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Image credits: FCR Media
FCR Media, a Dublin-based digital marketing agency, announced that it has acquired Amsterdam-based online marketing agency Youvia (previously DTG) to expand its operation in the Dutch market. 
With this acquisition, FCR Media has become the largest digital marketing player in the Benelux.
“The acquisition was a logical step since the businesses of FCR Media and Youvia have a great strategic fit,” says FCR Media. 
FCR Media and Youvia help self-employed people and SMEs increase their success by making their businesses optimally findable on the Internet, and offering professional digital marketing and social media tools and services.
Moreover, both agencies combinedly manage the largest business directories of their countries – FCR Media and Youvia (the digital version of De Gouden Gids and De Telefoongids).

Youvia, formerly DTG (De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids), offers online marketing for various SMEs. 
The Dutch company works on the online presence, findability, reach, and reputation of its clients.
Raymond van Eck, CEO of Youvia, says, “We are very excited that Youvia will be part of FCR Media. This allows us to add value to our proposition and accelerate our digital ambitions. We also thank European Directories and Triton Partners for the past 10 years in which we have been able to continue our market leadership in The Netherlands and are looking forward to our next chapter work with our Belgian colleagues in the future.”
FCR Media is a digital marketing platform for independents and SMEs. The Irish company helps their clients to be optimally findable on the Internet and social media to boost their sales. 
The company has a team of experts who creates and optimises websites, Google and Facebook ads, and much more every day. 
The company has partnerships with Microsoft, Bing and Google. At present, FCR Media has activities in Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Romania. 
“The mission of both companies matches: We both support SMEs or businesses to be successful in the digital age with its countless and continual changes in media and marketing. We want to ensure that an SME or business is found where potential customers are looking for a provider of the desired products or services. Combined and taking advantage of our synergies we can serve our markets even better,” says Jon Martinsen, CEO of FCR Media. 
He adds, “So this acquisition was a logical step for both companies. We at FCR Media are very much looking forward to this geographical expansion and to working together with our new colleagues to even better assist Dutch and Belgian SMEs in their digital marketing.”
“We would like to thank Raymond van Eck and his management team as well as all the employees for their great contributions to Youvia during European Directories’ ownership. Triton Fund III acquired a group of companies in European Directories in 2012 and we view this as an appropriate time for a new strategic owner to continue the development. Being a market leader in Belgium, FCR Media is a good partner for Youvia with competencies and ambitions to continue the growth,” says Marcus Englert, Chairman of the Board at European Directories Midco S.à r.l.
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