5 Tips To Prevent Attorney Theft


Attorney theft, also referred to as law practice burglary, is a serious problem that lawyers and their clients should be aware of. This crime happens when someone commits a burglary in an attorney’s office in order to steal valuable items. In this blog post, we will provide you with five tips to prevent attorney theft. By following these tips, you can help protect yourself and your office from being targeted by thieves.

Protect your files

Attorney theft can be a serious problem, especially if your files contain confidential information. Here are some tips to help protect your files:

1. Keep your computer secure. Make sure your computer is password-protected and that all of your files are encrypted.

2. Store your files on a separate hard drive or USB stick. This way, if your computer is stolen, the thief won’t be able to access your files directly.

3. Don’t leave your office information lying around. Make sure you keep all of your attorney client correspondence in a safe place, and never leave copies lying around the office.

4. Use file sharing software sparingly. If you need to share a document with another lawyer in order to complete a case, make sure you use an encrypted file sharing service like Dropbox instead of attaching the document directly to an email message or social media post.

Use shredders

1. Use shredders to erase any important documents from your office or home.
2. Create strong passwords and keep them in a safe place.
3. Keep all paperwork secured in a filing cabinet or locked drawer.
4. Never leave important papers on your computer screen when you’re not around to watch over them.
5. Install security cameras in your home and office to monitor your property at all times.

Have a secure password

1. Choose a strong password that is different from your personal information.

2. Store your password in a safe place, such as in a secure note book or on a secure website.

3. Never share your password with anyone.

4. If you think that someone has stolen your password, you can change it immediately.

Keep track of your documents

If you have any important documents that need to be safeguarded, it is important to keep track of them. Document tracking can help you keep an eye on where your documents are and who has access to them. Here are some tips for keeping track of your documents:

-Keep a copy of all your important documents in a secure location.
-Create passwords for each document and make sure you remember them.
-Store copies of your passwords in a separate safe place.
-Make sure you sign each document before you file it. This will help prove that the document is authentic.


Attorney theft is a very real problem, and one that law enforcement is actively working to combat. If you are an attorney or law office administrator, it is important to take steps to protect your property and safeguard your data. Here are five tips for prevention: 1. Keep accurate records of all assets and inventory. 2. Harden the security of files and electronic systems by installing appropriate software and encrypting any sensitive information. 3. Use strong passwords and keep them confidential. 4. Establish clear lines of authority among employees, so that no one person has too much power to commit attorney theft without repercussions. 5. Train employees on the importance of compliance with legal requirements, including anti-theft measures

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