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CENTERVILLE, Texas — A deadly crash in Texas claimed the life of one person and left two firefighters injured.
KBTX reports that emergency crews were responding to a crash involving a car and pickup truck on the afternoon of June 6 along Interstate 45.
Soon after, a tractor-trailer crashed into the car and truck on the northbound lanes of I-45, causing the 18-wheeler to overturn on top of the car and hitting two volunteer firefighters with the Centerville Fire Department.
The driver of the car, Jocelyn Ortega, 27, of Dallas, was pronounced dead at the scene.
UPDATE: Two Centerville firefighters struck by a semi today on I-45 in Leon County are expected to survive. One has a serious leg injury. The firefighters were on the highway helping with a minor crash when the truck plowed into them. (1/2) pic.twitter.com/kgRux7UFFS
— Rusty Surette (@KBTXRusty) June 7, 2022

Colton Adams, 21, one of the firefighters, was airlifted to a hospital in Temple Texas with serious injuries. The other firefighter, Clint Franklin, 46, was also taken by air ambulance to the hospital but was later treated and released.
Adams’ foot would later be amputated, according to a post on the Centerville Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page.
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