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In a recent appearance on the podcast Pardon My Take, Gonzaga University’s Kyle Wiltjer revealed that former Bulldogs star and retired member of the Charlotte Bobcats Adam Morrison “thinks something is going down with politics” and that “everyone is corrupt.”
With the country on the precipice of a presidential election, statements similar to Morrison’s have been frequently echoed.
Rather than simply proclaim his plans to trek north to Canada, however, he’s taken things several steps further.
In fact, should the worst come to pass, Morrison isn’t planning on going anywhere at all. He’s staying put. He’s prepared.
He has an apocalypse bunker.
Naturally, it comes with all of the things one could expect to find in such extreme preventative security housing.
That includes “guns” and “food stationed away,” said Wiltjer. Essentially, he believes that his friend “could survive everything.”
Although the senior forward admits to never having actually seen the bunker, it’s probably safe to assume anyone crazy enough to discuss their ownership of one in detail is likely loony enough to go through the trouble of building one.
And despite the humorous nature of this idiosyncrasy, should the day come when many of us will look to Morrison for assistance, he’ll no doubt have the last laugh.
Perhaps the very last.
[Pardon My Take, h/t For The Win
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