Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2023 Written Episode: Arjun’s Misunderstanding

Arjun told Kashvi that he couldn’t find her at Kabir’s dhaba when he went there some time ago. Kashvi explained that Kabir had come in his car and they left the crowded lane quickly to go on a trip to Haridwar. She tried to contact Arjun, but his phone was not working. Arjun said he lost his phone, but he brought food for her and tried his best to get in touch with her. He is now on his way to pick her up from Kabir’s dhaba.

Kashvi and Kabir hurriedly went to the dhaba from the ashram. When Arjun arrived at the dhaba, he saw Kashvi and Kabir having food. Arjun told Kashvi that they needed to pack their bags and go to the bus station. But Kashvi asked him to go alone, as she wanted to spend the night at Kabir’s place. Arjun was unhappy with her decision and asked her what was going on. Kashvi wondered why he was getting so upset, explaining that she met Kabir after a long time and wanted to cherish their childhood memories together. She planned to stay back tonight and catch a bus home the next day.

Arjun reminded her that they were married and couldn’t explain to his parents why she wanted to stay with her best friend tonight. Kashvi insisted that there was nothing wrong with it and walked away, leaving Arjun upset.

Kashvi was upset and crying, knowing that Arjun was hurt. But she felt she had to stay back to find out the truth about Dadaji. Kabir comforted her, saying she did the right thing and she shouldn’t feel guilty. He knew she loved Arjun, and she asked how he knew that. Kabir replied that he could see it in her eyes and that Arjun loved her deeply too.

Kashvi disagreed, saying Arjun didn’t love her. Kabir was surprised and asked what she meant. She explained that Arjun loved someone named Mahima instead. Kashvi revealed that Mahima had run away on their wedding day, and to protect their family’s honor, she had to marry Arjun. She asked for Kabir’s help in uncovering the truth about Dadaji. Kabir agreed and believed that Arjun truly loved Kashvi, and she would realize it soon.

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