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Richard Elliot sold property at 49 Churchill Road to Leon Ford for $210,000.
Estate of James Hickey sold property at 1730 Williamsburg Pl to Brittany Lee Calderon for $207,000.
Forest Hills
Kathryn Rogulin sold property at 301 Avenue A to Vincent Donofrio for $60,000.
Matthew Junker sold property at 625 Cascade Road to Ryan Dimarco and Emily Rebecca Strickland for $295,000.
Brent Douglas Barbe sold property at 107 Marion Ave. to Lucas and Leah Fain for $162,000.
Laura Rosman sold property at 506 Aura Drive to Mary Ann Houser and Kathryn Holtzman for $215,000.
Melvin Smith Jr. sold property at Haymaker Road to Warren Junker for $60,000.
Redeemer Lutheran School sold property at 2555 Haymaker Road to Home Law LLC for $675,000.
Norine Sepesy sold property at Jamison Lane to Andre and Kimberly Henderson for $45,000.
David Liang sold property at 147 Mt. Vernon Drive to Anthony Michael and Lora Mock for $660,000.
NVR Inc. sold property at 320 Nelson Drive to Dale Eugene and Virginia Johnson Rygg for $401,580.
Maplecrest LLC sold property at 327 Nelson Drive to NVR Inc. for $83,300.
Monica Ivey sold property at 208 Noel Drive to Christopher Duli for $169,900.
Benjamin Hellner Burris sold property at 2105 Pendleton Drive to Salem Alkhateeb for $271,500.
Love360 Holdings LLC sold property at 659 Pinefrost Drive to Natural Home Solutions LLC for $75,000.
Aaron Zola sold property at 4402 Ruth Drive to Keena and Torrey Butler for $240,000.
William Kendall sold property at 1185 St. Vincent Drive to WF Master REO L LC for $100,000.
Nita Gordon sold property at 280 First St. to Christine Little for $475,000.
Estate of John Botta sold property at 507 Second St. to River Green LLC for $115,000.
Bryan Paranzino sold property at 752 Allegheny River Blvd. to Michael and Stephanie Vespi for $290,000.
Crawford Realty Co. sold property at 416-418 Hulton Road to Lance Matthews for $175,000.
Penn Hills
George Williams sold property at 11341 Azalea Drive to Heritage Holdings Pittsburgh LLC for $90,100.
Julia Dobbs sold property at 8208 Chaske St. to Homestead Horizons LLC for $62,000.
Marsha Washington sold property at 610 Churchill Ave. to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $73,555.
Andrew Benesh sold property at 138 Elizabeth Drive to Christina Craddock for $237,900.
Armani Davis sold property at 11410 Frankstown Road to Alice Trace Howard for $165,000.
RTurner & Sons Real Estate Development L sold property at 9050 Frankstown Road to 3L Captial LLC for $20,000.
Killians LLC sold property at 150 Garlow Drive to Justin Ketchum and Laura Canal for $185,000.
Marc Oshiro sold property at 103 Grove Road to 103 Grove Penn LLC for $121,278.
Manzur Asadov sold property at 417 Guylyn Drive to Pamela McMillan for $165,000.
Dauntay Sparrow sold property at 724 Hawthorne Drive to Cephas and Ruth Coleman for $168,000.
Zachary Lander sold property at 2500 Hill St. to RJF House LLC for $54,120.
Johnnie Moore sold property at 119 Hochberg Road to Jerry and Terrell Glanton for $50,000.
Melissa Reyes sold property at 403 Hochberg Road to Morgan Burton for $184,000.
David Bair sold property at 1066 Jefferson Road to Silas Wonderling for $215,000.
Pennsylvania Dragonfly LLC sold property at 649 Jefferson Road to J Erwin Loquias and Hazel Joyce Lupena for $110,000.
Steve Lepovsky sold property at 6775 Leechburg Road to Carl King and Stacie Allen for $98,900.
Property Solutions Group Prof LLC sold property at 7816 Mark Drive to Trenasla Patrick for $164,000.
Lynn Worobey sold property at 2063 Palm Ave. to Brandon Link for $139,000.
Daniel Barker sold property at 125 Rose Ave. to Joshua Loccisano for $85,000.
Estate of Nicholas Morelli sold property at Saltsburg Road to Andrew and Shirley Schilling for $12,000.
Estate of Irene Morelli sold property at 6360 Saltsburg Road to Andrew and Shirley Schilling for $69,000.
Josephine Musico Maiorino sold property at 6621 Saltsburg Road 2124 to Diversified Resident Homes 2 LLC for $159,900.
Austin Lussier sold property at 162 Shenandoah Drive to Kara Lewis for $149,900.
Natalie Lutz Cardiello trustee sold property at 113 Treona Drive to VB One LLC for $111,000.
Denise Hughes sold property at 6798 Tunnelview Drive to Barbara Pettus for $130,000.
Jeffrey Cable sold property at 105 Vetter Drive to Robert Cable for $130,000.
Marie Lopatta sold property at 571 Second St. to Doris Effah for $16,000.
James Shenefelt sold property at 107 Brinton Ave. to Elad and Marni Goren trustee for $79,900.
Zokaites Contracting Inc. sold property at Unknown Address to Maronda Homes LLC for $133,000.
Lisa Distilo Wycich sold property at 507 Crestview Drive to Ty Christian Fulton and Xinyi Wang for $179,900.
Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 818 Curtman Ct to Brendan Anthony King and Brianna Gemma Guariglia for $395,174.
Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 434 Dana Drive to Tina Dawn Talotta for $332,969.
David Joyce trustee sold property at 165 Holiday Park Drive to Jeremy Joynt for $160,000.
Anthony Balsamico sold property at 126 Keystone St. to Samantha Marie Gavin and Amber Lyn Harding for $133,000.
Brandi Emahizer sold property at 107 Rampart Blvd. to Suzanne Brannagan and Melissa McCrory for $136,990.
Glenn Conn sold property at 255 Ross Hollow Road to Shane Conn for $195,000.
Mark Matvey sold property at 149 Rustic Ridge Drive to Albert Simeone Jr. and Sara Lutton for $353,000.
Mary Riedinger sold property at 713 Unity Center Road to Nicholas Smith and Taylor Franciscus for $169,000.
Margaret Loftus sold property at 111 Willow Drive to Chanel Jenkins for $189,900.
Eric Hayes trustee sold property at 2374 Buena Vista St. to Anne Terese Hayes for $116,000.
Linda Sue Davis sold property at 2504 Columbia Ave. to Andrew Scott Woomer for $106,500.
Steve Vais sold property at 1913 Delaware Ave. to New Homestead Develop Co. for $102,000.
Joy Real Estate LLC sold property at 7413 Duquesne Ave. to Kevin Brewer for $190,000.
Mark Dinkel sold property at 7715 Juniata St. to Arajane Phenizee for $135,000.
JSK Development LLC sold property at 2219 Manor Ave. to Tulapup LLC for $90,000.
Xiu Feng Chen sold property at 1620 Miriam St. to SFR3-000 LLC for $75,000.
Christopher Fedishen sold property at 1307 Richmond St. to Zachery Andrew and Morgan Rae Milton for $442,000.
Leonard Wassel sold property at 7228 Whipple St. to Premier Homes LLC for $60,000.
Turtle Creek
Ronald Yates sold property at 209 Brown Ave. to Robert Torres for $25,000.
Tulapup LLC sold property at 1212 Maple Ave. to Elad and Marni Goren trustee for $100,000.
George Derr sold property at 271 Cline St. to Tenisha Robinson for $84,000.
Brian Johnson sold property at 912 Elizabeth St. to Ryan Danielle and Loren Kirkland for $133,050.
Karen Petrow sold property at 544 Lucia Road to Christopher March for $160,000.
Estate of Dana Holder sold property at 933 Rita Drive to Manuel Cordero and Melody Bryant for $169,500.
MT & SS Investment Inc. sold property at 839 Ardmore Blvd. to M & M Development Holdings LLC for $30,258.
TulaPup LLC sold property at 2036 Chalfant St. to Karen Parnes for $60,600.
1615 Graham Blvd Industries LLC sold property at 1615 Graham Blvd. to Terrence Powell II and Erica Bryan for $209,999.
Alexander Moore sold property at 301 West St. to Caitlin Spear for $320,000.
Lisa A Rogers Rose sold property at 1616 Eighth Ave. to Dominic Prosser and Kara Schultz for $236,000.
Barrington Heights LLC sold property at 4028 Bloomsbury Ct to James and Barbara Jacobson for $151,900.
Estate of Kathleen Ann Meyers King sold property at 123 Buena Vista Drive to Amy Craig for $196,000.
Patrisa Corp. sold property at Cline Hollow Road to Foxlane Homes at Villa Ciano LLC for $1,200,000.
Matthew Kozar sold property at 4119 Dundee Drive to Justin and Amanda Roemer for $383,000.
Juliann Marie Dunn Botten sold property at 5004 Franklin St. to Prime Properties USA LLC for $52,000.
Brian McConahey sold property at 110 Georgetown Ln to Maria Bartifay for $140,000.
Ruslan Sokolov sold property at 3006 Hillcrest Ln to James Tobin for $90,000.
Ashok Shetty sold property at 3125 Treeline Drive to Loke LLC for $595,000.
North Huntingdon
Estate of Frank Huber sold property at 664 Cedardale Drive to AUX Funding LLC for $135,000.
Donato Pasquarelli sold property at 7106 Gio Drive to NVR Inc. for $91,500.
Russell Suchy sold property at 2379 Lindale Ct to Steven Hvozdik for $479,900.
Estate of Lillian Agnes Sciarretti sold property at 9080 Lucia Ln to Aaron James Riedmann for $549,900.
Rita Culbertson sold property at 800 Niagara Drive to AUX Funding LLC for $168,000.
Penn Township
Frank Peters sold property at 3016 Bushy Run Road to Brian and Rachel Duncan for $289,000.
Robert Braun sold property at 101 Camelot Ln to Timothy Washa and Katie Braun for $450,000.
NVR Inc. sold property at 1042 Gombach Road to Donna and Sarah Marie Dyczewski for $335,555.
John Pultan sold property at 411 Cavitt Ave. to Pennsylvania Postal Holdings LLC for $400,000.
Real estate transactions provided by RealSTATs. Contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or visit RealSTATs.net.
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