Candid, the International Marketing and Communications Platform, Today Announces the International Rollout of UK-based Positive as Its Global Digital Agency Brand – Yahoo Finance


AMSTERDAM & LONDON, October 05, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Positive, whose clients include Gordon Ramsay Group, Aegon, Northern Trains, and DHL, is one of three UK agencies to be acquired by the Dutch platform in the last six months. The January 2022 deal followed Windsor-based consultancy Brand Potential at the end of 2021 and creative agency Creature in May 2022.
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Positive’s Worldwide CEO, Julian Reiter (centre), alongside Positive NL’s Sjef Kerkhofs (left) and Robbert Gangadin (right).
Positive, founded in 1994 to help brands achieve their potential through ‘the power of collective thinking’, will become Candid’s lead digital agency brand, following the integration of Rotterdam-based Daily Dialogues and Havana Harbour under the Positive label. With its expansion into the Netherlands, Positive will boast a global team of 100 digital creative, social and build specialists operating from London and Rotterdam.
Positive’s UK footprint will extend into Candid’s new London HQ at Macklin Street, Covent Garden, where Candid’s UK-based creative, media and digital capabilities will share resources to collaborate and innovate.
Julian Reiter will become Worldwide CEO of Positive alongside his current role as CEO of Positive London. Daily Dialogues founders Sjef Kerkhofs and Robbert Gangadin will become Managing Director and Operations Director of the newly-formed Positive NL.
Commenting on the move, Julian Reiter said, “Positive’s diverse, integrated team has led the way providing clients with transformative digital solutions to ever-more complex challenges. This exciting step strengthens that capability with world-class specialist skills, significantly enhancing our potential for innovation and growth.”
“By merging Daily Dialogues and Havana Harbor under the Positive flag we instantly create an international full service digital proposition with over 100 talented people servicing local and international clients,” added Candid CEO Rudiger Wanck. “This consolidation provides clarity for our clients, optimizes the digital offering of our platform and is completely in line with our growth strategy. The Candid platform is all about developing clearly defined, strong specialized agencies like Positive to allow them to grow and take advantage of the combined knowledge of our other agencies. Today’s development strengthens Candid and we are ready for the next step in our international future.”
On his newly expanded role at Positive NL Sjef Kerkhof added: “I’m excited by what the future holds and proud to be able to build the Positive brand in the Netherlands alongside Julian and Robbert.”
About Candid
We are Candid. We are a marketing and communications platform headquartered in London and Amsterdam. Through our platform strategy and candid values, we are the first player that truly breaks down the silos in our industry. As a platform we empower strong individual and entrepreneurial specialist agencies, enabling them to scale, collaborate and focus on their clients and their brands. Our T-shaped organisation, enabled by technology, empowers our agencies to adapt quickly, embrace creative thinking and work together seamlessly, creating sustainable growth for our clients, our agencies and our people. Within our platform we unite the creative and strategic strengths of our international agencies Positive (digital), Coopr (PR), Brand Potential and Millford (consulting and design), Creature (comms) and the (digital) media agencies Online Company, Stroom and M2Media.
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For more information contact Sarah Taylor, client partner / +44 (0)7402320448
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