5 Steps How To Disable Incognito Mode on an iPhone? 

As per the modern times, incognito mode is being frequently used as it has many advantages. But besides that some people aren’t comfortable with the Incognito mode and especially the iPhone users. As is in 2005, Apple introduced the private or incognito mode for its Safari web browser.  It was believed that it was an advantage but it has opposite replications as it has always been unclear in terms of privacy and functionality, especially to new users who have just learned about this option on their iPhone. 

You’ve therefore come to the right place if you want to learn more about private mode, how to use it, or how to disable incognito mode on an iPhone. Here is offered a useful guide that will address all of your concerns and demonstrate how to enable private browsing on your iPhone in the privacy settings and device settings. 

What is Incognito Mode? 

When you activate the incognito mode function in your iPhone’s Safari browser, you are relaxed as neither your browsing history nor the search engine results are saved on your device. Other users of your device cannot see your search history or the websites you’ve visited.

Using incognito mode is a great way to browse the internet covertly without worrying about your history being saved. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using incognito mode does not make you anonymous on the internet. Authorities and your ISP can still monitor your IP address and online behavior.

To browse the web anonymously, we suggest using a VPN service like ExpressVPN. Whenever you use a VPN, your traffic is encrypted and routed through a secure server. No one can watch over your online activity. 

How Can You Switch On Private Browsing in Settings?

The choice to enable private browsing is turned on by default. Many users, however, were unable to activate it and tried repeatedly clicking on the private option without success. This is because the private mode is switched off in the settings. Follow these instructions to turn on iPhone’s private browsing mode:

  1. Access the iPhone’s settings.
  2. Then pick Screen Time.
  3. Access the settings for Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Open the Content Restriction settings after that.
  5. Navigate to the Web Content settings.
  6. To enable private browsing mode, tap Unrestricted Access.
  7. Next, launch Safari and select the Tabs icon.
  8. Select Private, then click on Done

How to disable Incognito Mode on iPhone? 

In layman’s terms, it’s a surfing mode in which the device does not record or keep your browser history, cookies, or any other website data. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that your browser history is completely private and that no one would ever find out about it. Both the search engine provider and your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, are aware of everything you visit and may track it back.

Note: Check the settings are right before making any changes because cell phones don’t all have the same settings options and they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. On the iPhone XR, the following techniques were tested (iOS version 14.4).

Chrome for iPhone’s Incognito mode runs independently of Chrome’s default browser. You can follow the instructions listed below to launch Incognito mode in Chrome on an iPhone.

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your iPhone to get started.
  2. You can access more alternatives by tapping the three horizontal dots next to this.
  3. You can tap on the incognito mode icon to activate it from this location.
  4. This will launch a private window on a new tab.

Chrome on iPhone’s incognito mode cannot be turned off, although you can toggle between the ordinary and private windows. Simply tap the Square icon at the bottom to accomplish this. You can move between regular and incognito windows using this.

You do not have a specific option to know how to disable incognito mode on an iPhone. You can only take the actions listed below.

  1. Launch the Chrome app on your iPhone to turn off the incognito mode.
  2. To switch between conventional and incognito windows, tap the Square symbol right now.
  3. On the iPhone 7 and other iPhone series, you may now hit the X icon to end incognito mode.

You can use this method to turn on or off incognito mode in Chrome for iPhone. You can just move between regular and incognito windows if you don’t want to completely close it.

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How to disable Incognito Mode in Safari on iPhone? 

Anyone using the iPhone’s default browser (Safari) can quickly turn off incognito mode. However, let’s first study how to enter incognito mode on an iPhone before learning how to disable it.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone to turn off the incognito mode.
  2. Next, click or press the Overlapping square icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. You will see a choice labeled “Private” as a result.
  4. You can enter Safari’s private mode once you tap Private.
  5. You can also hit the Overlapping square symbol to select Private once more to exit private mode. This will launch the Safari browser in its default window.

You can learn how to use iPhone incognito mode in this manner. But this is only a short-term fix.  Additionally, as previously indicated, you can turn off the iPhone in incognito mode.  Therefore, we will learn below how to entirely turn off incognito mode on the iPhone.

  1. You may use the Settings app on an iPhone to turn off incognito mode.
  2. You can scroll down and select the Screen Time option next to this.
  3. You can select Turn on Screen Time and then select Continue here.
  4. You can tap This is My Child’s iPhone to set up parental settings for your child’s phone.
  5. When you get to the Content & Privacy option, you can then choose the Downtime hours for your children and hit Continue.
  6. You must now develop a passcode to maintain proper control over the settings you have made.
  7. When prompted, tap the Content & Privacy Restrictions option after which you can input the passcode.
  8. You can hit Content Restrictions after enabling Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  9. After that, you may disable incognito mode in Safari on the iPhone by tapping the Web Content option and selecting the Limit Adult Websites option.

These are the procedures for disabling incognito mode on an iPhone. When the aforementioned procedures are followed, the iPhone’s incognito mode will be successfully disabled. The iPhone’s incognito mode is then unavailable to everyone.


Knowing how to use incognito mode on your iPhone makes it simpler to protect your digital privacy, whether you’re seeking to gain an edge during the holiday shopping season or are just looking to hide the trails of your internet history, your browser won’t save your history, cache, or cookies while you’re browsing privately, protecting all of your publicly accessible browsing information in the process. 

Sometimes people don’t like to have incognito mode on their iPhone. This article will be very helpful to you if you want to know how to disable incognito mode on your iPhone. Although using the iPhone’s incognito mode can prevent your search history from being recorded, you can easily disable the feature if you don’t want to use it or if you don’t want your kids to use it. This works with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and other new iPhone series.

After you close the browser and stop it from running in the background, some Android browsers automatically exit the incognito mode. For iPhones, you must do it manually. Go and get it done today itself!! 


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