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The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has warned people who have married or changed their surname since applying for the R350 social relief distress grant to inform the agency.
This is to avoid complications with applications that could result in recipients not being paid, Sassa said. 
“Clients who get married or change their surname at the department of home affairs are urged to update Sassa of the change.
“Sassa validates the client’s information with the department of home affairs monthly. If details do not match, the applications for the period may be declined.”
Clients who get married or change their surname at the Department of Home Affairs are urged to update SASSA of the change #SASSACARES @The_DSD @nda_rsa @PostofficeSa
The agency also apologised for a delay in responding to requests for reconsideration from those whose applications were declined. 
“Clients who applied for reconsideration are advised of the delay in addressing the reconsideration requests. Sassa is currently working to resolve this. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.”
Sassa said only applicants who receive less than R595 per month will be approved for reconsideration and paid. Applicants can apply for reconsideration via the SRD website.
“The reconsideration decision is final. Should the applicant wish to dispute the reconsidered decision, he or she should follow the legal route and approach the court,” said Sassa. 
When can I collect my payment at a post office this month? 
Beneficiaries can collect their payment at a post office using their ID. 
Each beneficiary is assigned a payment date depending on their ID number and can collect their grant at a SA Post Office branch as soon as they receive confirmation of payment from Sassa. 
Here’s when you can collect your grant:
January 10: 080 and 085
January 11: 081 and 086
January 12: 082 and 087
January 13: 083 and 088
January 14: 084 and 089
January 17: 080 and 085
January 18: 081 and 086
January 19: 082 and 087
January 20: 083 and 088
January 21: 084 and 089
January 24: 080 and 085
January 25: 081 and 086 
January 26: 082 and 087 
January 27: 083 and 088
January 28: 084 and 089
January 31: 080 and 085
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