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Looking for new ways to say goodbye? Here are some pretty cool and unique ways to say goodbye which you can try to avoid being mushy while parting from someone
Goodbyes are always hard and make people misty-eyed. You don’t always need to be sentimental, and use the simple word ‘bye’ while bidding farewell to a lover, family member, or friend. You can make things more interesting and friendly, and make boring “bye” more fun.  If you are tired of using the same words ‘bye’, ‘ciao’, over and over again, then here are some fun ways to say goodbye and have a hearty laugh. Keep reading to know about these super cool ways to say goodbye!
1. It Was a Great Pleasure Talking to You
Let’s say you met an official person, and bid adieu formally, then you can use this sentence instead of a plain ‘bye.’ Some of the other examples of formal goodbyes are ‘see you later’, ‘have a good day’, and ‘take care.’
2. Bon Voyage
This is one of the sweet ways to say goodbye to someone who is going on a journey. This French word literally translates to a good journey. 
3. Smell You Later
Saying bye to someone you truly love is not at all easy, and all you want to do at that time is to hug them and make time stop. So, if you don’t want to get all mushy while saying bye to your special one, then replace the boring bye with ‘smell you later.’ This way, you tell them that you are looking forward to meeting them and spending cute, intimate moments together. 
4. Cheerio
Saying cheerio is one of the funny ways to wish someone good on parting. You can say, “Cheerio, see you next Wednesday!” and bid farewell in a happy way. 
5. Hakuna Matata
Did you start singing the song, ‘Hakuna Matata! It means no worries, for the rest of your days, just like me? Saying Hakuna Matata is one of the different ways to say goodbye when someone is going far away from you, and you want to cheer them up. 
6. Adios
If you want to impress someone by saying bye-bye in a language other than English, then say Adios. This is a Spanish word and literally translates to bye. It is one of the heartfelt ways to say goodbye without dropping a tear from your eye. 
7. Sayonara
Are any Japanese fans in the house? If yes, then perhaps you are acquainted with the word Sayonara. It is one of the most awesome ways to say bye. 
8. Aloha
Want to bring a Hawaiian touch to your bye? Then, say Aloha! It is used when parting from someone. It symbolizes affection, compassion, love, and peace and can also be used when greeting someone. 
9. Don’t Be a Stranger, Please!
Are you feeling sad because you have to bid your loved one farewell, and you don’t want to let go of them? Don’t be a stranger is a sweet way to let them know you want to be in their touch. It is another way to say bye to someone you truly love. 
10. Hasta La Vista
Are you searching for creative ways to say goodbye? Let the Spanish language do wonders! Hasta la vista is one of the most unique ways to say bye, and you are sure to get an interesting reaction. 
11. So Long
This is one of the sad ways to say goodbye and is mostly used when we bid farewell to someone whom we won’t see for a long time. As this is a heavy way to depart, you can make it creative by saying “So long, King Kong” or “So long, my angel” and make your lover happy. 
12. Ciao
If you are tired of the routine “bye-byes” add fun to the word by saying it in Italian. Let the language do its magic and use the word Ciao. This is a common form of greeting in many countries. 
13. Nighty Night
“Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite” is a common expression used to say bye at night time. So, for a cooler version of this, you can wish people a nighty night. 
14. Gotta Bounce Now
Are you in a hurry, yet want a quirky way to bid farewell? You can just say ‘Gotta bounce now’ and make the other person smile. 
15. Live Long And Prosper!
Want to give a royal treatment to a person? Use this expression for departing and wishing people a great life with health, wealth, and happiness. This is an elegant way to say bye. 
16. Look After Yourself
When you say this to someone, you actually mean “Get well soon” or “Stay safe”. This way of bye is used when you won’t see someone for a long time. 
17. Au Revoir
Want to up your vocabulary with a French term? Say Au revoir! It means bye until we meet again, so it gives a subtle hint that it’s not a farewell, and you wish to meet the person again soon. 
Best Ways to Say Goodbye to Kids
18. Bye-bye, Cute Munchkin!
It's such a delight to be around kids that it's hard to part ways with them. So, if you are looking for fun ways to say bye to kids, then here is one – Bye-bye, cute munchkin!
19. La revedere
This Roman phrase is another lovely way to say bye to your loved ones. 
20. Dasvidaniya
This Russian word means 'until the next meeting', and is a very cool way to say bye in any situation. It's pronounced as 'duh svee dah nee ye' 
21. Tot Ziens
It is a Dutch word and means 'until we meet again.' Say this to someone you love, and wish them a nice time again. 
22. Arrivederci
Italians like to keep it simple, yet cool. This is their way of saying bye. This is a fun way to bid farewell to someone. 
23. Auf Wiedersehen
Are you on a trip to Germany or meeting someone German and want to say bye formally? If yes, then say Auf Wiederhesen – it is a polite and formal way to say bye, so you can use this in professional situations. 
24. Namaste
Namaste is a word commonly used in India both for greeting someone and bidding them farewell. This Hindi word is very polite and can be used for everyone, in all situations. To add more culture to the word, you can fold your hands while saying this.  
25. Ma'a as-salaama!
It's an Arabic way of saying bye and sounds very courteous. You can use it easily in everyday conversations. 
26. Speak to You Then
This is a common way to say bye when you are not going to see each other, but have planned a phone call, or have decided to discuss something later. You can even use this during phone conversations, before hanging up the phone. 
27. Alvida
Alvida is one of the most beautiful words for bye. It literally translates to bye in Hindi and is very nice to bid farewell to your friends/family members. 
28. Take Care
Take care is a bye term that is apt for both professional and casual situations. It's warm, compassionate, and a civil expression, but it is best to not use it with someone you meet every day. That's because usually when you say "take care", it means that you are not going to meet that person for a few days or more. 
29. Have a Good One
This expression can be used for giving good wishes before a final parting greeting. It is a more casual way to say goodbye and means that you hope the other person will have an enjoyable day. 
30. Laa Gòn
Baffle the other person by saying bye in the Thai language. It is an oriental way to bid farewell to someone you love. 
The way you greet someone when they are parting can have a long-lasting influence on them. Perfect expressions of farewell are necessary to mark your impression. Instead of the basic byes, you can use funny ways to say goodbye as mentioned above, or take help from global languages to create a memorable impact on people. 
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