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Social media is an ever-changing entity of marketing that takes time and effort for business owners to manage. That’s why companies often look to social media marketing agencies for help building and maintaining their social channels.
Our top recommendations for the best social media marketing agencies in the UK are:
Spin Brands
We Are Social

Digital Media Team
One Umbrella
Burst Digital
Prohibition PR

Atomic Digital Marketing

Our Own Brands


Managing every aspect of your social media marketing with vast expertise and experience
Thumb-stopping, creative social campaigns
Businesses wanting to get the highest returns out of their paid social strategy
Businesses that want quick paid social results and a friendly, communicative relationship with their agency
Engaging with your customers through socials
Businesses that want strong PR messaging throughout their social campaigns
New businesses that need affordable assistance in setting up social accounts
Creating a bold brand identity and showcasing it through social media campaigns
Multi-channel advertising on social media
Businesses that want to boss TikTok social campaigns
From our research and expert social media marketing experience, we’ve deduced that Spin Brands, We Are Social, and Digital Media Team are the cream of the crop in their respective specialisms. However, the companies in this article are just 10 of over 5,000 agencies offering social media marketing services across the UK.
It is an overwhelming and time-consuming task to research such a huge number of providers, let alone compare the costs of one agency to another — particularly when many fees aren’t readily available online.
This is where our free cost comparison tool comes in handy. The tool is designed by our digital marketing industry experts and helps you pick the right social media marketing agency for your business, by offering you quotes from a number of reputable UK providers.
All you need to do is answer a couple of simple questions and we’ll send you a selection of free, no-obligation quotes in a matter of minutes. It really is that easy.
Or, if you’d like to learn more about the best social media marketing agencies in the UK for small businesses, read on.

Average cost: £80–£130 per hour
Spin Brands is unlike the other agencies on our list, in that it specialises in one thing and one thing only — and that is social media marketing.
When it comes to social, you can’t get much better than Spin Brands. While other agencies on our list offer social as a component of their digital marketing service, compared to an agency like Spin, the depth of social marketing expertise, experience and results are lacking.
Spin Brands manages every aspect of your social media needs, from producing creative organic content to drive up followers and increase engagement rates, to using ambassadors (sophisticated influencers) to help grow your brand awareness and build a community of loyal customers.
The Spin Brands website is jam-packed with incredible case studies showcasing the agency’s triumphs in one of the most competitive and challenging digital marketing spaces. Successful campaigns include organic social growth, strategy implementation and an incredibly fruitful ambassador campaign for retail giants Lovehoney.
They also boast a unique content marketing strategy that is refreshed every few months to ensure strategies do not become repetitive, bland, and stagnant (a commonly occurring problem in social media marketing).
The list of reasons Spin brands is our number one social media marketing agency could go on, but we have a word count to stick to so here’s our list of pros and cons.

Average cost: £80–£130 per hour
We Are Social is one of the biggest players on our list, boasting clients such as Uber Eats, Samsung, and Netflix.
This agency isn’t cheap, but you pay for what you get and with We Are Social, it’s creative excellence. They are ideal for any business looking to rebrand in an explosive, eye-catching way on social media.
Specialising in a number of marketing categories, We are Social is unmatched when it comes to social media strategising. With expertise built on global research and insight across countless industries, it offers social insights, competitor analysis, social audits and even cultural intelligence analysis, something not offered by other agencies.
This is typical of the industry, so if you’d like us to make choosing a provider easier for you, why not use our cost comparison tool to compare quotes for free.
Simply spend one minute answering a few questions, and we will do the rest!
Average cost: £50–£80 per hour
Boasting its position in the top 5% of UK agencies, Digital Media Team (DMT) has perfected an approach to paid social that has them sitting comfortably as one of the best social media marketing agencies in the UK.
Specialising in ecommerce marketing, DMT can help grow your business through its tried and tested paid social methods and its Meta business partnership. It is the only UK agency with access to ROI Hunter, a revolutionary product marketing platform (PMP) that helps ecommerce retailers to become more profitable.
Its ecommerce marketing capabilities don’t stop there, as the agency will build a Shopify store for your business and ensure it is optimised for sales conversions.
DMT offers its clients ad retargeting, ad design and omni-channel posting, all with the aim of improving your return on ad spend (ROAS) which is a vitally important KPI for any business wanting to grow and market successfully on its social media channels.
ROAS is a metric used to determine how successful an ad campaign has been. It is a metric that is typically calculated as the revenue that is generated compared to every pound spent on an advertising campaign.
Let’s say you made £10 for every £1 you spent on a paid social campaign — your ROAS for that campaign would be 10:1.
Average cost: £80 — £130 per hour
One Umbrella has rave reviews, in large thanks to an incredibly personalised service miraculously delivered by one of the smallest social media marketing teams on our list.
Prompt communication is a key factor in selecting an agency, and One Umbrella scores full marks when it comes to quick and effective communication with all of its clients.
Along with its excellent client support, you will get guaranteed results in 60 days or less for any paid social campaigns using One Umbrella’s tried-and-tested funnel optimisation formula. This makes it ideal for those businesses that want quick returns on ad investment.
One Umbrella’s client selection process is thorough and includes a list of four collaboration criteria, ensuring the relationship between you and the agency is going to work before you make a big investment on any social media projects or campaigns.
Average cost: £300–£2,500 per month, depending on package
Burst Digital offers a wide variety of digital marketing services, specialising in social media management and four key areas of focus — strategy, attraction, engagement and conversion.
Using Burst Digital as your agency is ideal for businesses that want to regularly engage with their customers across social platforms via DMs and comments. The agency does this on your behalf, whilst also helping you create GIFs and Instagram filters to help you entertain your social media following.
They are also the most environmentally conscious out of the agencies on our list. They reward clients that have a positive impact on the planet with discount rates, and plant a mini forest for every project they undertake.
You’ll get posts published during peak engagement hours, a well-maintained regular posting schedule and strategic boosting of posts to ensure your KPIs are met, whether they be engagement rates, click throughs or impressions.
Average cost: £80–£130 per hour
As well as being a multi-award winning PR agency, Prohibition also offers full-service social media marketing management.
This includes one of Prohibition’s specialties — in-depth competitor analysis. This involves studying active users’ references and hashtags as well as finding out which social media platforms your prospective clients are active on.
When working with Prohibition you will also benefit from the team’s impressive ability to create buyer personas by profiling your brand’s social media target audience requirements. This will help you in targeting the right audience for your social campaigns.
Other services include competitions and campaign promos and a community management monitor to help you build a rapport with your followers, as well as promote positive brand awareness.
Average cost: £20–£40 per hour
Atomic Digital Marketing proudly holds the title of Clutch’s Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2021, and for good reason.
It prides itself on thorough social media reporting, and working with them will give your business access to actionable and insightful monthly reports across all social platforms.
This will include key metrics, post analysis, and even hashtag analysis, allowing you to monitor performance and make executive decisions.
They offer brand new businesses the perfect platform to kickstart their social media journeys, effectively setting up and branding all required social media channels on a company’s behalf.
You can benefit from Atomic’s impressive post designs and reliable scheduling at optimal times, as well as grow your following and expand your audience through a proficient community management service.
This includes consistent social media engagement with your followers and collaborations with influencers, among other things.
So why not save time and effort by using our social media marketing service comparison tool?
Simply answer four to five questions about what you need and you’ll receive bespoke pricing and service information to make it easier to select the best provider for you. It only takes a minute and there are zero obligations.
Average cost: £90–£130 per hour (20% discount for nonprofits and early stage startups).
Our Own Brand (OOB) offers complete social media management through outsourcing, so you can sit back and let one of the UK’s strongest brand creators do the hard work for you.
The agency will take care of your social strategy, brand campaigns, paid social and content creation.
And when it comes to content creation, you can feel confident OOB’s competent production team will create a suite of beautifully branded content that includes films, photography and short social media videos to enrich your social media presence.
If you are after a total rebrand that can be promoted successfully across all your social media channels, look no further than OOB.
Average cost: Bespoke pricing
Yell specialises in social media advertising across a number of different channels, and as a Meta Business Partner demonstrates particular campaign expertise on both Facebook and Instagram.
Although it doesn’t offer content creation or community engagement, its innovative Smart Performance solution is a standout feature that can streamline advertising in just a few clicks.
It does this by driving visitors to your website using social media, search and display advertising, which is great for businesses that want to focus efforts on targeted ads across social.
Yell also offers unified reporting across all channels, so you can monitor how each ad is performing and, in turn, keep track of any KPIs to ensure the agency is delivering.
Average cost: £80 – £130 per hour
Favoured is one of the smaller agencies on our list but that by no means belittles their effectiveness as one of the most exciting social media management companies in the UK.
Particularly known for its in-house video production team, Favoured is the perfect agency for any business that wants to market successfully on TikTok. They have a dedicated team of experts and a proven track record of ROI results on the popular social platform.
The agency also specialises in micro influencer marketing and has a host of reliable contacts and collaborators to assist you in driving engagement and increasing followers for your social media channels.
They also offer content creation and long-form copywriting to help you capture audiences with engaging content and social posts, ensuring they are the right tone and target the ideal audience.
When making an executive decision about which social media marketing agency you want to work with, it’s important to consider the following question:
What makes a good agency and what is it I’m looking for?
Agencies should offer support for every social media platform but particularly the big two — Facebook and Instagram — and the rising star, TikTok.
Think about your industry and what platforms your customers frequently use. An agency specialising in a particular social platform could be more beneficial.
Half of the battle of succeeding on social media is understanding what your followers want, what they are thinking and what content they will engage with.
Agencies that specialise in particular industries (like ecommerce) will be better placed to look after your social media channels for your online business as they will have tried-and-tested industry knowledge.
Social media management tools are in abundance, so you’d expect your agency to use the very best of the best. Be sure to ask them what tools they are using — here are some examples of what you’d want them to have:
Want something sorted out on your Facebook page and need it done right now and not in two days? You need a team of fast responders who you can easily get in touch with, particularly if you are fully outsourcing your social media management.
You want proof of the agency’s achievements, through case studies, positive ROI and ROAS examples and the awards they have won.
A social media agency with a terrible social media presence doesn’t spark confidence.
Once confident with your brand they should be able to set performance targets that can be monitored so you know they are doing a good job and can see what is working and what isn’t.
Retained clients are happy clients – if they have been working alongside companies for a long time you know they must be doing a good job.
To summarise, the best social media marketing agencies available in the UK are:
Each agency has its own unique selling points, but any business looking to achieve huge success through social media marketing should look no further than Spin Brands.
You can’t get much better than an agency that has developed an incredibly effective ad optimisation framework strategy and built a team of dedicated account managers. Even better, they’re happy to rework and tailor content to guarantee an increase in ROI.
When it comes to creative social media marketing however, We Are Social is undeniably the best option. Its dedicated team of experienced content creators and impressive production studio are perfect for those businesses wanting to exceed through video content.
Those businesses that want maximum return on ad spend and a guaranteed chance of profiting from paid social campaigns, should be opting for Digital Media Team as its agency.
The problem is there are so many social media marketing agencies to choose from, and as is clear from our review, the majority of them offer different fees for various campaigns and projects.
The easiest way to get over these hurdles and be sure you are picking the right agency for you is to use our free cost comparison tool.
By using the tool, you will receive direct pricing quotes from some of the UK’s top social media marketing agencies, saving yourself time and money.
Simply spend a minute answering four to five easy questions and we will do the rest.

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