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Performance marketing platform MNTN has worked to give television advertisers, including brands that had never run TV campaigns, a way to make their efforts more successful. As connected television (CTV) enables brands to reach target audiences on different devices, performance campaigns can be further enhanced.
“We’ve found that a lot of our clients — this is the first time that they’re advertising on TV,” Ali Haeri, vice president of marketing at MNTN, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “They’re coming to us, they’re saying they’re interested, but they don’t have an asset for television, and so it became important for us to find some sort of creative capability.”
MNTN acquired Maximum Effort, the creative agency founded by movie star Ryan Reynolds, to provide brands with the capability to develop campaigns that get attention.
“Maximum Effort, they’ve worked with everybody you could possibly think of,” Haeri said. “Every time they create an ad, it’s on the front page of Adweek. For very large branding clients, Maximum Effort has been a great partner for them.”
MNTN also bought QuickFrame, which acts like a matching service between marketers and creators. Whether businesses want to develop a marketing campaign or produce training videos for their staff, they can find professionals to do the work among QuickFrame’s marketplace of more than 5,000 creators.
“Whatever the need is from a client, whether it’s just synthesizing a video that they just don’t have at all or taking assets that they already have and having them stitched together into some sort of asset — whatever it is, QuickFrame’s platform can deliver it,” Haeri said.
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