Best 3 Laptops Under $500 – Affordable and High-Quality Options

Laptops are the need of this generation. No matter what field we are in, a student, an office employee, a teacher, a doctor, a stock trader, a sales worker – there are hundreds of professions like these. But, at some point in these professions, we need a laptop – it may be for the ease of our job or it may be your need.

Finding the best laptops under $500 may seem to be a time-consuming job. Indeed it is. First finding out the best laptops, then comparing their features, comparing their values – all these may seem irritating and useless when you are in the excitement to buy an excellent laptop for yourself or someone you care about.

Here is the list of some great and popular laptops under $500 along with some of the specifications and a little bit of discussion on their specifications.

Lenovo 2022 Ideapad 3:

Lenovo is a prominent brand in the field of laptops. The 2022’s version of Lenovo Ideapad is one of the choices of us in the list of the best laptops under $500.

The Lenovo 2022 Ideapad 3 is powered by the Intel Core i3 1115G4 processor.

This processor runs on the base clock speed of 1.7 GHz (when it is being used at low TDP) and the clock speed of the processor can reach up to 4.1 GHz.

It’s a dual-core processor with hyperthreading support, making 4 threads available to the operating system. A 6 MB of fast L3 cache is there for the processor.

The processor has integrated graphics, which, though isn’t very powerful, still is quite able to handle basic tasks that require the use of GPUs.

The device has got a 15.6-inch HD+ display. The feature of this display that must be mentioned is that it is a touchscreen display. If you are a graphics designer then the display may be quite useful to you.

In terms of storage, there is a 256GB SSD integrated with the device and there is also an 8 GB RAM. Adding to it, you can also upgrade the SSD of the laptop up to 1 TB with a separately purchased NVMe M.2 SSD.

Lenovo 2022 Ideapad 3 runs on Windows 11 that come preinstalled with the laptop at no extra cost.

HP 14 Laptop:

The HP 14 laptop is our second choice in the leads to offer the best laptops under $500. Unlike the previous laptop, this one is powered by an AMD processor. AMD Ryzen 5 5500U has been used in this device. This processor has 6 physical cores and 12 threads. The CPU runs the base clock speed of 2.1 gigahertz but the frequency of the CPU can be boosted to 4.0 GHz. The CPU is based on 7nm lithography. The available amount of L3 cache for this processor is 8 MB.

Compared to the previous processor, this one has a greater number of physical cores and a significantly greater number of threads – this ensures better multitasking with the processors.

It also comes with an integrated graphics processing unit that has 7 cores and runs on 1800 MHz. There is no dedicated graphics card in this device.

Just like the previous laptop, this one also comes with 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD combination. But, the default 256 GB SSD can be upgraded later if you need any upgrades.

HP 14-fq1025nr has a full HD display. The size of the display is 14 inches. It has an IPS panel and also has an anti-glare coating. Unlike the display of the previous device, this display isn’t touch-sensitive.

Though HP claims the battery backup time of the device to be about 9 hours and 45 minutes, however in real life conditions the actual battery backup time of the device was lesser than what it is claimed – even if we do normal stuff like browning the web, checking emails, running applications that use very fewer resources like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. There is a fast charger supplied with the device that can charge the battery to 50% in just 45 minutes (as per the official claims of HP).

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Acer Aspire 5:

The last item in this list is a very affordable laptop that costs less than $300 and is for absolute beginners who are using a laptop for the first time or for those who don’t want to waste much money on a laptop.

The Acer Aspire 5 has got an 11th gen Intel Core i3 processor. It is the same processor that has been used in the first laptop mentioned in this list. That’s why we are not repeating the same technical specification of the processor again here.

In terms of storage, it has got an 8 GB DDR4 RAM. But, the maximum capacity of RAM for this device is 64 GB and there is an empty RAM slot provided in the motherboard of the device. The same applied to the 128 NVMe GB SSD of the laptop that can be upgraded when needed.

For your information, there are multiple models of the laptop with different processors. This device is also available with i5 and i7 processors.

Windows 11 is freely provided with the laptop at no extra cost. Keep in mind that the version of Windows 11 that comes with the device is different from what the normal Windows 11 is. There are certain limitations in this modified version of Windows 11 that comes with the device. However, it is more beginner friendly.

Other key highlights of the device include a 15.6 Full HD display, WiFi 6 adapter, and Amazon Alexa voice assistant.


So this was the list of three of the best laptops according to popularity, customer reviews and of course their specifications under $500. Let be informed that there are lots of other laptops too in this list, but we have been able to handpick just 3 of them having great specifications


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