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Oh, Adam Morrison what was happened to your NBA career you were once one of the top college players and were supposed to be a star in the NBA?
Adam Morrison, the former Oscar Robertson Trophy Winner along with J.J. Reddick and third overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft has had quite a disappointing career as of now.
Morrison started his career with the Bobcats in the 2006-2007 NBA season and had a very acceptable rookie season averaging nearly 12 points per game and receiving honors by being named to the NBA’s All-Rookie Second Team.
The following season, Morrison tore his ACL which would make him miss the entire season. The season after his ACL tear Morrison played in 44 games for the Bobcats averaging a mere 4.5 points per game but then was traded to the Lakers where he would only play in a games averaging just a bit over five minutes a game. Morrison would win an NBA Championship though.
Then we come to last season where Morrison once again did not average even ten minutes a game with the Lakers but once again won an NBA championship.
Morrison has gone from a college star to an NBA benchwarmer. Though Morrison has hardly played for the Lakers recently I feel if he was given a chance he could bring a bright spot of the bench for an NBA team.  There are many places Morrison could play this season where I believe he could help a franchise if given a chance.

One team that could use Morrison off the bench is the Utah Jazz. Other small forwards the Jazz have are Gordon Hayward and Andrei Kirilenko.
The Jazz could use Morrison due to the fact that Hayward is a rookie and may need to transition to the NBA slowly while Kirilenko was frequently hurt last season.
If the Jazz brought in Morrison I could see him getting a solid amount of playing time and could help the team if given the chance.  

The Hawks are another team that could use Morrison off the bench. Current Hawks forwards include Marvin Williams, Josh Smith and Josh Powell, Morrison’s teammate on the Lakers last season who had even less playing time then Morrison.
Morrison could help the Hawks being the back-up for Marvin Williams.  Morrison could bring much more to the Hawks then their current backups including Powell.

The Nets are a team that could use Morrison because they are currently having a rebuilding process due to the debacle that was last season’s Nets.
Currently, at the small forward position the Nets have Travis Outlaw who the Nets signed from Portland and rookie Damion James. Morrison’s former teammates, Sean May from Charlotte and Jordan Farmar from his two NBA Championship seasons as a member of the Lakers are also on the Nets.
Morrison could bring a solid back-up to the Nets behind Travis Outlaw and would have the experience of playing with his former teammates in Farmar and May. 

The Rockets are also a team that could use Morrison for depth at the small forward position.  Currently, the Rockets have veteran Shane Battier and Mike Harris who has not had much experience in the NBA as well as Chase Budinger.
If Morrison was to go to the Rockets Morrison and Hayes could split time as back-up at the beginning of the season but later in the season give the back-up role to whoever deserved it more. Shane Battier could also help Morrison due to Battier’s veteran presence to help Morrison play as well as I think he can.

The Warriors could also use Morrison on their squad this season. Currently at small forward the Warriors have the newly acquired Dorell Wright as well as the pleasant surprise of Reggie Williams last season and Vladimir Radmanovic who also plays power forward and was the man Morrison was traded for along with Shannon Brown when he went to the Lakers.
If the Warriors decided to sign Morrison it could make him very competitive as well as Radmanovic to try and play better than the other.  This would bring the Warriors a healthy competition at the small forward back-up position.
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