GuliKit’s Cool New Steam Deck and Switch Dock with a SNES Look

Hey there! If you’re into gaming and setting up a sweet entertainment area at home, I’ve got some exciting news for you. GuliKit, a company that makes accessories for gaming devices, has come up with a super cool dock for your Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. This dock not only makes your gaming setup more awesome but also looks a bit like the classic Super Nintendo!

Imagine having a gray and stylish box on your TV shelf. It’s the GuliKit dock. It’s not just any boring box – it’s designed to remind us of the old-school Super Nintendo, which lots of people love. The dock has a couple of big purple buttons on the front that look neat, even if they’re there just to make it look good. The place where you put your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch has a cover that slides to keep it clean when you’re not using it. And guess what? There are tiny holes for air so your device doesn’t get too hot.

If you peek at the back of the dock, you’ll find some really useful stuff. There are special ports where you can plug in a charger and other things. You know, like how you plug in your tablet or phone to charge. There’s also a special hole for a really fast internet cable, so your games can be super smooth. Plus, there’s a way to connect the dock to your TV using a special cable that makes the picture really clear and colorful. You can even watch stuff in 4K, which is like super-duper high quality.

But wait, there’s more! Inside the dock, there’s a secret spot where you can put four tiny memory cards. These cards are like the brains of your device, and having more brains means you can store lots of games and fun stuff.

Here’s the really cool part: You can use this dock not only for your Steam Deck but also for other gaming gadgets. If you have something called the ROG Ally or Ayaneo’s system, they can also hang out in this dock and play games on your TV. Even your Nintendo Switch, which you can turn upside down to fit it into the dock, can join the party. And hey, doesn’t it feel awesome to play old Super Nintendo games on a dock that looks a bit like the Super Nintendo itself?

If you’re wondering about the price, well, they haven’t told us just yet. But you won’t have to wait too long – this awesome dock should be ready for you in September. Just remember, it’s based on the version of the Super Nintendo from the United States, not the one from Europe. Either way, it’s going to be a fantastic addition to your gaming setup!

So get ready, gamers! GuliKit’s new dock is on its way to make your gaming time even more exciting and stylish. Get ready to play in a whole new way!

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