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Around 60% of the global population uses the internet, seeing a 20% increase in the past two years with many businesses forced to shut their physical doors and migrate online. Although it may seem like there is increased competition,  the main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way than traditional advertising. Many business owners, however, still struggle to master the fundamentals of digital marketing – not surprising since there is a wide range of digital marketing services, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, and social media marketing to name a few.
This is where working with an expert can help you not only reach your target audience, but increase brand loyalty and drive online sales. Below we have put together a list of some of the best Australian digital marketers to work with in 2022.
Led by Lee Rekman, Lethal Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that is committed to helping clients succeed and thrive. This team of digital marketers is outstanding and they have created an intelligent multi-channel approach. Through this approach, they provide an innovative, strategic, and engaging brand vision that will cement client’s relevance and longevity in such a volatile online space. 
At Lethal Digital, they rely on the latest technologies to help brands truly grow. By tracking performance and analysing quantifiable data, they guarantee every marketing dollar will make a positive impact. One of their specialties is helping brands build real, meaningful connections with their audience. This is how brands can reach a whole new level!
Though they specialise in the fitness industry and they’ve become the go-to agency for fitness influencers, they work with brands in many different industries as well. Lethal Digital has found great success as one of the best digital marketers on the market. 
They work with the top fitness influences in Australia, and have received outstanding feedback from other high profile clients; such as: Rare Collective, and The Lotus Institute. These engaging interfaces and digital marketing plays are just a couple of examples of the top line services Lethal Digital provides.
The team’s extensive clientele prize Lethal Digital for their creativity, innovation, and unique passion for the art of digital marketing. 
As a passionate digital marketer specialising in eCommerce growth, Leo Alhalabi founded LGT Digital to help eCommerce brands scale to 7 figures and beyond. He’s a successful entrepreneur who has grown his agency from a one-man show in his tiny study room, to a team of digital marketers in a 155 sqm office in Southbank, Melbourne. His agency has spent millions in paid Ads profitably on behalf of their clients.
Whilst studying engineering at University, he launched his very own startup, an online platform that connected students with private tutors. At the time, his family was in financial hardship and finding additional means of income was front of mind. Despite aiming to make money, he instead put himself in over $30,000 in personal loan & credit card debt. After dropping out of University and pursuing business full-time, he had his debts paid off and later sold his domain  (www.tutorsaustralia.com.au) to a fellow competitor. 
Today, he heads LGT Digital, a premium agency solution for $25k+/m eCommerce brands that are looking to scale to 7 figures and beyond. Unlike many agencies that sign anyone who comes knocking, LGT Digital has a highly selective client process. to ensure they only work with brands that they truly believe they can help. LGT Digital also put their money where their mouth is and recently acquired one of its very own clients, Cosy Cribs, which generated over $500,000 in sales in the last financial year.
LGT stands for “Let’s Grow Together” and everything they do is based on this principle. Leo and his exceptional team of experts have a profit-first focus with their clients. They avoid reporting on vanity metrics and instead focus on what brands really want…more money in, than money out. LGT Digital is the optimal eCommerce growth one-stop shop and their own agency growth does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 
Nontouch Santhadthan is a multi-talented digital marketer and entrepreneur with a serious penchant for branding and identity design. He is one of the minds behind Fox Junkie Digital, a creative marketing agency that specialises in the hospo industry. 
While he oversees many aspects of the agency, including design and photography, Nontouch’s biggest interest lies in creating unique and memorable brands for his clients.
He believes that every business, no matter the size, has the potential to build a strong, unique, and recognisable brand, and that it’s not just reserved for the big players. This philosophy is the inspiration and backbone behind Fox Junkie Digital. Together with his team, they have worked with over a hundred different brands, from small local cafes to upscale restaurants, since the agency started in 2018. 
Nontouch is also a strong believer in focusing on the whole marketing funnel. So it’s not just about creating pretty ads but also making sure they lead to bookings and/or orders for his clients.
Also avid foodie and a relentless workaholic, Nontouch also created Brissy Eater, a side project that is turning into one of Brisbane’s fastest growing foodie influencer pages, to share the area’s best eats while also reaching a wider audience for his marketing agency. Leveraging on Brissy Eater’s success, he has also recently launched SC Eater to enter the Sunshine Coast region.
As an expert digital marketer and passionate entrepreneur, Amanda Bubner leads KOA Digital to provide Australian businesses with high-quality, high-value digital marketing services. Her agency is characterised by its commitment to integrity and creative strategy with a bespoke approach to digital marketing. The name Koa is inspired by a Hawaiian custom where Koa wood is exchanged as the foundation of a strong partnership, and Amanda makes sure strong partnerships are at the forefront of her business.
Amanda understands how important relationships are for long term success, which is why she makes a commitment to every single one of her clients and treats their goals like her own. Through KOA Digital, she helps them grow and thrive in the digital world by understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions to bring their business online and make them competitive in a digital landscape.
KOA Digital is known for its powerful organic marketing strategies that consistently lead to the best possible results. Amanda and her team work hard for their clients, which is how they have driven a 166% organic increase in sales for one happy client, through an honest marketing approach. She now specialises in the (professional services space offering them a variety of lead generating services including brand & web design, digital marketing strategy, social media management, SEO, Google Ads & Email Marketing.
Amanda built her digital marketing career working with Surfing Australia as the Digital Manager for over half a decade, as well as consulting for a variety of industries. 
Amanda then started her own surfwear eCommerce store called Mazarine Aqua, where she was able to gain skills in eCommerce, and offer these strategies to her relevant clients today. This is how Amanda produces outstanding outcomes and helps clients to make the most of their digital marketing budget, by working with them to develop a strategy to reach their personal goals. Her insight is unique and, unlike other agencies, she leverages organic strategies and the power of understanding each individual clients’ needs, to prioritise what matters most to their businesses.
Founded by CEO Eva Buchroithner 2 years ago, Strive Digital specialises in helping businesses scale and grow in the e-commerce space. Eva is a digital marketing expert with over 11 years of experience, so she leveraged her knowledge and expertise to create her own boutique agency. She has worked in agencies in Asia, Europe, and Australia, and she learned that working with fewer customers is the way to build strong relationships. 
She helped one of her first Strive Digital customers scale from $500 to $75k in revenue in just 4 months. This digital marketing agency provides companies with the support they need to carry out their mission and contribute to society. They believe in giving back, which is why part of the profits from Strive Digital go to a local homeless charity where Eva is the president. 
At Strive Digital, they take the time to get to know their clients, which is one of the wonders of working with a niche digital marketing agency. They strive to understand their clients’ WHY so they can communicate it more effectively. Scaling e-commerce companies is what they do best and they build long-lasting relationships with clients, which allows them to stand out. 
Founded by Dr. Karen Sutherland, Gina Mares, and Akik Chowdhury, Dharana Digital Pty Ltd specialises in empowering wellness coaches and helping them thrive through web design and social media coaching. This international digital marketing agency provides powerful and innovative services to brands all over the world. 
Dharana Digital’s three co-founders bring tremendous value to the table. Dr. Karen Sutherland is based in Australia and she offers over 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and communication, so she is an expert at helping coaches build online communities and increase their customer base. 
Gina Mares is based in the USA and she is an expert in strategic development and website design, specialising in helping websites rank on Google’s first page. Lastly, Akik is based in Bangladesh, and he has been coached in social media by Dr. Karen while learning English from Gina online. He had the idea that they could all work together to do something of value, and he was right. 
After introducing these two powerful women, they all started working with digital marketing clients and building a team. Dharana Digital’s journey has been inspiring and they are all passionate about wellness. That’s why they have made it their focus to serve coaches in the wellness industry, which is where they find the most fulfillment. 
Founder of Jetek Asia Digital, Chris Cheng is an accomplished digital marketer who specialises in multi-culture marketing services. He is an expert at helping Western brands expand their market reach in China and across the world. Chris regularly shares knowledge and lasts information about Asia Marketing in his bilingual (Chinese and English) Youtube channel. Simply search “WeChat Advertising” on Youtube, you will find his tutorial video. His advertising company offers Chinese digital marketing services to help clients elevate their business and it’s focused on providing the best possible results. 
Jetek Asia Digital is the leading provider of WeChat advertising services in Australia and the US. However, this amazing advertising agency also provides a variety of other services. Including TikTok marketing, T-mall eCommerce, Shopee eCommerce, Lazada eCommerce, and more. Chris and his team of experts guarantee a powerful marketing outcome as well as sales ROI and greater profits. 
At Jetek Asia Digital, they leverage their marketing experience to anticipate outcomes before they sign with clients. That means they don’t promise anything they can’t deliver. To date, they have helped over 500 brands in Australia, the US, Europe, and Asia reach billions of Chinese customers online. This is one of the best advertising companies to break into foreign markets that may seem out of reach. This way, you can bring your business to a new level and watch your revenue grow. 
Founded and owned by Jessica Carter, Carter Marketing Project Management is a small digital marketing agency that specialises in industrial, construction, and trade industries. Their energy is focused heavily on marketing techniques that improve the quantity and quality of leads while also nurturing potential and existing customer relationships. Branding is also leveraged to increase clients’ sales pipelines. 
Carter Marketing Project Management is based on the Mornington Peninsula and they serve their local clients by helping them build their confidence and increase their revenue. The main thing that allows them to stand out from the competition is that they specialise in construction and industrial marketing. 
Providing niche services not only allows them to deliver faster, more effective results, but also communicate more effectively and efficiently with clients, their staff, customers, and stakeholders. Carter Marketing Project Management is also heavily connected with relevant governing bodies in the industry. 
That’s how they have a finger on the pulse of innovation and education! Additionally, they do their best to provide the most value for their clients by hosting events with sales specialists, business coaches, and operations managers to provide expert advice. Carter Marketing Project Management goes beyond marketing to successfully create a community for tradies to network, learn and grow.
Led by director Jason Armstrong, Think Tank Digital Marketing has come a long way from its beginnings seven years ago. They have always been aware of how local family-run businesses have been threatened by large corporations. That’s why their services are aimed at small and medium companies so they can have a better chance against bigger sharks with bigger budgets. 
Their approach to customer service is old-fashioned and they leverage modern tools and strategies to innovate. At Think Tank Digital Marketing, they understand that relationships are essential because they help them be more effective at their work. Understanding their clients’ goals and motivations allows them to provide the support they need. 
Additionally, this connection makes it easier to express their clients’ story, message, and point of difference clearly so they can attract the right customers. This is how they make social media marketing social again, by fostering connections between customers and brands. 
The team of experts behind Think Tank Digital Marketing is skilled in graphic design, copywriting, print, blogs, corporate videos, and radio and TV advertising. As such, they can fulfill any digital marketing needs clients may have. Overall, this is one of the most customer-centred digital marketing agencies and it provides outstanding value. 
When it comes to digital marketers, Joel Brooker is a highly qualified professional with a decade of experience in the field of Marketing and Digital Marketing. He specialises in PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Direct Marketing, so he offers clients a ton of value. He has worked with hundreds of clients and he knows exactly how to drive successful online strategies for B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and lead generation. 
He has taken all his expertise and knowledge to found his own digital agency, JBE Digital in 2019. It’s based out of Melbourne and they  work with clients around the world!
His focus through JBE Digital is solely on helping clients grow their business online. Joel is passionate about helping brands reach their goals so businesses can thrive, and he has made that the entire focus of his agency. As such, they accomplish their mission beautifully. 
Joel loves working with businesses of all sizes and he has an empathetic approach to digital marketing, a mission he plans on instilling on all staff as JBE Digital expands. This industry is riddled with the skeletons of companies that were burnt by dodgy companies. JBE Digital exists to avoid that, so he strives to understand clients’ issues and treat their brands with the care they deserve so they can enjoy the best outcomes.
A former practising lawyer and expert digital marketer, Clarence Ling specialises in lead generation for law firms and eCommerce sales. He has founded an outstanding agency, Marketlytics, where he provides valuable services to product and service-based businesses. As a digital marketer, he is extremely versatile and he leverages his unique experience very well. 
Clarence is connected to the best Analytics experts and he has a wide network of both local and global partners. He is focused on helping lawyers and law firms of any size with premium lead generation services. Thanks to his background as a practicing lawyer, he understands exactly what they need and can help them thrive. 
Marketlytics is an innovative digital marketing agency with many unique selling points. For instance, they master the 6 major law firm marketing channels and know how to expertly use their powerful tools for the right purpose. They are also one of the few agencies that can effectively create social media advertising for lawyers. They offer a ton of value and are experts at finding fertile ground for lawyers and law firms. 
Clarence has created a truly successful agency that’s well-versed in many different services. Marketlytics always find a solution for their clients and they handle everything to ensure compelling results. They don’t work with models that are not sustainable and they are focused on true performance and ROI for their clients. 
Specialising in lead generation, Ben Carollo is an accomplished digital marketer and a passionate entrepreneur. Ben is the founder of Scale Smart Marketing, a performance marketing partner for high growth businesses delivering sales ready leads on a pay-per-lead basis. 
Ben founded SSM in 2020 with the vision of creating an energetic, innovative & truly client-centric approach to lead generation. SSM now provides almost 100 clients with rapid access to local and global markets, at a customisable scale to support their business growth plans. 
Ben has successfully created a unique and powerful approach to his industry, offering expertise in digital marketing & growth under one roof. The SSM process allows clients to leverage their digital expertise to drive new customer growth, whilst mitigating advertising risks they would otherwise encounter. Ben and his team stand out in the market, providing invaluable insight into customer acquisition and industry trends for businesses focused on growth. 
Specialising in online marketing, Harpreet Singh is an expert and passionate digital marketer on a mission to help small and medium businesses in Australia. To accomplish this mission, he founded Quint Digital Marketing Agency to help clients thrive in the online space. Recent developments have shown that businesses need a sturdy digital foundation and Harpreet is here to provide it. 
He has created a unique Multidimensional Marketing Formula, a tool that used to be leveraged only by large businesses to stay ahead. Through Quint Digital Marketing Agency, Harpreet wants to make this program affordable for businesses of all sizes in over 157 niches. This way, the opportunity for more growth is not reserved only for big players. 
Quint Digital Marketing Agency is focused on becoming a trusted Digital Partner for all its clients. As such, they help them solve major problems and provide the support they need to lead the market. With a unique, transparent, and honest approach, they have been able to produce amazing results for their clients. They allow clients to focus on what they do best by taking away their worries about where the next customer is coming from. 
This is accomplished by creating a 360-degree marketing presence online. That means they leverage all relevant channels and their systems work seamlessly to acquire, nurture, and convert prospects into paying customers. Harpreet makes a point to understand the client’s goals and he encourages open communication to deliver the best possible outcome. 
[ideas] Marketing
It all starts with ideas. A strategy first branding agency, [ideas] Marketing Agency is where your ideas are born and brought to life. Founded by Scott Bouquet in 2016, the [ideas] team are brand marketing experts and career professionals here to develop your company’s branding and marketing communications with innovative and strategic thinking.
Working alongside clients, the process begins with implementing solid foundations of strategy, followed by critical marketing and branding disciplines, including design, print, digital and promotion. “Our goal is to build partnerships with clients using clear and concise communication from your team to ours,” says Scott.
Keeping clients front of mind, [ideas] is deliberately structured to provide the highest value for small businesses in Australia, carefully curating their team and resources to be able to deliver small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) at-call ongoing branding and marketing support every time. Created to do good by businesses and, more importantly, the people behind them, [ideas] Marketing is here to help your brand bring ideas to life, after all it all starts with an idea. 
Specialising in acquiring quality leads and clients to drive business growth, Daniel Hersee is a passionate digital marketer who offers high-value services through Black Lion Digital. This boutique agency was founded in 2015 and it quickly became known for delivering the results it promises. They are experts at growing companies from $0 in revenue to 6 and 7 figures a month. 
Over the years, they have invested millions of dollars in scientifically testing what works and what doesn’t. This has provided them with a unique edge to help their clients dominate their industry. Though they have experience working with large companies such as NewsCorp Australia, QANTAS, HCF, and PRD, they also enjoy working with small businesses and startups. 
Daniel leads a team of passionate experts like himself and they have created unique strategies and tactics that work on all levels. They call it the “King Method” because it makes their clients the king of their market, and it has allowed them to provide consistent, life-changing results.
They are so confident in what they do that, for select clients, they work on a performance basis; if they don’t deliver results, they don’t get paid. As a driven digital marketer, Daniel has built the kind of agency that businesses of all sizes can rely on for growth. He leverages deep knowledge, growth hacking techniques, and multiple channels to deliver what other agencies cannot. 
Just Gold is Australia’s first full service consulting and creative agency that is a social enterprise. Working with organisations, government, businesses and other social enterprises to deliver strategic communications, production and creative commercial solutions while enhancing their ethical footprint, Just Gold have recently been named a Telstra Award finalist for 2022 in Victoria.
Founded by Kyriakos Gold, the team behind this social enterprise are comprised of professionals from vulnerable groups such as sexuality, gender, disability or carers to produce a collaborative, informed and bespoke service to their clients. With services ranging from audience development to video and podcast production, website creation, Instagram campaigns, logo design, digital events, social impact strategies, to cultivating a marketing plan and so on, Just Gold use their profits to offer pro-bono services to those working to end social issues but face barriers accessing effective programs or funds for their ventures.
“When you work with us you are making an impact,” the agency states. Making a difference for your business and society, Just Gold is certainly a digital marketing agency to watch out for in 2022.  
Bear Marketing is a single-source marketing solution that’s here to serve as your marketing department – just under a different roof. Throughout the business’ 12-year history, directors Christina Smith and Nick McKone have kept the company true to its original values. Bear works in partnership with its clients to develop a deep understanding of their businesses – while practising radical accountability. It’s how they produce the highest quality work.
By developing the Integrated Marketing Team (IMT) model, Bear solves the age-old problem of deciding between internal marketing and outsourcing. Every client receives a marketing manager, who drives their marketing towards their goals – rather than just taking instructions. The marketing manager is backed by an in-house team of specialists who executes the work to bring branding, campaigns and reporting to life. 
Their team has years of experience in marketing strategy, graphic design, video production, web development, communications, social media management and digital performance.
Bear prides itself on their clients knowing exactly what deliverables they’re going to be receiving, and how much they cost. “We’re accountable to our clients for every hour we work,” says Christina. Truly a single source business partner, Bear’s sister company – Wolf Leadership – also ensures that your people are fully integrated with your brand. 
With 25 years of experience in the field, Amy Annetts is an accomplished marketing strategist based in Melbourne. She specialises in creating marketing roadmaps for small businesses that don’t know where they’re going. She provides direction and purpose by combining her corporate and traditional marketing experience with the latest digital techniques. 
Amy Annetts Marketing provides clients with a full-scale marketing toolkit so they can reach more customers than ever before with successful campaigns. Though Amy’s foundation is traditional marketing, she quickly understood how crucial it is for businesses to have a well-crafted digital presence. So, she got to work and learned the new ways, with a focus on website marketing. 
This allowed her to triple the revenue growth of her first major client as a freelancer. Since then, she has built her clientele through referrals and website leads. Today, she is focused on helping small business owners understand what needs to be done. Her marketing roadmaps are unique to each client and she leverages her broad marketing toolkit. 
Amy also works with a virtual team of specialists, including public relations practitioners, brand strategists, and paid media specialists. They collaborate with her when needed, so she is able to provide all the services of a digital marketing agency while paying clients individual and specialised attention.  
Specialising in online marketing, Alessandro Pilotto is passionate about helping businesses become more scalable and profitable. He’s not only an expert digital marketer, but he also has experience as a business owner. He founded a successful eCommerce business called Herck, so he understands the challenges that businesses face in the digital space. 
That’s why he started Alex Pilotto, where he offers a full suite of marketing services to help businesses improve their online efforts. With the creation of internal systems and processes around technology and digital marketing, business owners are free to focus on what they do best; creating high-quality products and services. 
Alessandro offers an outstanding consultancy and CMO service for businesses that want to scale or are being held back by inconsistent digital advertising performance. His approach to digital marketing is comprehensive and he looks at the overall profitability of each business. 
Unlike most digital marketers out there, he doesn’t focus on individual results from isolated channels. He understands that’s not how you get ahead of the competition, which is his main mission when working with clients. He’s known for creating high-converting websites, SEO content, digital marketing solutions, and more. Overall, he provides outstanding value for brands that are ready to reach their full potential. 
With over 10 years of experience in SEO, Pulkit Agrawal is an expert digital marketer who offers a ton of value. He is the founder and managing director of UR Digital, a Sydney based SEO agency that services clients in Australia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Ireland, Germany and the US. He specialises in English and German language SEO, which gives him a nice edge. 
Pulkit is an accomplished digital marketer and he also serves as a SEO Advisor for Digital Solutions Program at Bayside BEC, which is funded by the Australian federal government. Additionally, he is a passionate entrepreneur and an author at Entrepreneur.com and Inside Small Businesses and have also featured in SEMrush. 
UR Digital is a finalist at APAC Search Awards 2022 in the category of Best Small SEO Agency, a spot well-earned. His agency focused entirely on SEO, which is rare to find in today’s market. They work with businesses in all industries and they value transparency and honesty. If they don’t think they can provide results, they don’t waste the client’s time. 
Pulkit’s focus on SEO allows him to provide outstanding value to all his clients and his approach to business is very straightforward. There are no lock-in contracts involved and clients have the freedom to stop or pause their campaign at any moment. At UR Digital, they don’t make any promises they can’t keep, so they have become a trustworthy and valuable source of SEO services for anyone who needs them.
Specialising in data-driven marketing campaigns, Faran Haider is an outstanding digital marketer with a unique approach focused on saving time and resources. He founded Anata Digital to help brands reach the right audience by leveraging advanced data analytics tools. He is committed and passionate about providing tremendous value, so he has been able to build something truly amazing with the help of his team. 
Anata Digital has been on the market for only a year and a half, but they’ve already proven themselves on the market. They’ve won several awards, including the Diamond Level award from Harvard Business Council 2021 in the Startup category and the Go Global Awards 2021 in the Marketing category, among others. 
Faran is a results-driven individual, so his agency’s core principle is “results”. Along with his team of creative individuals, he goes to any lengths to provide clients with the best possible outcome. They offer a variety of services, including data-driven social media marketing, branding, website development, software and application development, and much more. 
Anata Digital is one of the few agencies that leverage a data-driven approach and they have the most competitive rates in Australia. Everyone involved is committed to excellence and they are the best at what they do. They can truly turn things around for brands and help them thrive like never before. 
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© 2021 The ABJ -The Australian Business Journal. All Rights Reserved.


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