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The SA Social Service Agency (Sassa) says it has experienced delays in processing  reconsideration applications for the R350 Covid-19 grant, and urges applicants who chose the “cash send” option to switch to either bank accounts or post office payments to speed up the process.
Applicants can request a reconsideration of their application if they meet the qualifying criteria, which includes that applicants should be unemployed and a South African citizen.
How does Sassa reconsider declined applications?
Dianne Dunkerley, executive manager for grants administration, said the agency conducts a means test for each applicant to vet whether they have other means of income. 
“This is where the banks come in, because they have to confirm whether the applicant receives any financial support from any other source. The delay in attending to reconsideration is as a result of contracting banks to undertake means testing,” said Dunkerley. 
Why should you switch from the cash send option?
According to Sassa, the cash send option is not yet active. The payment option is offered by banks and the agency says it’s still finalising its rollout with them.*******
“The previous contracts expired when the grant came to an end and we had to follow a procurement process to enter into contracts again. This whole process has, unfortunately, delayed the contracting significantly,” said Dunkerley.
What happens if you don’t switch to a bank account payment option?
The agency says you will be paid via the Post Office. 
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