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Jacky Chou
Being a successful digital marketer is not a piece of cake. Common sense dictates that you should stop what did not work yesterday and get the necessary skills and knowledge for what works tomorrow. Even more so, the demand for digital marketing experts is always on the rise as companies get more and more engrossed in the online world.
That is why it is essential to know what attributes to look for in a digital marketer when it is time to invest in effective marketing solutions.
Furthermore, as more companies embrace the digital expansion of their brands and industries, they must also find a mechanism to track their progress. While many businesses are familiar with the most basic digital marketing tools, many still fail to put that information to good use.
Yes, developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for expanding your business online and increasing brand awareness. But, no approach is foolproof in today’s world, and digital marketing experts, such as Jacky Chou, are now more aware of this than ever.
How did Jacky Chou hustle his way to success?
Jacky is an expert in the digital marketing field and is the founder of Indexsy. He is also the founder of Far & Away, which brings quality artisan goods from every corner of the world right to your doorstep.
The success story started with a small experiment that took hold, altering Jacky’s life, job, and prospects. It began when he, together with partner Albert Liu, decided to open a home decor shop as a test; a case study, if you will.
In just eight months, their business’s rapid growth launched them into the domain of E-commerce all-stars. They made over $700,000 in sales and were on course to break the $1 million mark in less than a year. Come to think of it; It is not that bad for something they were only going to try out.
Jacky traveled to Berlin, Europe’s most giant startup hotspot, at an early age and very quickly established himself as an SEO expert. While most other experts focused on the importance of traffic and rankings, he focused solely on one metric: ROI (return on investment). As a result, he started Indexsy, specializing in digital marketing, SEO, and unconventional marketing strategies to increase organic traffic.
The fact that he did this while working full-time at EyeEm, where he rose through the ranks to become the company’s head of growth, adds to the humble nature of his success story. In addition, his knowledge of SEO and internet branding puts him miles ahead of others.
What the future holds for Jacky
Indexsy owns and manages more than 50 assets now and is constantly expanding, but is best known for the acquisition and management of Laurel & Wolf and TowingLess.
Jacky has great aspirations for the future to extend the product line to compete with some of the world’s largest home decor retailers, such as Wayfair.
If you want to create a long-term impact with your advertising and are looking for ways to expand your business online, Jacky Chou is your man.

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