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Getting hurt at work happens across all job industries. Work accidents can lead to stressful and painful PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENTS. You may not know how you will afford your medical expenses, especially while being unable to work and support your family. If you suffered a work-related injury, you MAY BE ENTITLED TO WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BENEFITS to pay for these expenses and others.
WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAW can be difficult to navigate on your own, and you may not know WHAT TO ASK AN ATTORNEY or whether to FILE A PRIVATE LAWSUIT. It is no-fault insurance that entitles you to certain benefits whether you or your employer caused the accident that injured you. Although you do not have to prove who was at fault in order to claim these benefits, you also do not have anyone looking out for what is in your best interest if you do not hire an attorney. It is in the best interest of your employer and the insurance company to conclude your case as quickly as possible while paying you the lowest amount possible. Our experienced work injury attorneys will be on your side, working to maximize the compensation you receive. It’s important to choose a Greenville workers’ comp attorney who will fight aggressively on your behalf. When you retain us as your lawyers, we will make sure you get the proper medical treatment you need. We’ll work to make sure you are reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses and the costs of any medication you are prescribed for your injury or illness. We’ll be here to negotiate settlements and to work toward maximizing your compensation.
To help you maximize the benefits payments you are entitled to, we offer detailed advice on the proper steps to take to file the most effective claim or appeal possible. Our assistance in gathering all necessary information, including medical records, accident and incident reports and medical opinions can be invaluable in your quest for workers’ compensation benefits.
Workers who sustain injuries or illnesses during the course of their work are entitled to monetary benefits under the North Carolina workers’ compensation program. Although certain types of employers are exempt from having to carry workers’ comp insurance, those who are required to carry it should be providing you with your benefits if you have been injured. Medical benefits entitle injured workers to any medical care that will effect a cure, provide relief or lessen the period of disability. Disability benefits are designed to compensate for wages lost due to the work injury at 66 and 2/3 your average weekly wage.
If your employer offers these benefits, you deserve everything you are owed. Although you can complete the paperwork on your own, our lawyers will fight to maximize your financial benefits. We have 6 decades of combined experience and know all aspects of North Carolina workers’ compensation law.
Sometimes workers get pushback from their employer when they shouldn’t. Most employees across the state are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Call our workers’ compensation lawyers if you believe you are owed the benefits you are being denied.
If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you are probably eligible for workers’ comp:
Because workers’ comp is a no-fault system of insurance, you don’t have to prove someone else was at fault for the incident that injured you; but you must have sustained the injury while performing your job, even if it involved a car accident while driving a company vehicle. An employer who does not carry this insurance but who is supposed to may be breaking the law and subject to severe penalties.
If you aren’t sure whether your work injury makes you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you should know that virtually any serious work injury that requires medical care most likely can be covered.
With OVER 18 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, consulting our attorneys immediately after an injury or development of illness can drastically improve your chances of obtaining the maximum benefits you are entitled to under no-fault work injury insurance. To help you maximize your benefits and expedite your recovery, we offer detailed advice on each step in the claims filing or appeals process and even offer suggestions on the proper specialists and medical doctors to see for treatment.
We can also help if you have been denied medical treatment for your injury or if you are being asked to go back to work prematurely, before your injury has healed. We can help if your employer is asking you to perform work duties outside of what the doctor has approved.
There are many details that go into WORKERS COMPENSATION cases. Getting a work comp claim approved can be quite complicated for those who are also dealing with the consequences of the INJURIES OR ILLNESS THEY SUFFERED DUE TO THEIR WORK ENVIRONMENT.
For this reason, we have compiled a few of the most common questions our clients have had regarding their North Carolina workers comp cases. Read on to learn more about the specifics of workers compensation benefits in our state.
Every employer that employs more than three employees North Carolina is required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. You will be protected by workers comp from the first day of your employment. Your claim should be approved as long as your injuries or illness were caused directly by the duties of your job.
WORKERS COMP BENEFITS are designed to replace a portion of the income you are unable to earn while you are recovering from a work-related illness or injury. If you are able to work a second job, the insurance company might determine that you do not need workers comp benefits because you are currently able to earn a living, despite the injuries you suffered.
You are entitled to collect workers comp benefits until your physician clears you to return to work. In the event that you are permanently disabled, you can collect benefits until you reach the maximum number of weeks allowed by law. At that point, you may begin collecting disability benefits to replace the benefits you received from workers compensation insurance.
If your North Carolina workers compensation claim has been denied, an attorney can help you address any issues the insurance adjuster might have had with your claim, provide additional medical documentation, or request a hearing in front of the NORTH CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION. The commission will issue a decision about your claim.
It’s possible. If the insurance company believes you are exaggerating the severity of your injuries, it may request that a particular physician examine you to determine the extent of your injuries. If you do have to get an independent medical exam (IME), talk to a work comp lawyer about how you should handle it.
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