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Olawale Adegoke
The Nigerian advertising industry has got a boost with the introduction of two tech-enabled solutions to support the growth of the outdoor advertising industry. This was announced by Olawale Adegoke, CEO/Managing Director of Nimbus, as part of activities to mark the 10 years anniversary of the advertising firm.
According to Adegoke, the solutions is expected to revolutionise the Nigerian outdoor advertising industry and help clients connect with more engaged audiences. They will also improve the quality-of-service Nimbus provides to its clients and partners.
On the rationale behind this, Adegoke said the lessons learned from the COVID-19 outbreak, which resulted in lockdowns and a significant decrease in outdoor advertising inspired the firm to develop innovative solutions to connect brands with their consumers.
“We have finalised our plans and are currently testing internally; we expect to go live in the next quarter. This marketplace will allow clients to begin their media buying, make payments, share purchase orders, receive invoices, and conduct other needs. This is part of our innovative and transformative contributions to the outdoor advertising industry,” he said.
Also to be introduced is Nimbus Interactive, an interactive quiz application that will be used to engage audiences in various locations where Nimbus digital displays are deployed, and prizes will be awarded to winners.
Commenting on the company’s commitment to innovation, Mr Babs Fagade, Chairman of Nimbus Media Ltd said: “Out-of-home advertising in Nigeria is typically associated with billboards, posters, and flagpole banners, but Nimbus has always looked beyond the ordinary to support its clients in achieving desired results. Collaborating with partners, we have kept looking into and developing digital out-of-home advertising opportunities in Nigeria’s dwell-time locations, including malls, cinemas, and superstores.”

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