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The payment of social grants for the elderly and persons with disabilities will be administered from the 30th of March.
The agency's Henry De Grass says all other grants, like child support grants, should be collected from 1 April.
The decision to bring forward the payment of April's grants by two days is in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, which has seen 240 cases in South Africa as of Saturday 21 March.
The move by the agency is in a bid to lower the risk of Covid-19 infections by reducing congestion at the Post Office, retailers and banks where grants are often collected.
It's believed that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the virus.
De Grass says beneficiaries who normally collect their grants at cash pay points, will be able to do so from the 1st of April.
He has urged beneficiaries to avoid collecting their grants on the first day of payment due to prevent large crowds of people.
We normally start paying on the 1st of the month, now we are bringing it forward with two days – the 30th and the 31st [of March].
It only applies to old age grants and persons with disabilities.
We'd like to appeal to beneficiaries that, where they can, to go collect it later in the month so we don't have crowds.
Sassa will also introduce measures to increase hygiene at cash pay points and ensure that social distancing protocols are followed to curb the spread of the virus, De Grass advises.
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