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Life is unquestionably filled with unexpected events and happenings, either positive or negative; some are entirely beyond our control, while others are the results of our conscious decisions.
Taking charge or being in control usually does not mean exerting force or physical prowess, but the simple decisions we make, like choosing to stay calm in a heated conversation, leaving early for a meeting to avoid traffic jam or preparing ahead for a critical presentation.
Taking a deliberate step to achieve a positive outcome does eliminate stressful processes and mitigates unexpected consequences to a considerable extent.
One of the most relatable examples of unexpected events capable of disrupting one’s happiness is a road-related hassle, a possible scenario being accidentally damaging a third party’s car as your rush to beat the traffic for a scheduled trip to the airport. This unexpected event can still crystallize into a road rage leading to further confusion, anxiety or even fisticuffs as the atmosphere moves from angry and tense to a complete emotional explosion.

Shrouded with questions, what do I do next? How do I get out of this situation? Do I have enough funds to sort this expense? How do I get to meet up with my appointment or meeting? Knowing fully well that shifting blames would not cut it, as you need to provide an amicable solution. The solution here required is not exerting a force that would lead to more brouhaha or create more damage.
Now, let’s flip the coin by creating a similar scenario – you crash into a fellow road user’s car, and instead of uncertainty and confusion or even road rage, you alight in assured confidence – no blames shifted, no hassle or harassment – knowing having prepared ahead for such events, the outcome will be favourable. Such confidence comes from making the smart decision to get an insurance policy, such as the Leadway Motor Third Party Insurance or Comprehensive Motor Insurance, the more robust cover or the hybrid offering, known as Third Party Autobase, knowing that the insurance policy will kick in and that the concerned insurer will take it from there.
Beyond these obvious benefits, it pertinent to note that Third Party Motor Insurance is a compulsory legal requirement for vehicle owners using Nigerian roads. However, a recent report on Nigeria’s Insurance Penetration indicts Nigerian drivers for overwhelmingly breaking the law as “only 4 million road users have car insurance policies, with over 12 million yet to get a car insurance”.

Many drivers blame this illegality on access to the appropriate insurance policy as merchants flood the market with spurious products. But Leadway Assurance, a market leader famed for being Nigeria’s largest claims-paying insurer in the last six years, has made a bold decision to bring its Auto Insurance policies closer to those who need it – either via the website, mobile app or USSD platforms.
Recently, Leadway partnered with GTBank to leverage its digital payment channels to make this possible in simple clicks. In other words, the Leadway Third Party Motor Insurance is now available on the Gtbank’s USSD platform, *737#, popular-acclaimed easy, efficient, and convenient process that takes away tedious paperwork, scheduling a time to visit the office and low internet connectivity to purchase or renew your compulsory vehicle insurance. This step is in addition to other e-commerce and digital platforms where customers can procure these policies seamlessly.
For contextthe Leadway Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides the widest cover against fire, theft or other damages caused to your vehicle; it also covers death, bodily injury and damages to the vehicle or property of third parties caused by the insured vehicles. The Third Party Auto Base is a hybrid of both the Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance at an affordable premium of N10,000.00 with an own damage cover to the tune of N250,000, while the Leadway Third Party Motor Insurance policy gives you more than meeting the legal requirement to have your vehicle on the road. The policy is ultra-affordable with a payable premium of N5,000.00.
These policies’ base benefit includes up to One million Naira cover for accidental damages to a party’s vehicle or property. There is also cover for total and permanent disability to the insured to a limit of One million Naira and medical expenses, including that of the other vehicle’s passenger(s) to a limit of One hundred thousand Naira in the event of hospitalization or severe injury. These benefits assure peace of mind knowing whatever the road pallava, one can afford to stay calm because Leadway Assurance has your back.
For more details, please call the Leadway Assurance customer care helpline on 01-2800-700. You can also send an email to [email protected] for professional advisory or request a call back by visiting www.leadway.com/call-me.
We are within your reach on our social media outlets – @LeadwayAzssurance on Facebook & Instagram, @Leadwayinsure on Twitter. You can send a DM, and we would revert with all the information you require.

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