Emergent Ventures, 23rd cohort – Marginal Revolution


Yudhister Kumar, Temecula, CA, high school student, “Changing the world with efficient, solid hydrogen storage, appeals to rationality, and cool physics.”
Anonymous winner, to investigate who is Satoshi.  A serious effort.
Mike McCormick, San Francisco and venture capital, to see if the Emergent Ventures model can be scaled.
Michael Florea, from Estonia, currently in Cambridge, Mass., start-up for longevity research.
Heidi Williams and Paul Niehaus, to pursue work in science policy and the economics of science.
Michael Slade, Dublin, to build an app for Marginal Revolution University.
Mike Gioia, Los Angeles, to pursue AI and film.
Oded Oren, Bronx, NYC, former public defender, a new non-profit — Scrutinize — to apply data-driven accountability to our criminal justice system, for instance by identifying overzealous prosecuting attorneys.
Sam Glover, London, 25 year old writer, focusing on social science, Effective Altruism, and forecasting.
Jonathan Schulz, Fairfax, George Mason University, to run RCTs in Benin and research gender inequality and for general career support
Nikolay Sobernius, from Russia currently in Istanbul, general career support, his eventual ambition is to build a new kind of GiveWell about which are the best charities.
Grazie Sophia Christie and Ginevra Lily Davis, Miami, to publish a new magazine The Miami Native, to express the spirit and culture of Miami.
Lydia Nottingham, 18 years old, Oxford University, general career development.
Ukraine tranche:
Mariia Serhiienko, from Cherkasy, Ukraine, currently living in Wroclaw, Poland. Studying Communication Design and working on the art of Ukraine and its relation to contemporary issues.
Alex Mikulenko, currently living and studying in the Netherlands, Leiden University.  Theoretical physics, sound/acoustics project, particle physics, neutrinos, general career development.
Mykhailo Marynenko, from Ukraine, “I’m a software engineer with a passion for building modern, collaborative, performant, and scalable web applications and libraries. But also in my spare time I’m a doing live-streaming, security researches, open-source software development, IoT and R&D.”
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