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Five apartment buildings located on West Beaver Avenue were sold for $102 million, according to records from the Centre County Recorder of Deeds office.
Core State College Beaver, LLC purchased four of the five properties — Alexander Court, Beaver Hill, Cedarbrook, and Garner Court — for a combined total of $94 million from former owners AW & Sons Enterprise, LP. The fifth property, the Diplomat, was purchased for $8 million from Helix Enterprises.
The transaction, which was finalized last Friday, October 18, was first reported by the Centre County Gazette.
Deed documents list Core State College Beaver, LLC’s address as the same as that of Core Spaces, a real estate development company that acquires, develops, and manages college-town properties.
Core Spaces’s career page also lists several open positions, including listings for a chief engineer and property manager, in State College.
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“Although it’s still unclear where my own path, where my own train, is headed, I know that if I could go back and begin the same journey again, I would slow down as I passed through Happy Valley.”
Exams will be held at new times on Friday and Saturday at their originally scheduled locations.
Exams will be held at new times on Friday and Saturday at their originally scheduled locations.
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