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Where will the future take us? Chloë Grace Moretz finds out in the new Amazon Prime series The Peripheral.
When your life has no future, will the future come to you? It does in the new Amazon Prime series, The Peripheral. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as Flynne, a young woman with so much potential but nowhere to go, who tries to keep her family from falling apart. The series is based on the book of the same name by William Gibson, published in 2014.
Deadline announced that Amazon had picked up the rights to the show in 2019. Scott B. Smith serves as the creator, showrunner, and executive producer. Other executive producers include Steven Hoban (Gingersnaps, In the Tall Grass), Lisa Joy (Westworld), Jonathan Nolan (Person of Interest), Vincenzo Natali (In the Tall Grass), Greg Plageman (Cold Case), and Athena Wickham (Almost Human).
Get ready to be propelled into the future as we share everything we need to know about The Peripheral.
Flynne Fisher is a young woman living in the American South. The synopsis describes her as "smart, ambitious, and doomed" because she can't get out of her small town. She works in a 3-D printing shop but gets extra cash by playing virtual reality video games for the wealthy. In the book, her brother Burton initially did the video game job, contracted as virtual world security, but he left to protest a religious extremist group, so Flynne takes over the work temporarily.
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One of the games she plays turns out to be a part of the future. A connection has been opened between Flynne's world, and a version of London set 70 years in the future. What she sees there is interesting and dangerous, but she keeps going back, trying to figure out who created the opening that allows her to be there. In the original story, she witnesses a murder, and people from the future try to bring her back, so she can identify the person responsible.
In the book, the story is told from Flynne's point of view and the eyes of the individual in London. Wilf Netherton is a publicist that works for a diplomat who wants to forge a connection with a group of humans called "Patchers." They're named this because they live on an island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean modified to support life. This doesn't go well for Wilf, and the efforts of him and the diplomat result in the entire population of Patchers being killed. This group of people comes back up later in the story.
The story ends with the Wilf and Flynne moving on with their lives after being rescued toward the end of the book. A time jump shows where their lives end up, with each finding love, but they still communicate across time and space every now and again.
Chloë Grace Moretz is Flynne Fisher. Mortez has starred in a variety of projects throughout her career, from Let Me In to Tom & Jerry. She's dabbled in horror, starring in the Carrie remake in 2013 and The Amityville Horror, been a part of adaptations like If I Stay and The 5th Wave, had roles in adult comedies like Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and has lent her voice to projects like BoJack Horseman, The Addams Family, and Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs. Gary Carr plays Wilf Netherton. The actor is known for his roles in Downton Abbey, Death in Paradise, and The Deuce.
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Additional cast includes Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction, Midsommar) as Burton Fisher, Eli Goree (Riverdale, The 100) as Conner, Charlotte Riley (Peaky Blinders, In the Heart of the Sea) as Aelita, JJ Feild (New Amsterdam, Lost in Space) as Lev, Adelind Horan (The Pioneers) as Billy Ann Baker, T'Nia Miller (The Haunting of Bly Manor) as Cherise​​​​​​​, Alex Hernandez (The Resident, Hemlock Grove) as Tommy Constantine​​​​​​​, Austin Rising (The Roommates) as Leon​​​​​​​, Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher) as Grace​​​​​​​, Louis Herthum (Westworld, Longmire) as Corbell Pickett​​​​​​​, Chris Coy (The Deuce, Castle Rock) as Jasper​​​​​​​, Melinda Page Hamilton (How to Get Away with Murder) as Ella, Katie Leung (Harry Potter) as Ash​​​​​​​, and Alexandra Billings (The Conners) as Detective Ainsley Lowbeer.
The first episode will be available to stream on October 21, 2022. A new episode will be released weekly through December 9, 2022.
The Peripheral is the 13th book by William Gibson. As an author, he is credited with pioneering the subgenre of cyberpunk. His first novel Neuromancer is thought to be the book that built the foundation for the subgenre. According to his website, Gibson is also credited with creating the word "cyberspace."
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