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The Peripheral shows the strength of a weekly rollout
Gary Carr and Chloe Grace Moretz, The Peripheral
The question every streaming service asks itself: Drop all at once or roll out weekly? Following a week at No. 1 looking like the next big thing, The English has fallen to No. 2 on Amazon Prime Video’s Top 10 Shows and Movies list after dropping all six of its episodes on its Nov. 11 release date, while The Peripheral, which releases new episodes weekly, has regained the top spot that it claimed for the first time all the way back in late October. Streaming numbers are a tricky business, but here we see the strength of a weekly rollout. The new film The People We Hate at the Wedding is having a strong showing in its first weekend of release, rising to No. 3. All this movement has pushed The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power to its lowest ranking yet: No. 5.  
The most popular new movies and shows on Prime Video are below, but we’ll also chime in on whether or not they’re worth watching. Just because something is popular, that doesn’t mean it’s good, right? And to help you plan what you’ll watch next, we’ve added the new shows and movies coming to Prime Video, too.
Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: November 21
Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: November 18

Ben Pratt and Kristen Bell, The People We Hate at the Wedding
For fans of: VR, Westworld, complex sci-fi
Is it good?: The sci-fi series is good for hardcore fans of the genre’s literary roots [Review]
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 2

For fans of: Pulpy Westerns, fancy Emily Blunt, violent Emily Blunt [Review]
Is it good?: Yipee Ki-Yes
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 1

For fans of: Messy families, boorish Americans, Kristen Bell and Allison Janney
Is it good?: The excellent cast does not make an excellent film
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 9

For fans of: James Corden (the actor), men fed up with relationships
Is it good?: It’s just fine
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 4

For fans of: Elves, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, etc.
Is it good?: It lives up to the high expectations placed on it [Review]
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 3

More on Amazon:

Willa Fitzgerald, Reacher
For fans of: Huge dudes kicking butt and doing detective work
Is it good?: Amazon’s hit action show is great and will be around for a long time [Review]
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 5

For fans of: Foreign crime films
Is it good?: How do you say "bargain DVD bin" in French?
Trailer | Friday’s rank: n/a

For fans of: Evil Peter Capaldi, creepy kids
Is it good?: It’s a pretty fun supernatural thriller with some great performances
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 6

For fans of: CIA thrillers, traveling the world and shooting at it, Jim Halpert
Is it good?: It’s a competent book-to-TV adaptation that dads love
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 7

For fans of: Chris Pratt, military thrillers, tough guys
Is it good?: It’s a solid shoot ’em up adaptation of Jack Carr’s book [Review]
Trailer | Friday’s rank: 8

Based on Amazon Prime Video’s Top 10 Movies and TV Shows list for Monday, Nov. 21


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