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Legendary Horned Frog athletes from around the world are extremely proud of the football team’s amazing season. We stand with great admiration for what you’ve accomplished this year. Every quarter of every game, you’ve demonstrated commitment, resiliency and camaraderie, earning the right to compete for the highest honor in college athletics, a national championship.
Your efforts have reminded some and introduced to others that nobody should ever count TCU out. Overcoming insurmountable odds is what we do.
You’re following in the footsteps of athletes who won football championships in 1935 and 1938, several track and field relay titles, the 1983 women’s golf championship, the big 2008 equestrian win, several women’s rifle championships and the 2022 men’s tennis team’s victory. TCU athletes who have gone pro in football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer and track and field also salute you.
You have earned tremendous respect on and off the field, and we look forward to celebrating your continued success.
With the utmost respect from your comrades true, we say: Give ‘em hell, TCU!
– Horatio Porter, Grand Prairie
The writer is a two-time national champion runner and 1992 TCU graduate.
I was driving down the highway and saw that a homeless camp between Interstate 30 and the 1300 block of East Lancaster was being torn down. About 20 people stood to the side as city workers took everything and placed it in a caged dumpster to be hauled off. Cardboard homes, pup tents, makeshift shelters — gone.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have seen an increase in the homeless population. These people simply want the basics: a place to call home, food to eat and a bed to sleep in. I don’t know the answer, but I live in fear that I could one day be like them, ignored, alone and with nowhere to go.
Remember, folks, the homeless are human beings, too. They are like us, and one day, we may end up being like them.
– Darrell Bartell, Fort Worth
What prompted Attorney General Ken Paxton’s request for driver’s license information on transgender Texans? (Jan. 1, 4C, “Why is Paxton asking about gender changes on driver’s licenses?”)
How would someone know if their name is on the list? Will some icon indicating gender be placed on the licenses? Will local law enforcement have a list? Why is Paxton’s office falsely denying that information was requested?
Paxton’s disturbing record has included nosing into bedrooms and reproductive health services. He brings a morally superior attitude to inappropriate issues. Surely, Texas has bigger issues than what gender is on a person’s driver’s license.
– Loveta Eastes, Fort Worth
A New Year’s Day letter to the editor (4C) bemoaned the United States’ treatment of women as approaching Afghanistan’s because of the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion. Of course, there is no comparison.
Four of the nine justices are women. We have a woman as vice president. The immediate past House speaker was a woman, as are several governors and other politicians. We aren’t in any danger of a patriarchal state in this country.
The reason for opposition to abortion is not about women’s rights, but rather about the right of all people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pro-lifers simply believe this right starts at conception rather than at birth.
– Thomas F. Harkins Jr., Fort Worth


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