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In need of urgent financial assistance but don’t know where to start? If so, then you might be considering applying for instant approval loans like payday loans and other easily approved short term loans.
Unlike bank loans that require credit checks and lengthy processing, instant approval loans like MoneyMutual – as the name suggests, are usually approved fast. 
And although these types of loans attract high-interest rates, they can be your best bet when your other options have backfired, especially if you have a poor credit score. 
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best instant loan companies, paying close attention to loan limits, interest rates and terms.
Ready? Then let’s get you sorted!
Best Instant Approval Loan Companies:

MoneyMutual Pros
MoneyMutual Cons 
Since launching in 2010, MoneyMutual has established a solid reputation as an industry heavyweight, in the process helping over 2 million clients secure instant approval loans.
The company streamlines the loan application process by linking loan seekers to lenders.
And it gets even better as the short loans are usually approved fast, typically in a matter of hours. However, some requests might take longer, especially if you choose to compare the loan terms proposed by prospective lenders.
To get started on MoneyMutual, you’ll need to register by filling out a secure form. Fortunately, completing the form is no rocket science and should take around 10-15 minutes.
Once you’re done and dusted with signup, MoneyMutual will take it from there and forward your details to its large pool of trustworthy lenders. The lenders will then review your details and decide whether or not to offer you a loan.
As a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), you can trust MoneyMutual to keep things professional by handling your details with the utmost discretion.
You can use MoneyMutual to apply for payday loans to offset emergency car repairs, medical bills, and all sorts of short and long term payments.
While securing an instant approval loan isn’t guaranteed on MoneyMutual, the chances of loan approval are high since the platform partners with hundreds of legitimate lenders.
Some lenders will offer loans at high-interest rates, while others will have friendly terms. As such, you should first compare terms before settling for a particular lender.
MoneyMutual Eligibility Criteria: 4.7/5
MoneyMutual’s indisputable popularity is mainly due to its approach toward loans – everyone stands a chance.
However, although lenient, you’ll still need to satisfy MoneyMutuals minimum qualifications for your details to be forwarded to lenders.
First, you must be a US citizen above 18 years. Additionally, you must have an active checking account and record a minimum $800 a month salary.
We like that MoneyMutual won’t consider your credit history or require extremely high salaries for your payday loan request to be successful.
MoneyMutual Educational Resources: 4.6/5
When dealing with matters of personal finance, it’s vital to take your time since rushing into decisions can end up doing more harm than good.
We like that MoneyMutual provides basic personal loan information, which can come in handy in your quest for an instant approval loan.
You can learn more about payday loans, cash advances, bad credit loans and loan fees and repayment on MoneyMutual’s official website.
MoneyMutual Customer Care: 4.5/7
MoneyMutual has a dedicated FAQ page that answers most, if not all, the questions you might have about applying for a personal loan on the platform.
Some of the questions answered include the cost of using MoneyMutual, how fast your payday loan will be approved and how to use the platform.
You can also learn more about loan qualification terms by going through the FAQ section.
Unfortunately, MoneyMutual isn’t too open to direct communication as it only acts as a linking platform between you and lenders. But in case your issues aren’t tackled on the FAQ page, you can reach the support by dialing +1 844 276 2063. 
MoneyMutual Ease of Use 4.7/5
MoneyMutual’s website is simplistic and easy to navigate, features that make it ideal even for first-timers.
The home page only has two buttons–Menu and Get Started.
The minimalist approach to MoneyMutual’s web design is a great plus, especially since you want to spend as little time as possible applying for an instant approval loan.
Get a Loan Fast With MoneyMutual

CashUSA Pros 
CashUSA Cons 
If you’re in dire need of emergency funding and all options have hit the wall, then you might want to try out CashUSA, one of the country’s most trusted instant loan resources.
Cash USA is an online loan marketplace that links loan seekers like yourself to willing payday lenders. The platform also partners with tribal lenders who can come to your rescue if other lenders are discouraged by your poor credit score.
The large lender network boosts the odds of securing short-term loans, which makes CashUSA one of the best hunting grounds to secure a bad credit loan.
On average, payday loan processing takes approximately 12-36 hours, which, although not the fastest in the industry, is still good enough to offset urgent bills.
As with most same day loan marketplaces, you’ll need to fill out a simple loan application form before your details are forwarded to potential lenders.
Fortunately, the registration process is smooth and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, especially if you have your personal information and banking account details at hand.
CashUSA can also link you to lenders that offer a line of credit.
CashUSA Eligibility Criteria: 4.6/5
New members looking to use CashUSA to access instant approval loans must fill out an online loan form and satisfy some pretty manageable requirements.
Besides being a US citizen or legal resident, you must be above 18 years and have an active checking account.
Additionally, you’ll be required to earn a minimum of $1000/month (after taxes) for your information to be forwarded to in-network lenders.
CashUSA Educational Resources: 4.7/5
CashUSA has an ‘Education Center’ button that tackles a wide range of issues from credit to finances, debt, and banking.
By accessing the Education Center, you’ll be well-placed to learn a lot about financial management, which is a great feature if you truly want to improve your finances.
You can also learn how to calculate debts and make them work for you as well as the ins and outs of debt settlement.
CashUSA Customer Care: 4.5/5
CashUSA allows its clients to communicate in two main methods–a contact form and through call.
Of course, calling in is a lot better if your query can’t wait, as you’ll get an immediate response.
But if you aren’t in dire need of a response from the support team, you can use the contact form to raise your issue. You’ll only need to key in your name, email address and type your message before submitting the form.
CashUSA’s representatives will then take it from there and get back to you in 2-4 days.
CashUSA Ease of Use: 4.6/5
CashUSA’s website was designed with ease of use in mind, as you won’t need to browse several pages before applying for an instant approval loan.
On the home page, you’ll spot a red Submit Your Request button that you should click on to get started on the loan application process.
It’s also commendable that CashUSA put the Education Center on the home page, which allows you to learn more about loans and debt repayment before submitting a loan request on the platform.
Furthermore, CashUSA lists everything you should know on the homepage, from the eligibility criteria to its personal loan products and some of the reasons why it stands out from competitors.
Get an Emergency Loan With CashUSA

BadCreditLoans Pros 
BadCreditLoans Cons
If your bad credit score has stopped you from accessing loans, then you might want to give BadCreditLoans a try.
The personal finance company has been operational for several years and has helped thousands of Americans in need secure instant approval loans to take care of personal emergencies. 
And although BadCreditLoans claims you can get a personal loan of up to $10,000, we strongly advise against applying for such loan amounts.
Not only might long-term loans incur high-interest rates, but they’ll also take longer to be approved and can end up hurting your credit score as the lenders will perform a credit check to determine eligibility.
Therefore, you should keep things simple and apply for a short-term loan that you can repay in less than a month or two. 
It’s also worth noting that BadCreditLoans isn’t a lender. It’s a free online loan marketplace that links you to several lenders that are willing to loan you despite your less-than-impressive credit history.
Kind of a last resort loaning resource!
BadCreditLoans Eligibility Criteria: 4.6/7
Since BadCreditLoans targets clients with bad credit scores, its loan application requirements aren’t too strict.
Besides being 18 years and above, you should also be a US Citizen or a permanent resident for BadCreditLoans to forward your details to its lending partners.
You must also provide proof of employment or self-employment to apply for a loan.
That said, BadCreditLoans insists that loan application doesn’t guarantee approval as the lending decision lies solely on its in-network lenders.
BadCreditLoans Educational Resources: 4.4/5
Although not as information-rich as other payday loan lenders in our review, BadCreditLoans still has a decent number of educational resources.
For instance, you’ll find the scam alerts section useful, especially if you’re relatively new to the online loan application business.
It’s also commendable that BadCreditLoans educates its clients on several loan products like auto loans, student loans, mortgage loans, emergency loans and secured personal loans. 
BadCreditLoans Customer Care: 4.4/5
As with many other online loan marketplaces, you’ll need to fill out a contact form to access BadCreditLoans’ support team.
However, the platform encourages you to contact a lender directly in case of loan-related inquiries, as its job is just to link you to willing lenders and nothing else.
On average, the BadCreditLoans respond to customer queries in 3-4 business days (based on customer reviews), which might not be ideal if you’re looking for fast responses.
BadCreditLoans Ease of Use: 4.6/5 
We like that BadCreditLoans doesn’t beat about the bush and has a request box that allows you to key in your preferred loan amount. 
You’ll then need to provide your personal details like zip code, date of birth, and SSN.
To complete the process, BadCreditLoans will prompt you to state why you want the instant approval loan and provide contact, bank account, and employment details.
Once done, the online loans marketplace will then forward your details to lenders.
Overall, the website is intuitive and easy to use, such that you won’t struggle to apply for a loan if you’re a non-tech-savvy first-timer.
It’s that easy!
Fast Loan Application With BadCreditLoans

ZippyLoan Pros
ZippyLoan Cons 
Although not as popular as the likes of MoneyMutual and CashUSA, ZippyLoan still holds its own when it comes to instant loans. 
The platform works primarily as a loans marketplace, meaning you’ll be linked with tens of willing lenders. However, while ZippyLoan promises to link you to lenders, it does not guarantee successful loan applications as the final decision rests on the lenders.
But unlike most online loan marketplaces that have ‘high’ minimum loan requests, ZippyLoan allows you to borrow as little as $200 or even $100. While this might be an issue for some, it works well for others as they won’t get into deep debt.
In terms of security, ZippyLoan uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption, which guarantees your online safety. However, several cases of fraud have been reported as some scammers masquerade as Zippy agents and solicit funds from clients.
Fortunately, Zippy has issued an alert at the bottom of its homepage warning clients that its services are free and therefore do not require any form of prepayment before linking you to lenders.
ZippyLoan Eligibility Criteria: 4.6/5 
ZippyLoan allows loan seekers with bad credit scores to shoot their shots, which is a big deal if your bank is no longer an option.
The service opens its doors to US citizens and residents who have their documents in order. Additionally, you must be above 18 years and have an active bank account under your name.
While proof of employment isn’t mandatory when applying for a loan on ZippyLoan, you must provide proof of steady income either through business or any types of legally recognized benefits.
ZippyLoan Educational Resources: 4.3/5
ZippyLoan doesn’t have enough educational resources for someone that wants to improve their financial health. But you can learn more about personal loans on the company’s FAQ page.
Therefore, you’re better off trying companies like CashUSA or even MoneyMutual for educational materials.
ZippyLoan Customer Care:3.9/5
Worryingly, ZippyLoan doesn’t have a contact us button on its home page, which makes it increasingly hard to reach out to the support team, especially if you want to make inquiries before registration.
You won’t also see a readily available contact form on the platform, which should be a concern if you’re looking for a loans marketplace with active support.
ZippyLoan Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Overall, ZippyLoan is easy to use and impressively straightforward. The guys at Zippy know you’re interested in a quick loan, and as such, get straight to the point by keeping things simple and quick.
Once you land on ZippyLoan, you can start the application process by stating your preferred amount and providing your email address and zip code. You’ll then need to state the purpose of the loan before providing your employment details.
Fortunately, ZippyLoan has a how it works button that’ll guide you on all the steps to observe in your pursuit of an instant approval loan.
Real-Time Loans With ZippyLoan

SoFi Pros
SoFi Cons 
SoFi, short for social finance, is an online personal finance company that’s been serving Americans since August 2011.
The personal finance company boasts over 3.5 million members and boldly claims to have issued over $50 billion in loan funding to its members.
SoFi operates like an online bank and focuses on creating products that help members get their money right.
Some of the most popular SoFi products include SoFi invest, SoFi Checking and savings, student loan refinancing, home loans, personal loans and SoFi Relay.
SoFi relay, for instance, allows you to link all your personal accounts on one dashboard to get a clear view of your balances when on the move. The product also tracks your credit score and provides weekly updates to keep you in the loop of your financial health.
If you are looking to make investments on SoFi, then the investment package is your best bet. Under the program, you’ll be able to invest in IPOs, and trade crypto, stocks and ETFs.
SoFi’s truly your investment partner!
In addition to helping you invest and secure your future, SoFi allows you to request short and long-term loans for home improvements, family planning, weddings, and credit card consolidation, among many other non-investment needs.
The SoFi personal loan is unsecured, meaning you aren’t required to provide collateral to qualify.
Additionally, SoFi offers fixed-rate loans, which is ideal if you fancy the consistency of knowing what your monthly payments will be over the months or years.
SoFi Eligibility Criteria:4.4/5)
To secure an instant approval loan on SoFi, you must be a citizen or an eligible resident (with valid documentation) and reside in a state that SoFi is authorized to lend.
Additionally, you must have reached the age of majority in your state of residence and have secure employment. You can also apply if you can provide an employment offer of a job meant to start in 90 days or less.
Business owners are also eligible for a SoFi loan.
And while SoFi can provide an unsecured loan, it will consider your credit score, financial history and income vs expenses (monthly).
SoFi Educational Resources: 4.8/5
It’s no secret that SoFi is 100% committed to improving its members’ financial prospects– and its website layout tells it all.
You can learn everything on SoFi, from investment opportunities to credit monitoring, payday loans and even debt repayment (and management tips).
The personal finance company has hundreds of articles on investment strategies, lifestyle and debt management, which should come in handy if looking to improve your financial health.
Customer Care: 4.7/5
Not too many instant approval loan agencies have superb customer care as SoFi, which has a super-responsive support team.
The personal loans support team is available on call on weekdays (and even weekends) at +1 855 456 7634.
While you can also reach out via email, we’d recommend calling as it’s the fastest way to get assistance.
Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Although SoFi’s website is responsive, some people might find it too cramped up or busy. Too much information is packed on the homepage, which makes it relatively hard to navigate to the personal loans section.
However, there is a well-detailed FAQ section that makes things a lot easier if you can spare 5-10 minutes to learn more about how things work on the platform.

247DollarLoan Pros 
 247DollarLoan Cons
247 Dollar Loan is an online loan marketplace that seeks to help its members get fast approval loans from willing lenders.
As a relatively unknown company, 247 Dollar doesn’t boast a wide network of lenders like some of its peers. However, it is still a great place to look for a lender, especially if you have a bad credit score.
The good news, however, is that 247 Dollar Loan promises to provide feedback, typically within minutes of applying. And although you might end up waiting for longer, you’ll still get responses faster than other marketplaces that partner with a large network of lenders.
247DollarLoan Eligibility Criteria: 4.5/5
For your details to be forwarded to in-network lenders, you’ll need to satisfy some requirements.
First, you must be above 18 years and earn a regular income of no less than $800 a month.
You should also have a valid saving or checking account with direct deposit and be a US citizen (or permanent resident).
The good news is entrepreneurs can also apply through 247DollarLoan as long as they provide proof of regular income above the $800 a month average.
247DollarLoan Educational Resources: 4.2/5
It’s no secret that 247 Dollar prioritizes helping clients secure loans more than anything else. The website is a bit basic and doesn’t have the wealth of educational resources that most other loan marketplaces have.
However, you can click on the FAQ button to learn more about loan terms and financial products offered on the platform.
But if you want to improve your financial health and learn a few things about financial discipline, we’d recommend trying other loan marketplaces.
Customer Care: 4.5/5  
When it comes to customer care, 247 Dollar Loan does not disappoint as it boasts some of the most responsive support teams around. 
Members are encouraged to fill out a contact form for light inquiries. Unlike other companies, 247 Dollar Loan promises to issue you a relevant, non-automated response within 24 hours, except on weekends.
But for urgent inquiries and new loan requests, you can dial +1 855 979 7142 to talk to a customer care agent.
247DollarLoan Ease of Use: 4.4/5 
Sure, 247 Dollar might not have the most attractive website as it looks a bit all over the place, to be honest.
However, the service is still easy to use, and the straightforward registration makes it a great option for people in need of loan services.
You can also click on the how it works button to understand 24/7 Dollar Loan and its services better.
Fast Feedback With 247DollarLoan

Eligibility criteria were one of our greatest considerations when ranking the best instant approval loan companies.
All the agencies that made our list have relatively friendly eligibility criteria and won’t check your credit score for a payday loan or other types of emergency loans.

We also considered ease of use when compiling our list, more so since clients want the easiest possible route when seeking instant approval loans.
Although some instant approval loan agencies on our list are easier to use than others, all have easy-to-navigate websites that make loan applications a breeze. 

Although lifesavers, instant loans can do more harm than good if used incorrectly.
As such, we gave companies that prioritize client education a higher ranking, especially since useful finance-related information can inform applicants on scams to be on the lookout for and how to avoid mismanaging funds.

The importance of customer care to clients that need financial assistance cannot be overstated. And although most agencies in our list are loan marketplaces, we gave those with impeccable customer service a higher rating.
Good customer care ensures that clients aren’t left in the dark when issues arise either during registration or later on.
Get a Loan Fast With MoneyMutual

The easiest loan to get approved for is payday loans, which are usually short-term and due in less than a month. Instant approval loans like payday loans usually don’t require collateral and can be issued to clients with bad credit scores.

The interest rate and fees you’ll need to pay for instant approval loans usually vary depending on the lender’s rates and policies. Unfortunately, most short-term loans attract high-interest rates, hence the need to consult with your lender before settling for a loan.

You can get a cash advance loan without a bank account, however, most lenders require you to provide bank account details to qualify for loans.
Proof of income and financial activity usually boost your odds of securing loans, and a lack of a bank account will only make loan approval difficult.

You can get a quick loan from a credit union. But although credit unions offer loans at reasonable interest rates, they may take an average of 2-4 days to be approved and dispensed, which might not be ideal if you’re after same-day loans.

You can instantly borrow money by applying for instant approval loans even if you have a bad credit history.
Companies like MoneyMutual, and CashUSA work by linking you to willing lenders that approve and process loans within a business day.
A personal finance company like SoFi can also come to your rescue if you’re a member and need emergency funding to offset a pending bill.

When every other option has hit the wall, instant approval loans can come to your rescue.
However, you’ll need to be extra careful when applying for instant payday loans to avoid lenders that’ll do you more harm than good.
MoneyMutual is a great place to try your luck as it has a solid reputation for helping clients secure instant loans. CashUSA is also an ideal option, especially if you have a bad credit score, as it’ll link you to a variety of willing online lenders.
SoFi, one of the top personal loan companies out there – can also come to your rescue in times of need, but you’ll need to be a member to secure both short and long-term loans on the platform.
Whichever option you prefer, it’s highly advisable to approach instant approval loans with utmost caution. Remember to compare rates before settling for a particular lender!
Additionally, if you need to boost your credit in order to get approval for same day loans, you can always try some of the top credit repair services out there!


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