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The fight for supermarket supremacy between Woolworths and Coles has been ongoing for decades, but how does the Red vs Green battle actually stack up? 
New data from market intelligence company Sensor Tower and its digital ad spend tracking platform Pathmatics, has revealed that despite Coles spending almost $12 million more than Woolies in digital advertising over the past 3 years, Woolies consistently takes the top spot in terms of app downloads, cementing its victory as the Aussies’ most loved supermarket.
Analysing the data over the past three years, Sensor Tower and Pathmatics data has revealed:
App downloads:
Digital ad spend:
Commentating on the trends, Tom Cui, Managing Director APAC at Sensor Tower said: “Which supermarket Bandcamp you fall into is a hotly debated topic in Australia and Sensor Tower data has revealed Woolies appears to reign supremacy, despite Coles’ significantly higher digital ad spend.
“Over the past three years, there have been significant shifts in the way consumers do their shopping, fast-tracking the movement to digital shopping and this trend looks to only continue. It’s never been more important for a retail outlet to have an optimised app experience, even when it comes to supermarkets, as Aussies have become accustomed to the ease and convenience.
“Now we face another challenge – the threat of a recession. Whilst supermarket shopping is deemed a ‘necessity’, even the major stores could face challenges as inflation rises and purse strings tighten. At Sensor Tower, we’ll be tracking both consumer and brand behaviour as Australia weather this ongoing economic turmoil.”
How the data is collected:
Sensor Tower’s data comes from the largest first-party mobile app panel worldwide, combined with robust data science modelling, from which they can derive highly accurate estimates of app performance.
The Sensor Tower platform utilises net revenue as its metric for measuring app earnings. App Store and Google Play revenue are net, as estimates reflect an app’s gross revenue minus app store royalty fees (typically 30 per cent). Sensor Tower’s revenue estimates include spending on paid apps, in-app purchases, and in-app subscriptions.
These estimates do not include revenue from advertising or any spending on real goods and services such as products purchased through Amazon or rides from Uber. Sensor Tower’s estimates reflect the decreased 15 per cent cut Apple and Google take from subscription apps after the first year of service.
Sensor Tower converts all revenue estimates from local currencies that apps receive from different countries to USD.
Key definitions:
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