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04 Oct 2019
Chicken Licken has a “secret menu”.
Not all that secret, though. It has been around for half a decade. It has its own entry on the Chicken Licken website, complete with photos.
And if you spend enough time on Twitter, you have probably heard about it.
How old were you when you realised that Chicken Licken had a secret menu ?
The only secret part is that it does not appear on menu boards in restaurants. Still, that means there are people discovering and rediscovering it all the time, so we gave the current version of Chicken Licken’s secret menu a try.
This is why we were not impressed.
It has limited options, and it isn’t fast.
Chicken Licken is famous for its wings, and good for serious meals. The secret menu has no wings – or chicken pieces – just snacks.
Not quick snacks, though; because secret-menu items are specially made, we found they take longer than the regular menu.

It’s available on Uber Eats, and for the asking.
For a secret menu, we were surprised to see that it is available as an option on Uber Eats, which has been delivering Chicken Licken since June.
Still, we had a report of a cashier being coy and secretive about what is on the secret menu, which promised at least a touch of cloak-and-dagger fun in ordering in-store. Sadly, when we tried to ask, a friendly cashier told us everything we needed to know about the secret menu.

What we ordered looked pretty cool, at least, thanks to the special black box.
We tried the ChicWich, which goes for R32.90, or slightly more via Uber Eats, even before the delivery fee. 

The meal comes in an impressive, specially-made black box. That makes for a bit of excitement, at least, though that is where the fun ends. 
We expected more from a “secret menu” than an uninspired sandwich. Chicken Licken has better offers, right there on the menu board.
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