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“What is your superpower?” Panelist, Founder, and C-Suite Coach CEO Angelina Darrison asked, as she opened her segment on the ESSENCE E-Suite stage at the 2022 ESSENCE Festival of Culture.  Setting the stage with a presence that moved beyond the digital world, Darrison gave in-person audience goers straightforward call-to-action tactics to kick up digital and social media marketing for their business. 
In a space that is so flooded, the C-Suite Coach shared some very comprehensive ways to be creative and think outside the box on emerging platforms and digital social media apps that can turn your content into profit. When prompted with the question, “What about those who shy away from social media and aren’t savvy with a content creation plan? “ Angelina’s expert advice was fierce and confident: “What’s the missed opportunity, what is lost if you don’t (try)?!”
Another key Angela recommended is consistency. Keep going and showing up to build awareness about your brand, your image, your product, and your overall goal in business. That way, when people do ask what the business is, they will know IT IS ALL YOU!
Ready to make your mark in the digital space and captive your audience on social with bomb content for your business? Check out the video above to hear Angel’s surefire tips.
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