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The annual Black Friday Sale is one of the few times where they post their lowest prices for the year. The Black Friday sale actually lasts through Monday 12/5, but the Cyber Monday Bulk Sale only lasts through Wednesday 11/30.

This is time of year that I either order some gifts or just lock-in cheap pricing for multiple years. Maybe I’m just old, but I still enjoy the curation and physical nature of magazines. (My daughter enjoys NatGeo Kids as well.) Many issues cost barely more than a stamp. Here are some examples:

  • Consumer Reports $15.99/year ($1.23/issue)
  • Forbes $4.89/year ($0.61/issue)
  • The Economist Print & Digital $74.99/year ($1.47/issue)
  • The Economist Digital Only $57.99/year ($1.14/issue)
  • Outside $4.99/year ($0.83/issue)
  • Bon Appetit: $4.99/year ($0.50/issue)
  • National Geographic Kids $15.95/year ($1.59/issue)
  • Food Network $6.49/year ($0.81/issue)
  • Car and Driver $6.99 for 2 years ($0.35/issue)

Importantly, DiscountMags does NOT require auto-renewal, where they charge your credit card automatically at the end of the subscription period at the full regular (higher) price. Watch out for this “feature” elsewhere! This mean you never have to call in to cancel, and makes it easier to shop for another deal later. They do have an optional “Subscription Lock” feature where they will auto-renew ONLY if the price is the same again. Otherwise, it will not auto-renew.

Many magazines are now available digitally through your local library system, but I still prefer the physical magazine format.

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