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On November 24, ASTRO‘s management label Fantagio spoke up to address ongoing rumors surrounding member Rocky.

Fantagio stated on this day, “We would like to clarify that all rumors rapidly spreading online, which claim that Rocky has decided to halt his entertainment activities, are entirely false.”

The agency added on, “We feel regretful that a certain brand spread such rumors, despite the fact that we as an agency never once brought up the topic of Rocky going on hiatus from his promotions. To conclude matters amicably, we have requested that the brand correct its earlier comments and also apologize for such carelessness.”

Previously, on November 22, one fan revealed online that they recently received a direct message (DM) from the healthcare and cosmetics brand ‘ATOMY‘, for which ASTRO are currently active as ambassadors. The fan, who was selected as the winner of signed merchandise, received word from ‘ATOMY’ that the brand could not send signatures of members MJ and Rocky. MJ’s signature was unavailable due to the fact that he is currently carrying out his mandatory military service duties, while Rocky’s signature was unavailable as he “has halted his activities temporarily due to private reasons.” 

As a result, many fans expressed confusion, thus leading to the rumors. 

Meanwhile, Rocky recently became wrapping up in dating rumors with actress Park Bo Yeon on October 31. In response to the dating rumors, Fantagio gave the following statement to media outlets: “Rocky is currently at a stage where he is getting to know Park Bo Yeon with good feelings.” However, Park Bo Yeon’s side gave a somewhat conflicting comment, simply saying, “Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are colleagues.”

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I’m confused with this whole situation but I hope rocky is ok
Well how come he didn’t sign the merch then? Why did that company say such a specific thing when they could have just said something vague like he was just unavailable? Show receipts because somebody lying.


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