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The internet is more accessible than it’s ever been, so it might be hard to believe that the number of people who jump online everyday continues to increase. According to research, “constant” internet usage among the adult population has increased by five per cent in the last three years. This is because the way people shop and buy has changed (which we are well aware of, by now). 
As such digital marketing truly is more important than ever. In fact, digital marketing jobs exploded in 2021, according to IAB Australia’s inaugural Industry Talent Report. The report found that digital advertising and ad tech industry job vacancy rates have more than doubled in the last twelve months to reach 9.8 per cent.   
Driven by a mix of strong market growth, visa rule changes, and lack of new talent entering the market due to border restrictions, it’s certainly a great time to be a digital marketer. But as borders open and overseas talent come flocking back to Australia, will inevitably see more competition in the field? Perhaps only time will tell, but there are certainly ways to boost your skills and make you more employable as a digital marketer.
One such skill you might have never considered: a law degree. Law is one of the most useful degrees you can have and can prepare you for a wide range of careers outside the typical legal sector – including digital marketing. And, getting started with law doesn’t have to be challenging, not when you can complete a Juris Doctor degree. You see, law is a fundamental part of our society, from the rules that govern us to the rights that protect us.  But, it goes far beyond that. When you study a JD, you’ll learn the legal fundamentals, advanced advocacy skills and practical problem-solving strategies for a changing world – all incredibly valuable skills as a digital marketer. 
Here are just a few ways legal skills can translate into a digital marketer that’s a force to be reckoned with.
Data analysis skills  
A vital part of a digital marketing role is collecting data on online consumer behaviour and then analysing that data to determine the best route for a marketing campaign. The analytical skills learnt from a JD would undoubtedly help with overall analysis skills, including analysing online consumer behaviour. 
Presenting a convincing argument
Ever argued with a lawyer or someone who’s in the legal sector? Yeah, it’s an uphill battle – and it makes sense as to why. A law degree will greatly help you with skills in building and presenting a convincing argument. Whether this is presenting to your marketing team or trying to hammer home a point to consumers, knowing how to make a point is an invaluable skill to have in life. 
The fundamentals of consumer law 
One of the key elements of digital marketing is the communication and promotion of products and services to consumers. So, it’s safe to say a detailed understanding of consumer law helps reduce risk, making this a very underrated but important skill for digital marketers.
There’s also contract law, and at its most basic level, a contract needs an offer (from the business) and acceptance (by the consumer). Knowing what constitutes an offer, as well as when and how it is accepted, can be critically important for marketers and if that’s a skill you’re offering above other candidates, it makes you a whole lot more employable and a valuable employee. 
Marketing and public policy making 
You might be wondering how public policy is relevant to marketing – at first glance they’re two very separate industries. However, if legal studies aren’t quite up your alley – adjacent to legal studies is public policy, which is another undervalued field of study for digital marketers who want to upskill.
Being able to bridge the gap between business and politics is a greatly unappreciated skill. The government regulates every business – from the big banks to the biggest brands and every business in between. In all situations, it’s an invaluable skill to be able to study and understand how public policy affects business. If you work in an industry where you’re regulated by the government or affected by the law (so essentially everyone) – it’s vital you understand how it all works together.  
And, because marketing (and digital marketing) at its core deals with transactions between organisations and its environment, being able to effectively analyse this environment is an incredible skill to have. 
Meanwhile, both areas of study also share a common thread of the importance of understanding their audience. While a digital marketer will call them consumers, and a public servant may call them citizens, the common thread is that studying either will give you a better understanding of how to identify and serve these groups. And studying both? Well, that just allows for an even deeper understanding of customers, consumers, co-workers and the overall human collective. 
Preparing for the future 
Being prepared for the future of the digital marketing means not only being the best in your field, but it means constantly upskilling and learning new ways to effectively do your role. Combining legal studies or public policy with digital marketing makes you an pricless asset to almost every organisation or business. Preparing for the future means taking action now to further your skills and make you a digital marketer that’s a force to be reckoned with. 
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