Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd July 2023 Written Episode : Isha Seeks Help From Shantanu

Bhavani is blaming Harini for helping Savi run away with someone. But Harini says she was just out for a moment to get a lemon, and when she came back, Savi was already gone. Then, Bhavani accuses Ashwini, but she defends herself by saying she followed Bhavani’s orders and performed rituals on a drunk person named Samrudh, so she couldn’t have helped Savi escape. Mandar and his wife also accuse Bhavani of helping their granddaughter elope and pretending in front of them. However, Bhavani denies these accusations.

Vinu comes back and says he couldn’t find Savi anywhere, suggesting she might have gone to Isha’s house. Samrudh returns as well and is angry, repeatedly slapping Vinu, demanding to know where Savi is. Ninad steps in to protect Vinu and warns Samrudh not to touch his grandson. Samrudh tries to attack Ninad, but Mandar stops him.

Meanwhile, Ishan burns a photo of Riva and accidentally burns his hand in the process. The family gets worried, but Yashwanth intervenes, telling Ishan to let out his frustration towards Riva and remove her from his heart forever. After some time, Yashwanth applies ointment to Ishan’s burned hand, advising him not to harm himself during this process of letting go. Shantanu returns to his room and breaks down after seeing Ishan’s condition. He looks at a photo of Isha and wishes she could be there for their son, as he needs her the most.

Just then, Isha calls Shantanu. He is surprised to hear from her after a long time. Isha explains that she needs a professional favor from him. Shantanu asks how she is doing and if she won’t inquire about his well-being. Isha insists that she only called for professional help and threatens to disconnect the call if he talks about personal matters. Shantanu asks what she needs, and she explains that a brilliant student named Savi Chavan got a scholarship to the Bhosale institute but couldn’t make it for the admission on time. She wants Shantanu to help Savi get admission in the institute. He tells her it’s not solely his decision and there is a procedure to be followed. But Isha says she will end the call if he can’t help. Ultimately, he agrees to assist and asks her to send Savi to the Bhosale institute by 5 p.m. the next day, and if she is truly brilliant, she will get admission.

Isha gives a letter to Savi, instructing her to deliver it to Shantanu before 5 p.m. the next day. However, Mandar, his goons, Bhavani, and Vinu arrive at Isha’s house and knock on the door. Savi overhears Samrudh’s voice and realizes they have come for her. She looks out the window and spots them. Samrudh threatens Vinu and his family, demanding Savi’s return. Savi tries to escape through the backside window. Bhavani suspects this and goes to check the backdoor along with Mandar. Savi and Isha hide in cupboards as Mandar and his goons break open the door and search the entire house. Vinu comes close to the cupboard where they are hiding, extending his hand to open it.

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