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This year, we recognise more than 600 lawyers globally for their outstanding work advising domestic and international clients on a spectrum of matters during this challenging year. Their areas of expertise include creating immigration strategies, visa applications, employee transfers and advice on audits.

Global Elite Thought Leaders
Leading firms
Laura Devine is “the best around, no question” compliment sources who not she is “a very pragmatic, cooperative and efficient practitioner”.
Sophie Barrett-Brown is hailed as “a leader in the world of immigration”. Sources regard her as a “very knowledgeable and proactive” lawyer who “possesses a brilliant legal mind”.
Natasha Chell is highly esteemed by sources who applaud her “ability to think of creative solutions”. They add: “She is determined to explore all avenues to get success for her client.”
Christi Hufford Jackson is definitely a significant player in immigration law”, described by sources as “very responsive, thorough and informative”.
Nicolas Rollason enjoys “a stellar reputation” as “a leading practitioner among peers”. He is praised for his “great overall knowledge of immigration law”.   
Ilda de Sousa is celebrated as one of the most experienced immigration lawyers in the market and gains recognition for her expert handling of British nationality applications.
Marcia Longdon draws praise from market commentators as “a great mentor” with significant experience in immigration and nationality law.
Elspeth Guild impresses market sources who applaud her excellent reputation in the spectrum of EU immigration matters.
Kim Vowden “will go the extra mile for clients” compliment sources, who further commend his in-depth understanding of business immigration.
Marcel Reurs is “a walking dictionary of Dutch corporate immigration law” laud sources, adding: “He is a very practical lawyer with a broad practice and is an efficient project manager.”
Bram van Melle is distinguished by sources as an “excellent corporate immigration attorney” and “one of the best in the Netherlands”.
Bettina Offer possesses “a great reputation” in the German immigration market and is renowned for her “strong expertise in large-scale intra-company transfers”.
Gabriele Mastmann is lauded by market commentators for her long-standing experience of German business immigration law.
Petra Bark is celebrated as one of the most-experienced immigration lawyers in the market and gains recognition for her expert knowledge of EU immigration policy.
Chris Magrath is “a very seasoned immigration lawyer”, regarded by peers as “highly experienced and amicable”.  
Ben Sheldrick stands out for his “very successful immigration practice”, an area in which he enjoys an excellent reputation among peers.
Kerry Hough is lauded by market commentators for her considerable experience in corporate immigration, notably when it comes to post-Brexit policy.
Julia Onslow-Cole is “a very senior immigration practitioner” recognised for her extensive experience in the field.
Charlotte Slocombe is distinguished by sources as “a brilliant lawyer” who is “very well respected” for her leading work on business immigration.
Nadine Goldfoot is hailed as “highly knowledge” of immigration law and is “very well known in the private client industry”.
Other leading individuals
Bernard Caris of Younity is “the go-to immigration lawyer in Belgium” according to market commentators who note that he is “truly excellent”.
At Tilia Law, Henry Hachez is a well-regarded practitioner who has garnered a stellar reputation for his expertise in business immigration.
Tommy Angermair at CLEMENS is “a fantastic lawyer”, highlighted as “highly knowledgeable in all the complexities of Danish immigration law”.
Philip Trott of Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law draws plaudits from sources for his extensive experience of personal and business immigration law.
Vanessa Ganguin is a well-regarded practitioner who brings deep experience and a sweeping knowledge of UK immigration and nationality matters.
Chetal Patel of Bates Wells is hailed as an “excellent immigration lawyer who is incredibly engaged in keeping up to date with current trends”.
Nichola Carter at Carter Thomas gains accolades for her “excellent knowledge of immigration law”. She is “very well known” and considered an “industry leader”.
Rose Carey of Charles Russell Speechlys is highlighted as “a highly experienced practitioner” and “one of the go-to names in the field” of corporate immigration law.  
Claire Nilson of Faegre Drinker ranks highly among peers who say she possesses “great knowledge” of business immigration and “excellent client relations”.
Nita Nicole Upadhye of NNU Immigration Limited is regarded by peers as a “very knowledgeable” lawyer who “always comes up with a strategic plan to get through obstacles”.
Tom Brett Young at VWV (Veale Wasbrough Vizards) focuses his excellent practice on matters relating to business immigration, where “his knowledge and views are a real asset to all”.
James Perrott at Mayer Brown International regularly advises high-net worth clients on residency, naturalisation, and complex family applications.
At Brill Immigration, Amanda Brill is highly regarded for her market-leading expertise in US immigration law.
Paul Samartin of Samartin and Friends is “one of the best” lawyers in the market, whose first-rate practice focuses on US-based immigration issues.
Kehrela Hodkinson at Hodkinson Law Group draws praise for her top-notch practice which focuses on providing advice to individuals and businesses with respect to US immigration.
At Latitude Law, Gary McIndoe is an “excellent solicitor” with over three decades of experience specialising in UK- inbound immigration, nationality and refugee law.
Ann Symonds with ASG Immigration is a well-recognised figure in immigration law, who draws praise from peers as “one of the longest-standing practitioners in the immigration space”.
Karl Waheed at Karl Waheed Avocats is singled out as the “go-to name in France” and “a highly respected corporate immigration lawyer”.
Stephane Coulaux of CMG LEGAL is credited with an excellent international reputation by observers who express considerable praise of his work which covers a range of immigration matters.
Gunther Mävers of michels.pmks Rechtsanwälte is “very experienced and highly regarded” by peers who consider him “a great employment attorney with strong knowledge of German immigration law”.
Dieter Kohlfürst at Kohlfürst & Färber Rechtsanwälte is hailed as “a phenomenal immigration lawyer” with “a great ability to ensure clients feel at ease”.  
Jane Pilkington at Newland Chase is applauded for her deep knowledge and experience of providing immigration advice to national and multi-national companies.
Liam Schwartz at Goldfarb Seligman & Co is “excellent, highly respected and knowledgeable” according to market sources who commend his “stellar consular practice”.
With over 20 years of experience, Kan-Tor & Acco’s Amit Acco is cited to be a well-established name in Israeli immigration law and a leader in the field.
Marco Mazzeschi at Mazzeschi – Corporate Immigration and Citizenship Law is hailed by peers as the “number one in Italy for corporate relocation”. He is an “excellent practitioner” who is “very knowledgeable of citizenship cases”.
Jelle Kroes at Kroes Advocaten Immigration Lawyers “is a leader in the field of corporate immigration” remark peers who add: “Jelle is incredibly reliable, and clients love to work with him.”
At Bloomfield Law, Adekunle Obebe is distinguished by market commentators as “one of the best-known, well-respected and well-loved corporate immigration lawyers in the world”.
Karolina Schiffter at PCS Paruch Chruściel Schiffter is “one of the leading immigration lawyers in Poland” and an “extremely talented practitioner”.
Ana Garicano at Sagardoy Legal & Expat is lauded by market commentators for her long-standing experience in the field. According to market sources, she is the “best Spanish immigration attorney by far”.
Nina Perch-Nielsen of Blue Lake Legal is a market-leading corporate immigration attorney, singled out among peers as “a very dependable and specialised lawyer”.
Maria Celebi of Bener Law Office receives widespread plaudits by peers who consider her “the best in Turkey” for business immigration matters.
Global Elite Thought Leaders
Leading firms
According to peers, Bernard Wolfsdorf “has distinguished himself not only through his over 25 years of practice, but also for founding and developing his firm into one of the most prominent specialty immigration firms in the US”.
Avi Friedman is singled out among peers as “a brilliant practitioner” and “an expert on consular matters”.
Cliff Rosenthal is credited with an excellent international reputation by observers who praise his work on green card visa petitions and US citizenship applications.
Lisa Yu is hailed by peers as “a great practitioner” who focuses her first-rate practice on non-immigrant visas and permanent residency applications.
Richard Yemm is a well-regarded lawyer who possesses deep experience and a sweeping knowledge of non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions.
Austin Fragomen Jr is celebrated as one of the most-experienced immigration lawyers in the market and gains recognition for his expert handling of visa procedures as well as compliance issues.
Paige Taylor is an “outstanding” lawyer, held in high regard for her in-depth understanding of immigration issues relating to corporate restructurings and mergers.
Kyle Sherman draws widespread praise for his excellence when it comes to immigration-related compliance.
Lisa Baker Jones is very well regarded by sources who note she excels when advising a range of clients, from entrepreneurs to corporates on immigration compliance.
Cynthia Lange is credited with in-depth understanding of corporate immigration programmes and related regulation.
Larry Drumm is “absolutely one of the best in California” compliment respondents who note he is “an excellent lawyer for complex immigration matters”.
Jeff Joseph is “absolutely brilliant” remark peers, who recommend him for his over two decades of experience in corporate immigration law.
Michelle Funk is “a rock star of employment-based immigration” remark sources adding: “She is outstanding at her job.”
Lynden Melmed is “very savvy about immigration legislation” according to sources who note: “He is proactive and always ready to meet challenges and come up with solutions promptly.”
Jeremy Fudge is “a highly professional immigration specialist” who “manages client expectations exceptionally well”.
Liane Cooney is “an excellent immigration lawyer”, regarded as “incredibly well versed in corporate immigration matters”.
Charles Foster draws accolades as “a great practitioner”, highly respected by sources who note he is “extremely responsive” in his approach.
Robert Loughran is distinguished among peers for his “extremely capable practice which covers a range of immigration matters”.
Judy Lee comes highly recommended by peers and clients alike for her significant knowledge of US immigration law.
Ronald Klasko is “an excellent lawyer”, highly sought after by corporate clients for his 30 years of experience handling sophisticated immigration mandates.
William Stock is a well-known and well-respected figure in the market, who is lauded by peers as an “excellent business immigration lawyer”.
Elise Fialkowski is highly sought after for her extensive experience advising start-up clients on a broad spectrum of immigration issues.
Other leading individuals
Henry Chang at Dentons is a leading figure in North American corporate immigration law, where peers identify him as “a brilliant lawyer”.  
David Garson at Garson Immigration Law is “very experienced and knowledgeable and has excellent client relations”. He is recognised as “the best in Canada” and a “leader in the field”.
Barbara Jo Caruso of Corporate Immigration Law Firm possesses over two decades of experience in the corporate immigration industry, an area in which she is “highly capable and professional”.
Evan Green at Green and Spiegel is a “top-notch corporate immigration lawyer”, regarded as “very knowledgeable” of the area.
Ravi Jain is highly recommended by sources as “an all-round good lawyer” who is “very through on permanent residence cases”.
Jacqueline Bart of BartLaw “is one of the best in Canada” compliment sources adding that she “is a creative thinker who continues to push the envelope”.
Avi Gomberg of Gomberg Dalfen is “an excellent practitioner who has great reputation” among peers as “a top-tier immigration expert”.
Sergio Karas of Karas of Immigration Law Professional Corporation is “an excellent and highly experienced lawyer” who “for many years played an active and prominent role in sharing his substantial knowledge and experience with his peers in the global immigration attorney fraternity”.
Angelo Paparelli of Seyfarth Shaw “has developed a formidable reputation for his work in corporate, family, and asylum-based immigration cases” applaud sources who consider him “a leader in the field”.
Cyrus Mehta of Cyrus D Mehta & Partners is “one of the most-respected and intellectual lawyers” in the US market and possesses a “deep knowledge of immigration law”.
Eleanor Pelta of Morgan Lewis & Bockius draws praise as “one of the best in the market” from sources who add: “She is a brilliant practitioner and problem solver.”
Kathleen Campbell Walker at Dickinson Wright is a well-established name in the North American immigration market, where she enjoys a stellar reputation as an “outstanding” practitioner who is “highly experienced”.
Charles Kuck at Kuck Baxter Immigration is “an excellent attorney” and “one of the absolute best” when it comes immigration visas and labour certifications.
Marc Van Der Hout of Van Der Hout Brigagliano & Nightingale Office is an experienced lawyer, highly rated for his deep expertise in immigration and visa-related issues.
Catherine Haight of Haight Law Group Smart is “a very well-respected lawyer” who receives plaudits for her sports immigration practice.
William Stock at Klasko Immigration Law Partners “has a brilliant mind and is able to explain complex issues to client’s straightforward terms”.
Ellen Freeman of Ellen Freeman Immigration Law Group is “at the top of her game” and focuses her first-rate practice on matters regarding business immigration.
Stephen Yale-Loehr at Miller Mayer stands out in the US market as “a phenomenal lawyer in the immigration field”, whose impressive practice includes advising clients on foreign investor visas and entrepreneur immigration.
Denyse Sabagh at Duane Morris receives widespread plaudits for her top-notch practice spanning a range of related matters including consular processes and visa applications.
Alexis Axelrad of Barst Mukamal & Kleiner gains recognition from market sources who single her out as “an expert on border issues”.
Ira Kurzban of Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt Lau gains recognition from market sources as “one of the most-seasoned immigration lawyers” in the US market. They praise him for being “incredibly knowledgeable”.
Peter Williamson at Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams & Aughtry is “a brilliant lawyer” who possesses a “great breadth of knowledge and experience” in business immigration law.
Global Elite Thought Leaders
Leading individuals
Florencia Funes de Rioja at Funes de Rioja & Asociados is “an incredibly reliable lawyer” who stands out for her “very impressive legal work and pragmatic, direct approach”.
Daniela Lima of Newland Chase is “an amazing practitioner” according to sources who consider her “really efficient extremely knowledgeable” of immigration law.
Maria Luisa “Isa” Soter da Silveira at Veirano Advogados is “a long-standing expert in the field”, renowned for her “impressive practice”. Peers regard her as “very professional and easy to work with”.
Gabriela Lessa is “a top-tier lawyer”, singled out among peers as a leading light for business immigration in the Brazilian market.  
Rodrigo Tannus Serrano of Tannus & Asociados is “a fantastic lawyer” recognised as “extremely experienced and highly knowledgeable in relation to the immigration field”.
Costa Rica
Federico Solis at Fragomen is “an excellent lawyer” recognised as “the best in Costa Rica” for business immigration mandates.
Adrian Ojeda Cuevas at Ojeda Ojeda y Asociados is “a brilliant lawyer” who regularly provides “helpful and practical advice” on immigration law to a diverse range of clients.
Ariel Orrego-Villacorta of AOV ABOGADOS is highlighted as “one of the best in Peru” when it comes to providing top-notch advice to international companies regarding immigration and labour matters.
Global Elite Thought Leaders
According to peers, Matthew Amoils of ASG Immigration is renowned for his “excellent corporate immigration knowledge” and lauded by sources as “a great communicator”.
Phillip Yip at Phillip Yip & Associates is “at the top of his field” commend sources who note: “He is very practical in his approach to finding solutions to immigration-related queries.”
Anne O’Donoghue of Immigration Solutions Lawyers is regarded as “thorough, knowledgeable, prompt and efficient”. Respondents note: “She is passionate about her work and has an intimate knowledge of immigration and government relations.”
Maria Jockel at BDO Migration Services “produces high-quality work and has excellent corporate immigration knowledge” compliment sources. They add: “She has always been able to provide the most outstanding level of advice and support.”
Edward Lehman at Lehman Lee & Xu is a top-tier immigration specialist, distinguished among peers as “the leading figure in China”.
Hong Kong
Eugene Chow at Chow King & Associates is “a really excellent lawyer” praise peers, adding: “He is very knowledgeable of immigration law and clearly knows his stuff.”
Poorvi Chothani of LawQuest is regarded by peers as “the best immigration lawyer in India” and is considered an expert on immigration and employment law.
Shalini Agarwal at In Se Legal draws accolades from peers for her “excellent client relations”. She regularly advises high-profile clients on Indian immigration issues.
Peers rate Yoshio Shimoda at Immigration Lawyer Shimoda Office is “a first-class immigration expert” and “the best immigration lawyer in Japan”. Sources add: “He is great to work with on Japanese Immigration matters.”
At Nakai Immigration Services, Masahito Nakai enjoys a stellar reputation as a corporate immigration expert, an area in which he possesses extensive experience.
New Zealand
Nicola Tiffen of Duncan Cotterill Lawyers is highlighted as the “go-to name in New Zealand” for assisting corporate migrants with visa processes.  
At Ryken & Associates, David Ryken is an experienced lawyer, highly rated for providing excellent advice to high-profile multinational companies on a broad range of immigration issues.


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