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September 9, 2022 | 3 min read
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Australian and New Zealand online retailers lag the rest of the world when it comes to multi-channel marketing, according to new research.
Aussie and kiwi merchants are lagging in use of multi-channel marketing
On average, Australian merchants use 2.5 channels to advertise their products, a figure well below the global average of 3.2 channels. New Zealand falls just behind Australia with 2.4 channels.
The research from ecommerce company reveals retailers predominantly stick to search and social channels to advertise products, with 92% of companies investing in paid search channels search marketing while 54% use social media channels.
“Most retailers continue to lean on the search-based [over 90% of merchants] and social channels [54%] as the foundation of their online presence,” said Jacques van der Wilt, general manager of feed marketing at
“However, with the looming recession and declining performance on meta channels like Facebook or Instagram, we expect the affiliate channels to grow in popularity. They pose a cost-effective way for retailers to bulletproof their revenue streams. And that’s what they need right now.” he adds.
The research also revealed the market is yet to fully recover from the global supply issues, with Australian online retailers experiencing 23% out-of-stock levels for products.
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