Anupama 22nd July 2023 Written Episode : Malti Devi’s Condition To Forgive Anupama

In a recent episode of Anupama, some government officials sealed Anupama’s Dance Academy due to the lack of a license for running commercial activities there. Anupama’s mother, Malti Devi (MD), received a call about it and seemed satisfied with the outcome. Anupama tried to touch her feet, but MD stopped her. This upset Anupama’s family, especially when they realized they might not be able to refund the students’ fees.

Anupama‘s family worried about how to handle the situation, but Samar, Anupama’s son, believed that saving his mother’s dance academy was more important than anything else. They suspected that MD might have been behind the sealing of the academy, so they decided to talk to Anupama about it.

Later, Anupama met with MD, who offered her some ghungroo (dancing bells). Anupama wore them and greeted MD respectfully. MD played some songs, and Anupama showcased her Bharatanatyam dance talent gracefully. However, MD continued to change songs, and it seemed like she was humiliating Anupama rather than forgiving her.

Anuj and Ankush worried about Anupama and regretted letting her go alone. Meanwhile, Anupama fell down, feeling tired and breathless. She apologized to MD for stopping abruptly, and MD asked if she still wanted forgiveness. Anupama was willing to do anything to be forgiven. MD recalled how Anupama had broken her promise before, and now she demanded that Anupama sacrifice her family and devote her life entirely to her talent if she wanted forgiveness.

Anupama was left in silence, torn between her love for her family and her passion for dancing. MD decided to punish Anupama severely and threw her out of the gurukul (school for traditional education). Anupama stood outside, crying, while MD was determined to make her life miserable. Despite the difficult situation, Anupama received a call and left, keeping the ghungroo as a symbol of MD’s blessings.

Anupama‘s journey to seek forgiveness from MD became even more challenging, and her family worried about her well-being. The future appeared uncertain as Anupama faced tough decisions and an unpredictable road ahead.

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