Book Richardson, out of prison and living in N.J., is coming for your (very young) hoops star –

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OAKS, Pa. — Emanuel Richardson, coach of the New York Gauchos, hurried inside the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to meet his eighth-grade team at M.A.D.E in March, a middle school basketball tourney, on a recent Saturday. Two security guards stood at the door as parents paid $45 to watch their sons play on 14 courts composed of snap-in tiles.
Team names ranged from Above All Cost to D.N.A. Elite, which has a double helix as its logo. Thirty-second shot clocks ensured the ball kept moving. Anicet Dybantsa, a police officer whose son, A.J., is one of the nation’s top eighth-graders, danced on the sideline. He wore a blue tailored suit, a feather in a dark derby and two diamonds in his left ear.


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