Top 7 Apps like MeetMe – Best Alternatives of MeetMe in 2023

Top 7 Apps like MeetMe – Best Alternatives of MeetMe in 2023

You may communicate and interact with new people with the social networking app MeetMe. This app contains the “Match” feature, which makes it as practical as a dating app, even if it isn’t generally thought of as a dating app. You can meet new people and connect with anyone who is interested in conversing with you using this app.

Although this software was initially created only for social networking, it is now also utilized as a dating app. There are alternative apps like MeetMe where you may obtain the same or even better experiences, despite the fact that this site is a terrific platform for meeting new people and having fun.

In this article, we’ve included a list of some of the top apps like MeetMe in 2023 currently available.

What is MeetMe?

Apps like meetme

MeetMe is a social chat app primarily developed to facilitate local dating encounters. Location-based dating apps are typically the closest alternatives for meeting new people.

These services almost universally cover both Android and iPhone gadgets. Some also have a web application, while others are just online. Most of the time, adverts are how these apps are financed. These kinds of apps are typically freemium, like MeetMe.

The most common MeetMe substitutes are dating services, which can also be social networks or random chats. If you prefer a more focused list of options or are searching for a particular MeetMe feature, you can filter by these.

Apps like MeetMe

The top MeetMe alternatives for iOS and Android have been compiled here. The following apps let you meet people nearby and from around the world, whereas MeetMe solely connects locals. Looking forward to seeing them? You may find the list here.

Apps like meetme


With Waplog, making new friends and meeting new people is quite simple. With more than 90M users globally, this chat software has a sizable community that gives you direct contact with individuals from various locations. Waplog has you covered whether you want to meet new people or locals.

It includes several important features, such as verified profiles for safe and secure dating. To socialize with new people, it also provides video chat. Additionally, it has Waplog stories that let you share special moments with close neighbors or total strangers.

Unlimited chats to brag with other users are one of the best aspects of this app. Bypass linguistic barriers using Waplog’s conversation translation feature. This program makes it simple to introduce yourself to those located elsewhere.

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Hoop is a social network for Snapchat users to meet new people and explore other cultures. With this app, you can do many things, like make Snapchat buddies, expand your network, and more. Ask the profile a question to connect.

You can use this software, similar to MeetMe, to enjoy Snapchat in a new way. You can request other people’s usernames while keeping your own confidential. You can accept or deny when a user requests your username using Hoop. You can maintain privacy control in this way.

You can gather diamonds on Hoop to inquire about someone else’s Snapchat username. There are only a few methods for obtaining diamonds, including sharing your profile, starting Hoop daily, and watching videos. Additionally, you can add 20 friends to Hoop to receive diamonds.


While searching for apps like MeetMe, one of the best conversation and dating app for your life may be Lovoo. It quickly rises to the top of the most popular apps for meeting intriguing people and even finding a date with more than 50M downloads on the Google Play Store alone! Thanks to several elements that increase the fun of flirting and dating.

It would help if you made a dating profile before going on thrilling dates. To attract attention, introduce yourself and share your best photos. Next, look at the radar to see if a lover is nearby. If you don’t like dating, Lovoo is a terrific app to meet new people in your area.

Both a free and a premium version of this software are offered. With Lovoo Premium, you can access additional features like hiding profile visits and viewing who has viewed your profile. However, Lovoo’s free edition is more than adequate for finding mates if you don’t want to invest any money.


To connect, meet, and date new people, download the free Badoo app like MeetMe. It provides a great space to be authentic so that other users may see the true you. This chat application lets you date honestly and develop meaningful connections through unedited chats.

Similar to MeetMe, Badoo enables you to connect with local individuals. To start a chat or end it, swipe right or left. You can also have fun with video calling by using the video chat option. And if you struggle with trust, decide to only communicate with verified profiles.

Badoo automatically recognizes personal photographs, blurs them, and alerts users before they access them to ensure that every user is in a secure environment. Therefore, Badoo should be on your radar if you seek a dating app that provides genuine relationships and a secure environment.


This is one of the greatest dating applications, especially for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19. You may talk with and meet more than 2M teenagers with the teens’ app. Swipe right through them, strike up a conversation, and become BFFs.

To improve your social abilities, Spotafriend can be the ideal social site. Thanks to the practical elements that have been added, meeting intriguing individuals has never been so simple. Since it is not an adult dating app, there is no need to be concerned about security. The fact that this app is free is the best part!

With so many apps available, like MeetMe, finding one that matches your needs won’t be difficult. The MeetMe options above have you covered if you’re looking for a social network to meet new people or go on a date.


Twoo is a well-known chat software to meet new people and create friends with over 10 million downloads. In addition to engaging in a nice conversation, you may view millions of live-streamers. Connect with billions of people in one location to improve your social life.

You can do a number of activities on Twoo, like meet new people, browse live streams, and match with others. Additionally, it has the capacity to initiate a conversation and view who accessed your profile. Send messages for no cost to see whether one of them can become your true best friend for life.

If text messages aren’t enough, Twoo lets you exchange films and share moments. One of the best applications for connecting with new people and chatting with friends is this one.


Another software like MeetMe that allows you to make new acquaintances and have random conversations is Wink. By just swiping right, you can connect with new people and begin a conversation. Wink is an excellent app to choose if you want to meet individuals locally or from around the world.

It contains an integrated messenger that allows you to exchange audio messages, pictures, GIFs, and icebreakers. Or you can quickly add Wink pals to Snapchat if you have it and have discussions there. Additionally, Wink enables you to earn gems for real tree planting or for purchasing new backgrounds.

Additionally, you may edit your profile to make it more appealing to other users, encouraging them to swipe right to add you as a friend. To make it easier for people to find you, update your bio, select your best profile photo, and include your interests.


Today, dating apps are commonplace. Regardless of their objectives, it seems like everyone in the world has used that kind of app. There are always free dating apps that will provide you with the finest experience possible, even when some applications ask you to subscribe to their service.

Try the apps on the list above if you’re seeking for hookups, close relationships, a BFF, or just someone to talk to. Even if MeetMe is regarded as one of the top apps, you can now also explore other choices.

Therefore, here are some of the best MeetMe substitutes (apps like MeetMe) for meeting and communicating with new people. If you’re interested in meeting new people and want to talk to strangers, several applications, like MeetMe, will show you where they are. As a result, meeting them at a location close to you is easy to do. Numerous of them have used well-known dating services like Tinder. You can now test out a few of the aforementioned applications.


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