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The following property transactions were compiled from information provided by the Centre County recorder of deeds Joseph Davidson. The Gazette is not responsible for typographical errors. The published information is believed to be accurate; however, the Gazette neither warrants nor accepts any liability or responsibility for inaccurate information.

Jeanne T. Newlin Estate and William G. Tressler to Blake M. Bratton and Michele A. Ryan, 237 N. Allegheny St., $329,900
John McMullen and Darla H. McMullen to Gabagool Investments LLC, 106 W. Bishop St., $175,000
Ryan E. Golas and Jacqueline J. Golas to Budgey Sisters Limited Liability Company, 425 E. Howard St., $155,000
Daniel S. Placha and Laura C. Placha to Robert J. Vadella Jr. and Marie Vadella, 434 Ridge Ave., $618,000
Joseph C. Myer Jr. and Nancy Smeltzer to Marann LLC, 932 Southgate Drive, $1
Ronald H. Scott Second Amended Revocable Trust, Craig H. Scott and Lisa E. McMurtry to Lisa E. McMurtry Separate Share Trust, Ronald H. Scott Family Trust and Lisa E. McMurtry, 500 E. College Ave., $1
C. Roy & Terri Lynn Parker Revocable Living Trust, C. Roy Parker and Terri Lynn Parker to C. Roy Parker and Terri Lynn Parker, 1378 Penfield Road, $10
Terri Lynn Parker, C. Roy Parker and C. Roy Parker & Terri Lynn Parker Revocable Living Trust to C. Roy Parker and Terri Lynn Parker, 1378 Penfield Road, $10
John Joseph Harakal IV by Sheriff to Saratoga Partners LP, Thomas Street, $95,000
Denise M. Bierly and David Post to Kathryn R. Hundley and Justin M. Hundley, 486 Nimitz Ave., $379,700
Joseph C. Lee and Heather M. Lee to Jessica A. Cummins, 112 E. Lytle Ave., $317,000
Giancarlo Bradaschia and Leila Bradaschia to Kevin Drexford and Amelia G. Drexford, 107 E. Whitehall Road, $365,000
Theorem Enterprises LLC to Erik A. Scott and Mary Ann Hanlon, 1113 S. Allen St., $1
Hideaway Partners 252 LLC to Avery G. Peechatka and Angela Peechatka, 252 E. Mc-Cormick Ave., $435,500
C & M Foster Properties INC to Pasquale Romano, 142 N. Front St., $1
Margaret Ann Scroger and Timothy James Scroger to Jeremiah T. Hall, 116 N. Eighth St., $141,000
Jerry W. Spackman and Paulette J. Spackman to Malcolm C. Cleckley and Christina Cleckley, 202 Warwick St., $240,000
Yellow Drake LLC to Yellow Drake LLC, 17 W. Pine St., $1
Angela M. Watt, Russell J. Watt and Angela M. Rudnik to Nathan Stewart Confer, 313 N. Sixth St., $187,500

Berks at Nittany Glen LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Rogers B. Alexander, 448 Fawn Valley Road, $369,298
Larry T. Moore Estate, Larry Jon & Moore and Lori L. Storms to Larry Jon Moore, 136 Oak Drive, $1
Julie Vermeulen and Brian Kephart to Julie Vermeulen, 209 Kennedy St., $10
Brian D. Swartz and Tawnee M. Swartz to Brian Christopher Schultz, 2452 Lexington Circle, $295,000
Edward J. Janowsky by guardian to Kevin J. Senn, 119 Willow Ave., $352,500 Brian C. Walk to Richard A. Rally and Kimberly Rally, 115 Pike View Road, $350,000
Edward S. Peetz Estate, Edward Simon Peetz Estate and Edward W. Peetz to Edward W. Peetz, David J. Peetz and Laurine P. Musto, 1242 Haymaker Road, $1
Richard M. Bunnell by Agent and Gwen G. Bunnell by Agent to Lyndsey G. Hylbert and Jonathan M. Ashley, 305 #128 Village Heights Drive, $235,500
Gifford Howarth to Allan J. Clarke and Lenore M. Clarke, 2472 Pine Hurst Court, $683,000
Michael S. Olsen and Sarah M. Olsen to Sarah M. Olsen Revocable Trust, Sarah M. Olsen and Michael S. Olsen, 3296 144 Shellers Bend, $1
William R. Snyder Estate, W. Richard Snyder Estate and Scott A. Huber to Robert D. Finn III, 175 Science Park Court, $1
Wei Song to Josh Hnath, 103 Cherry Ridge Road, $489,000
Alfred W. Wilson to James Fedor, Susanne Fedor and Jason Fedor, 1449 Curtin St., $325,000
Shawn Barlett, Melissa Barlett and Judith A. Snyder to Brian E. Worley and Edith L. Hillard, 2225 Charleston Drive, $485,000
Merle L. Eyer to Jeffrey Michael Grant, 732 Nixon Road, $143,000
Ying Gu and Shundai Li to Eli Tao Andrews and Linda Istanbulli, 1763 James Ave., $465,000
Myers Farm LP to Myers Farm LP, Penns Valley Pike, $1
Conrad E. Schrader and Beatrice A. Schrader to Rosalyn H. Beiler, 124 Water Tower Lane, $30,000
Dorsey Houtz and Sherry Houtz to Adam K. Armstrong and Lindsey M. Hafer, 1555 Halfmoon Valley Road, $500,000
Christopher Kepler I to Christopher Kepler I and Susan J. Kepler, 115 Charlotte St., $1
Faye P. Marshall and Leon E. Marshall to Timothy S. Breneman and Joelle M. Breneman, Walnut Street, $325,000
Ella Pagano to Donald S. Heverly Sr. and Deborah Heverly, 149 Liberty St., $1
Trudy A. Powers to Jason Michael Proctor, 278 Eagleville Road, $300,000
Roberta L. McGhee Estate and Barbara Lee Helms to Barbara Lee Helms, 123 Maple St., $1
Sheila R. Weaver to Jonathan E. Emel, Schencks Grove Road, $85,725
Leonard A. Sweeley Jr. and Michele R. Sweeley to Justin W. Sweeley and Avery T. Sweeley, 5979 Jacksonville Road, $1
Robert Lee Orndorf Estate, Leonard A. Sweeley, Leonard A. Sweeley Jr. and Michele R. Sweeley to Leonard A. Sweeley Jr. and Michele A. Sweeley, 125 Hidden Valley Lane, $1
Brian R. Dershem and Melinda J. Dershem to Brian R. Dershem Trust, Melinda J. Dershem Trust, Brian R. Dershem and Melinda J. Dershem, 140 Haverford Circle, $1
Dennis P. Craig Estate and Sandra A. Craig to Sandra A. Craig, 1226 Haverford Circle, $1
Jami A. Owens to Raymond Liu, 3 Fredericksburg Court, $192,500
John T. Matis to Katherine L. Vadella and Raymon B. Tanner, 601 Severn Drive, $405,000
Kevin Sikorski and Kathryn Braiser to Jami Owens and Nicholas Savereno, 643 Devonshire Drive, $330,000
Robert J. Brown Jr. and James R. Brown to Robert J. Brown Jr., Poe Valley Road, $17,000
Todd E. Ishler, Virginia A. Ishler and Evalene C. Ishler to Todd E. Ishler and Virginia A. Ishler, 518 Sinking Creek Road, $1
John B. Smith to John B. Smith Living Trust and John B. Smith, 109 Lake Road, $1
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Benjamin R. Prough by Trustee to George Kuhlman, Boal Gap Road, $13,100
Tyler J. Penland and Lindsey N. Penland to Shayne Martini, N. Fourth Street, $58,000
Moshannon Valley Economic Dev to Graystone Philipsburg LLC, 210 Loch Lomond Road, $285,000
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, John W. Frank Jr. by Trustee and Lorie Frank by Trustee to Reliance Savings Bank, Laurel Acres Lane, $6,573
Arthur W. Rudy to Robert D. Rudy, 173 State St., $1

Pauline Townsley Estate, David R. Townsley and Dennis L. Townsley to Dennis L. Townsley, 168 South Fork Road, $1
Donald E. Larson Jr., Christine M. Larson, David D. Daniels and Tracy L. Daniels to David D. Daniels and Tracy L. Daniels, 301 Greenbrook Drive, $1
Paul Kerr and Teri Kerr to Kevin Thomas Dull and Emily Ruth Dull, 1056 W. Springfield Drive, $359,900
Jessika L. Smith and Jessika Lee Zanghi to Jessika Lee Zanghi and Fred J. Zanghi, 805 Green St., $1
S & A Custom Built Homes Inc. and S & A Homes Inc. to Anthony R. Luongo and Christine M. Luongo, 142 Gwenedd Lane, $374,796
Michael S. Miller and Jessica P. Miller to Lynn M. Sprott, 410 Wiltshire Drive, $353,000
Adam J. Caimi to Michael C. Steward, 134 Skyview Drive, $275,000
Andrew F. Bucha Sr. and Claudia J. Bucha to Andrew F. Bucha Sr., Claudia J. Bucha, Michael A. Bucha, Andrew F. Bucha, Kim-Marie Bucha, Jeffrey E. Bucha and Joseph W. Bucha, 118 Church St., $1
Jonathan H. Borowski and Kimberly N. Borowski to Michael S. Miller and Jessica P. Miller, 407 Wiltshire Drive, $456,000
Will O. Bracken and Lucas E. Bracken to Lucas E. Bracken, 525 Bi Road, $1
S & A Home Builder LLC to Angelo D. Picerno and Nicole G. Picerno, 130 Archers Glen Road, $379,911
Kim C. Yakich Estate and Donald W. Pyle to Joseph W. Yakich, Walizer Road, $1
Kim C. Yakich Estate and Donald W. Pyle to Joseph W. Yakich and Desiree L. Yakich, Walizer Road, $1
Brian Fisher Estate and Cody Fisher to Cody Fisher and Zachary Fisher, 3286 Zion Road, $1
Marshall R. Hardaker and Valerie Jo Morgan to Marshall R. Hardaker, Red Rock Lane, $1
Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder to Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder, 670 Zion Back Road, $1
Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder to Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder, 125 Dusty Lane, $1
Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder to Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder, 670 Zion Back Road, $1
Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder to Rickie E. Snyder and Lacie L. Snyder, 125 Dusty Lane, $1
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