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Espacio Riesco was the venue for 7th America Digital Latin American Congress 2022
The 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, generated an economic impact of over US$ 500 million in the digital economy of Latin America; review the best moments of our event.
The event was held last September 7th and 8th, bringing together 5,514 leading executives on innovation and digital transformation to visit more than 200 stands in two exhibition levels on 10,000 m2 of Expo.
Delegates could attended 102 conferences structured in 5 specialized forums with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and to participate in the 2,289 1-on-1 business meetings along the event in two days of inspiration and networking.
The Congress returned to its face-to-face format after 3 years of taking place online, with a resounding success. Espacio Riesco was the scenario to reconnect face to face with +200 exhibitors, +100 speakers and 1-on-1 meetings with representatives of the main companies in Latin America.
The conference program began on September 7th. Journalist Guillermo Arduino welcomed the attendees and presented Lesley Robles, director of America Digital. Together, they celebrated the return to the face-to-face event and greeted all those who participated in the event from the virtual platform.
In his inaugural speech, Lesley Robles highlighted the importance of the digital transformation that businesses in Latin America are undergoing, and how the pandemic has been a catalyst in the region for all industries, including events.
“Pandemics was the biggest accelerator of digital transformation (…) After surviving, adapting and transforming ourselves, we took the pandemic as an opportunity and expanded our event to Mexico and the United States," said the director.
Over two days, 5,514 executives from Latin America participated in more than two thousand 1-on-1 business meetings that led to multiple business opportunities, walked the show floor and met with VPs and experts from Google Cloud, Binance, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Intel, Mulesoft and Tableau, Exness, Darktrace, Alibaba Cloud, Mambu, Jumio, ManageEngine, Zoho, Adobe, Incode, Cloudera, Rackspace, PureStorage, Rindegastos, Cradlpeoint, Baufest, Xius and other 200 disruptive companies in the region.
The Congress was divided in 5 specialized forums: International Seminar, C-Level Digital Transformation Forum (A and B), C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum, C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum, and Expo Conferences, where +100 speakers from Latin America participated, share their knowledge and launched some innovations. Read the full report of the event with the best moments here.
Lesley Robles gave the closing speech and thanked the sponsors, speakers and the America Digital team for making possible the return to face-to-face event in Espacio Riesco and pointed out the effectiveness of the digital platform that allowed people from around the world to get connected and enjoy the Congress remotely. America Digital will continue working to connect the C-Levels and the most innovative brands of Latin America and the world in its events.
America Digital will continue working to connect the C-Levels and the most innovative brands of Latin America and the world in its events. Join us in the 8th Technology and Business Congress Mexico 2023, next Junes 21-22 in Mexico City, and the 8th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2023 in Miami, on November 15th-16th.
If your organization missed this year’s Latin American Congress, you can participate as a Sponsor / Exhibitor / Speaker and/or delegation in either México or Miami 2023. More information about America Digital Congress in Mexico 2023, visit https://mx.america-digital.com and America Digital Congress in Miami 2023, go tot https://us.america-digital.com . Request a 30-minute meeting with a corporate account here. Only 20 new spots are available for new companies and reservations must be made before November 30, 2022!
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