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With the increasingly changing business landscape, more and more consumers are heading to social media to find brands they can know, like and trust to buy from. With this shift comes the need for organisations to increase efforts put into effective social media strategies. This is where the help of an experienced social media manager can make or break an organisation’s brand strategy. 
Having a  Social Media Manager is integral to any online marketing strategy. They understand the way people think, act, and behave, and therefore are able to effectively position brands towards their ideal consumers on social media. Below we outline 20 of the best Australian Social Media managers to work with in 2022. 
As a passionate Instagram and social media manager, Rita Agoulian founded LickYourPhone Media, a powerful social media marketing agency. The team of creative experts behind the agency live and breathe social media. Curiously enough, they started as a passion project for recommending restaurants and it grew into one of the leading marketing agencies in Australia. 
They have worked with the likes of McDonald’s, E! News Online, CocaCola, TimTam, Krispy Kreme, KitKat, Ben & Jerry’s, Subway, Hungry Jacks, Oporto, and Insider; this is just the beginning for Rita and her team. She has worked alongside the best in the industry and has built relationships with the teams at Insider, LadBible, and UniLad. 
As such, Rita has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She knows the ins and outs of social media and her passion fuels her creativity and hunger for success. LickYourPhone Media can cover all your social media marketing needs and they successfully connect brands with a combined audience of 2.1+ million people. 
Brands who want to be talked about on the online space turn to Rita and her team because they have the trust of millions of people. Additionally, their content is seen by billions because they have a 100% strike rate to viral. Everything they put forward makes it to the mainstream and reaches the right people to help brands grow. 
Without a well-executed social media plan, it’s challenging for businesses of any kind to succeed in the digital space.
Katrina, Natalie, and their incredible team offer clients a diverse range of skills and expertise to help them thrive. Both co-founders have owned and run their own businesses, so they understand their clients’ needs from first-hand experience. 
Co-founded by expert social media managers Katrina Thomson & Natalie Lane, Your Hive has a proven track record of social media marketing and advertising. They know exactly how to elevate their clients’ socials to the next level by leveraging their skills and expertise. They harness the power of social media to build and maintain brands’ identity, exposure, and engagement. 
They know how vital it is for businesses to implement streamlined, user-friendly systems to maximise productivity. Katrina and Natalie combine in-depth system knowledge with business acumen to offer extremely valuable services. Their team consists of specialists in many areas, from social media to CRM implementations, and everything in between.
At Your Hive, they tailor their solutions to each client and they are selective about who they choose to work with. It’s important for them to be a good fit for their clients and vice versa. Otherwise, it would be impossible to build a working relationship. They meet face to face with clients, they value open communication, and they approach social media uniquely, resulting in amazing outcomes.
With a less is more approach, Maria Esquivel is an expert social media manager and the CEO of Ree Creative. Her boutique design and social media agency is based in Sydney and they help clients develop a strong brand identity and online presence. Maria is focused on reflecting her clients’ business values and unique vision to create an unmatched aesthetic. 
Ree Creative’s design process is one-of-a-kind and the team of experienced professionals provides one-on-one attention throughout the process. They are passionate about creating beautiful designs that stand out from the crowd and allow clients’ businesses to thrive.
As a social media manager, Maria approaches design and socials with fresh modernity and minimalism. Ree Creative specialises in producing not only outstanding brands, but also followable, clickable, and engaging content. This is how they help clients convert and make a space for themselves in the online world. 
With incredible attention to detail and an expert ability to think outside the box, Maria and her team provide great value and unmatched services, who are known for their ability to adapt and provide high-quality work. Additionally, they keep an open line of communication with clients, value feedback, and strive to fulfill all clients’ needs. 
With a great ability to find a brand unique mark online, Natalie Paraskevopoulos is the passionate social media manager behind Digitale. This is a social media and creative agency focused on storytelling that connects. Natalie has been studying social media trends since the days of Myspace and she leverages her rich experience to help brands send their powerful message. 
Through the years, Natalie has learned what makes people tick and click, and she uses that knowledge to craft social media strategies that truly work. It was her background in real estate, where she harnessed her skills to implement effective content marketing and social media strategies that saw her recognised as Adelaide’s most influential agent on social media, two years running. 
She has directed some of the largest influencer marketing campaigns nationally and has worked with some of the biggest influencers in the world. Natalie has worked in the influencer space long before it became a desirable career choice, so she decided to take her experience and create Digitale. Her mission with this agency is to help business owners have online success in what seems like an overcrowded space. 
Natalie helps brands make a space for themselves in an ever-changing industry. She’s not intimidated by the challenges; she’s thrilled and inspired by them. At Digitale, they work closely with clients to push the boundaries and help them stand out from the competition. They provide full-circle strategies and make sure they work effectively by keeping an eye on data. 
Business owner and creative director Elke Critchley is known for doing things differently. Her full service agency, Social & Staple, ditches the cookie-cutter approach to marketing and gives clients a bespoke experience with amazing results. Based on the Gold Coast, Elke and her all-female team of experts have built an impressive portfolio of clients, providing tailored services that turn pain points into paid points. 
Working with both local and international brands, Social and Staple serves clients with a shared purpose of telling authentic stories and fostering growth in innovative and profitable ways. 
Founded as a social media agency, Social and Staple soon flourished into a full-service digital marketing agency that works with companies who are invested in their brand growth and development for the long-term. 
The key point of difference for Elke and her team is their ability to avoid a common agency pitfall; selling the product or service instead of the brand’s identity. Forging a new way of doing business, Social and Staple takes your brand’s voice and amplifies it, with a marketing strategy that is both refreshing and centred around telling your story.
Expert social media manager Joel Thomas is the founder and director of Joel Thomas Creative. This digital marketing agency is based in Newcastle, Australia, and it specialises in creating strong brand awareness and conversion campaigns using Facebook Ads. Additionally, Joel has made sure to provide a wide array of services. Including website creation, graphic design, logo design, landing page building, event videography, and many types of photography.
Joel is proud of working with local businesses particularly in the hospitality, fashion and event industries. He has worked with clients such as Nagisa Japanese Restaurant, awarded the Best Japanese Restaurant in Australia in 2018, fast-food giant Bao Brothers, Privvy Fashion, and Jean Bas, among many others. Joel Thomas Creative has also worked for several hotels in the IRIS Capital Group
Joel Thomas Creative is heavily involved in setting up major events, including the annual Newcastle Beer Fest, Breathless expeditions and workshops by Wim Hof Method Instructor Johannes Egberts. They also focus on the mental health space, working closely with #talk2mebro and alongside Lifeline Australia to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention through advertising and fundraising events. 
The team behind Joel’s digital marketing agency is passionate about helping clients make a space for themselves on the Facebook market. As a social media marketer, Joel wants his clients to succeed and he is committed to doing everything in his power to provide desired outcomes. To do this, he adopts a hands-on, results-oriented approach and provides clients with tailored strategies and tactics for their brands. 
Specialising in growing exposure and driving engagement, Steph Downman is an expert social media manager and the owner of SD Marketing. She created this company to help clients reach their full potential so their businesses can expand and make their dreams come true. Steph works with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to well-established brands, and she approaches each client individually. 
Steph understood there was a need for her services both locally in Tin Can Bay and globally, which allow clients to have a successful presence on the Internet. Additionally, they are accessible and varied enough to supper businesses no matter their size. 
Social media and online marketing are vital to any kind of business nowadays, so SD Marketing exists to help clients elevate their marketing efforts. Businesses without an online presence are running behind and they must catch up if they hope to survive in such a fast-paced market. 
The Internet is no longer a thing of the future, it is our present. Steph wishes to give clients the knowledge and understanding to grow with the times and stay ahead of the curb. SD Marketing specialises in social media management, but it also offers custom digital and print graphic design, and content creation services. All solutions are tailored to clients’ needs to bring a perfect brand vision to life.  
Specialising in supporting small businesses, Stephanie de Gruchy is a passionate social media manager and the founder of Loubel Designs. Back in 2018, she decided to put her love for design and expertise to good use. She is an experienced creative who enjoys working with small businesses in the beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and events industries, among others. 
Stephanie handles everything from brief to conception! She works hard to create unique brand designs and visual identities. She understands how important it is to tell a business’s story and she does this in compelling, engaging ways. As a social media manager and expert, she can tailor stunning social feeds that convert. 
By combining her design knowledge and skills with her social media expertise, Stephanie has a unique edge over her competition. Creating purposeful and authentic brands is one of the most effective ways to stand out on the market. Making a good impression and engaging the audience is key, and she achieves this beautifully. 
Through Loubel Designs, Stephanie provides unmatched branding/graphic design services and social media management services. Essentially, she offers the best of both worlds and can fulfill clients’ needs effectively. Additionally, she has recently launched a Product Photography service, providing clients with original content for their social media efforts. 
Expert social media manager and founder of All Things Social, Emma Sorensen
is passionate about creating brands that were meant to be seen by the world and her team are not afraid of breaking digital norms to deliver on trend, scroll stopping content.
All Things Social works with clients and focuses on providing a true depiction of the client’s vision but also something that resonates with their brand identity. Their services include social media management, branding and design, website design and photography.
In today’s fast-paced world, there is an abundance of resources available for anyone to create, design and call themselves an agency. The real talent behind All Things Social lies within the team itself, who have the ability to genuinely understand clients’ needs and act as the visual catalyst to bring creative design to life. This way, brands can connect with audiences more authentically and stay ahead of the competition. 
To All Things Social, a true experience means providing value to their clients with quality work not quantity. High content turnover is not of interest to Emma and her team, unlike many agencies out there. Pushing a deadline just to ensure a client’s branding is perfect, or taking the time to explain what website options would best suit a potential client and why, are the types of initiatives that separate your average agency with All Things Social. 
Some agencies just want to make money, some agencies want to land the biggest clients in town, All Things Social wants to genuinely help you create, build and grow brands to their full potential because they are passionate about what they do and want to see their clients succeed.
As an expert social media manager, Simone Douglas founded Social Media AOK, an agency that approaches each business individually. They sit down with clients to truly get to know them and build a solid long-term partnership. Simone believes in supporting her clients to help them achieve their sales and brand goals. She leverages years of social media expertise and a human-centered approach to storytelling to help clients thrive. 
Simone became a best-selling author at the height of the pandemic with her books “Seriously Social – Turning Your Online Game Into Real-World Gain” and “The Confident Networker.” She has a knack for simplifying the complexities of social media and makes them not only understandable but also interesting. She is very knowledgeable in the field and she’s confident in her skills. 
She doesn’t only run her agency, she also serves as a branch council member for the Australian Hotels Association SA, co-founded the Hospo Owners Collective, and she serves on the marketing advisory group for BNI Australia. Collectively, her businesses have garnered more awards than can be mentioned in this short bio. Her passion for supporting businesses knows no bounds and her relationship-based approach allows her to stand out. 
Simone is focused on strategic networks and Social Media AOK is one of the few agencies that ditches marketing speak and gets down to business. They are experts at providing clients with solid organic engagement and getting the best out of every platform they use, making their services highly valuable. 
With a fresh and innovative approach, Nathan Tito is quickly becoming one of the leading social media managers in Australia. He is the founder and director of This Is By Tito, a Men’s Premium Underwear & Activewear brand, while also working full-time as SoL Cups Social Media Manager, overseeing partnerships and marketing. Nathan’s social media experience started 12 years ago when he was working in events and photography. 
He has always had a great eye for style and his unique choices soon became the focus of his social media following. Nathan became known for his distinctive look and creative combinations. Soon enough, thousands of people turned to his personal account for daily inspiration and brands became interested in working with him. 
As a social media manager, Nathan knows exactly how to engage followers by telling a story with pictures. His work is truly scroll-worthy and people can’t get enough of it. His approach to social media and fashion is fresh, youthful, and bold, which allows him to create meaningful engagement. This is what he offers his clients and he always delivers. 
Social media management is a passion of his and he is also a successful entrepreneur. His brand This Is By Tito offers premium underwear and activewear for men that’s designed for comfort and breathability. His minimalistic collection is made for the everyday man and it provides the most comfortable support so they can lead with confidence. 
With a passion for small businesses, Emma Winzar is an expert social media manager that brings them valuable services through her brand Socially Create. Over the last decade, Emma has worked in marketing and communications roles in the corporate world. However, she found that her true calling was in supporting small businesses and the people behind them. 
As such, she decided to take all her expertise and knowledge to help small businesses thrive in the online space. Emma gets to know these brands to the core and understands their story so she can represent and share it with the world in the most creative, engaging, and authentic way. 
Not only is Emma an amazing social media manager, but she is also a passionate photographer. She knows exactly how to capture the essence of a business through her lens and use that to boost their online presence. She founded Socially Create to be a one-stop-shop for small businesses that need a photographer, videographer, reel creator, social media, and digital marketing specialist. 
Engaging an agency or outsourcing services can be expensive, especially when you’re just getting your business off the ground. Emma is proud to offer cost-effective and valuable services because she understands small businesses are essential to our economy. Not only that, they also have incredible stories that need to be heard and worthwhile products/services. 
Passionate and driven content producer Rachael Brook is the proud owner of Studio Alyce, a boutique creative agency with a wide range of services. From content creation to curation, social media management, production, and influencer campaign management, there’s nothing they can’t do for their clients. At Studio Alyce, they are DTC (Down to Create) and they are experts at connecting brands with the finest creators.
Rachael is not only passionate about social media, she’s also passionate about mental health awareness. Additionally, she spends her free time helping rescue dogs and she’s a former makeup artist and beauty content creator. As such, Studio Alyce focuses its services on the beauty industry. 
Though the agency was founded in 2021 and they’re new to the market, they’re not new to the industry. Rachael leverages 16 years of combined experience across content creation and production. So far, 7 of those years have been dedicated to social media, YouTube, and brand platforms. In other words, this boutique agency is the expert match-maker of every brand’s dreams. Whenever brands need a photographer, videographer, influencer, social media strategist, etc., Studio Alyce can help. 
Moreover, they offer a tailored experience because they understand every brand is unique. Rachael and her team work closely with clients to create a bespoke content plan to bring their vision to life. They work with brands of all sizes, whether they’re just getting started or are already well-established and love to support local talent. Studio Alyce exists to elevate brands’ content and digital presence to get the visibility and success they deserve. 

Expert social media manager Chelsea Kunst is the proud Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Newish Communications. This is Australia’s first and only student-run communications agency. They employ an extremely talented team of students that helps clients create a stronger brand image, effective marketing plans, and implementation. 
Newish Communications specialises in digital marketing, research-driven branding strategies, data-driven social media strategies, and more. Chelsea uses her years of experience and wealth of knowledge to guide this team of young talent and make sure clients always receive the best possible outcomes. 
Founded by Dr. Nicolas Pontes, Newish Communications is in the business of creating industry leaders by giving students first-hand experience working with real clients. This not-for-profit is investing in the future and making history in the industry and the country. 
University of Queensland students are provided with a unique opportunity to both hone and expand their skills while providing valuable services. By giving young talent a chance, clients engage in a mutually beneficial relationship that allows their businesses to gain visibility and grow in the online space. The team behind Newish Communications forms close and nurturing relationships with clients as they grow together and advance in the industry. 
As a passionate social media manager, Samantha Gould has channelled all her experience and expertise into Gould Social Media. This is an agency that specialises in digital and traditional marketing campaigns to help clients stand out. It offers clients a one-stop shop for their digital representation needs and a wide variety of expert services. 
Including social media development and management, blogger and advertising campaigns, and website set-up and management in the digital sphere. While in the traditional sphere, they focus on individualised traditional print, TV, and radio advertising campaigns, and communications, PR, and marketing strategies. 
Samantha believes in the power of planning multiple marketing strategies and she swears by this approach. Through Gould Social Media, she offers tailored packages based on the needs of each client and they offer support 24/7. Additionally, she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge so she also offers training. This way, clients can learn to manage websites and social media on their own. 
They specialise in Marketing Communications Strategy Planning and they craft 1 to 3-year marketing plans complete with timelines and budgets. Samantha continues to leverage traditional marketing practices instead of focusing solely on digital, which allows her agency to stand out and provide the highest possible value. 
Communication specialist, graphic designer, and social media manager Mandy Braddick is the Founder and Creative Director behind Wojamin Creative. She is a Wandandian tribe and Gumea language group woman with 11 years of experience working on design, communication, digital, and social media projects. That means she has gathered a wide variety of skills that allow her to provide extremely valuable services to her clients. 
Mandy has a Bachelor of Graphic Design and a post-graduate certificate in Strategic Communications. Additionally, she specialises in Indigenous Design Communication and she’s passionate about creating bespoke promotional solutions for all kinds of brands. Mandy believes in cultural inclusion and puts respect for it at the outset of every project. 
Wojamin Creative combines the Western practice of communications with the Indigenous contemporary practice of design communications. This is what sets them apart and allows them to deliver unique solutions, products, and campaigns. Mandy is dedicated to the appropriate use of imagery, patterns, language, and more in each of her projects. 
As an Indigenous communication specialist, she understands the culturally appropriate ways of communicating and ensures the delivery of clear messages over digital and social media. Mandy understands that communities gravitate to their own design and language, so it’s important to make sure communication reflects the people clients want to reach. This gives way to more authentic and respectful connections. 
Specialising in telling real and raw stories, Grace Hamilton has leveraged her life experience and skills to provide outstanding services as a social media manager. In 2021, she began battling an eating disorder which stemmed from layers of body dysmorphia growing up. Though her efforts continue to this day, it has allowed her to find the strength to act on her passion. 
Motivated to share her story and use her social media skills, she decided to launch her own website with endeavours to help others going through similar ordeals. As a journalism student in her final year, Grace understands the importance of connecting with followers through words, and most importantly, the truth. Her social media management methods focus heavily on this, acting as the driving force for active engagement. 
Grace has poured herself into her website brand and has received outstanding support and success. From this, she has learned that authentic and honest content can lead to positive change. Through her raw and relatable content, she has challenged the mental health and eating disorder stigma, a change she’s very proud of. 
While continuing to grow her brand and community, Grace uses her expertise to help others tell their stories and make an impact in their own space. Her main objective while managing her website and social media platforms is to convey the message that no one issue is greater than another. She has combined her love for writing with her creative flair for social media to help fellow social media content creators deal with topical concerns and grow their personal brands. Her services are not only passionate, they are unique and valuable to businesses and individuals who are ready to truly connect with their audience. 
Pallavi Dhurandhar is the founder of Pallavi Social, a Melbourne based Social Media Marketing Agency focused on helping new and established business owners elevate their social presence. From content creation (including reels and short videos), to design, to helping businesses perfect their marketing, Pallavi and her team have quickly become known for on time delivery, quality of work and rave reviews . “I love the challenge of creating a brand that speaks directly to who you are as a business, what you offer and who your customers are,” says Pallavi.
Starting right from branding, design, creating strategies, and running campaigns to establishing a warm Social media presence for your brand, Pallavi social have all your social media marketing needs covered. Implementing an analytical and systematic approach towards marketing, the experienced  team have worked with clients from multiple countries and industries.
Extremely versatile and experts in their field, Pallavi Social are the complete guide to build and grow your brand.
As a social media manager, Miranda Nunn-Parker offers a wealth of insight. Not only as a professional but also as a consumer of social media. She is obsessed with it and she understands that social media is not just technology, it’s also a passion and a fascinating lifestyle. Miranda has been creating her own social media content since she was a teenager and she has worked with amazing brands, such as Deciem, a multibillion-dollar pioneer in the beauty industry.
Through her personal and professional experience with social media, she has perfected the skills that make her such a valuable social media manager. Miranda isn’t only able to develop and execute social media and affiliate strategies, she’s also an expert in influencer marketing. She knows exactly how to create a highly engaging social media presence and she does it with kindness. 
The social media industry can be vicious, but Miranda leads with kindness and humility. Social media is way too fast-paced to believe you have it all figured out because things are constantly changing. That’s why she is constantly learning, relearning, and unlearning everything to stay on top of the game and be innovative.
Miranda is not only creative, she also has an agile, flexible, and resilient mindset, which is essential for a social media manager. Additionally, she has an unmatched work ethic and she’s dedicated to diversity because she knows how empowering it is. Representation is very important to her, so she works hard to encourage it through her work and make a difference. 
Founded by young entrepreneur of the year finalist, Josh Fritz, Patch Agency is one of the top digital marketing and design agencies in Brisbane. And spearheading the Social Media team at Patch is a passionate social media manager, Lauren Grogan. Lauren has dedicated herself to helping business owners build successful brands that convert. With an incredible team of creative young minds, Patch Agency can transform the way businesses market their products and services in the online space. 
Patch Agency offers full-scope Marketing, Digital, and SEO services. Additionally, this agency is home to Brisbane’s first eCommerce Hub, which drives inspiration, innovation, and creativity. It’s designed to promote collaboration between clients and creatives so they can move faster and disrupt the status quo. 
The agency also houses the essentials to creating great visual content- a fully operational photography studio, a Google-inspired Hot Desk Space, and Instagram-worthy office that serves as a perfect event or networking space. The carefully designed space creates a unique agency where clients can feel understood and supported. 
Josh, Lauren and the team at Patch help businesses reach their digital marketing goals by listening to their needs and delivering a perfect social media vision. Clients are supported every step of the way and they are provided with daily updates regarding the progress of their project and deliverables. Patch Agency doesn’t only value excellence, it also values customer satisfaction and transparency.
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