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Digital advertising platform Hoopla Digital today announced the launch of Hoopla Language, an industry-leading digital advertising language translation product. 
Hoopla Language helps switch digital advertising across copy and audio subtitles from English into other dialects. The new product helps brands to ensure they are accessible to all users within multicultural markets for greater inclusion. 
Focal languages for campaign creatives are outlined pre-campaign based on the national makeup of a specific target country. For instance, in the UK there are 920k Indian, 760k Polish and 539k Romanian permanent residents who don’t have English as their first language. Hoopla Language takes these factors into consideration to improve conversion and sale rates for each digital campaign. 
The product offers two functionality options, these include: 
“The idea behind Hoopla Language is to make ad creative more inclusive within multicultural society. We’re seeing high demand in countries, like Australia and the UK, where a large proportion of the population are not native English speakers. In the UK, one in six people were born outside the country, so we expect demand to rise as our nations become increasingly diverse and consumers welcome alternate language creative options,” said Ellis Johnson, Sales Director – APAC at Hoopla Digital.
The first Hoopla Language digital ad campaign has run with Microsoft to promote the new Surface Pro 9 laptop in Australia. The ad copy can be read in either English or Chinese and then directs customers to the Australia-based version of the ecommerce site. 
Source: Hoopla Digital
  Ellis Johnson, Hoopla Digital

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