newbies navigate this?
A lot of these tools don’t have all the features you need; at least not their free versions. That’s why you need multiple tools.
For example, FB Analytics doesn’t give you accurate analysis or analytics from months back. 
LinkedIn too doesn’t give you link clicks to website, it gives you clicks in total for all the clicks on the post even if it doesn’t take you anywhere. On Twitter Analytics, you can’t get the number of followers you gained in a day or the total number of unfollows. You have to use tools to get all these metrics. 
The best way to choose a tool is to decide what metrics are important to your company and look for tools that can help you.
Q. What are the misconceptions people have about your role?
People also think that social media management is “just posting”. We hear it all the time, but it’s not that simple. If it were, all brands would be succeeding online. 
There’s also the misconception that social media managers are magicians and that they should be able to make all things go viral. They cant, no social media manager knows which of their posts will bang or not. You can play the trend and often times, it will work but the if you want consistent growth and visibility, your social media managers’ work must be supported by paid media. 
Q. What would you change about social media management if you could?
Companies need to be more flexible with their social media management. Try new things, experiment with your content. You never can tell what your audience might love. 
And please, pay your social media managers. Pay them well and according to the work they do. Social media managers are some of the least paid people in tech and if i could change anything, it’s the kind of reward social media managers get for the work they put in and the value they bring. 
You can be a social media manager too
If you’re interested in trying your hand at social media management, here are a list of resources.
Ask a techie
Q. How can I get a social media manager job without experience?
You can’t, at least not without the aptitude for it. Most people think “experience” has to mean years and years of work but for a number of roles, especially entry-level roles, experience means evidence that you’ve done meaningful work in a field. 
Before any brand allows you manage their social media profiles, they need to see proof that you know how to handle yourself online and create voices that will boost their growth. The social media manager is the voice of the company, whoever manages it must have knowledge and/or experience. For that, you definitely need knowledge so if you’re looking to get a job in social media management, take content creation and growth courses that will help you demonstrate your ability to engage the audience. 
That’s all we can take this week. Have any questions about working in tech? Ask away and we’ll find answers for you.👇🏾
Tech trivia answers

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