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When people get hurt in Florida auto accidents, it is often because of the negligence of other parties. Negligent actions vary but often include speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, distracted driving, etc. Victims sometimes have the grounds to seek compensation for their damages. Then, they hire personal injury lawyers to represent them and recover restitution.
But what if the person you employ the services of doesn’t quite work out? Can you change your attorney in the middle of a personal injury case? The answer is yes, you can replace a lawyer during an auto accident claim. So, don’t fret if the professional’s personality doesn’t click with yours or something else is amiss. Instead, take the following steps to switch counsel if the need ever arises.

Find A New Lawyer

After you have decided you need to change lawyers, the first thing to do is find a new lawyer. Don’t simply choose a random name out of the phone book, though. Rather, take the time to research and ensure you don’t regret the situation later on. Do you know somebody that recently used a personal injury lawyer’s service? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask them about their experiences.
They’ll be more than happy to give you an unbiased review. Then, you’ll be able to use what you learn to decide if the said attorney is a good match for you. In addition, people can search for client testimonials online. Reading the pieces will help them see what others are saying about firms and partners. Obviously, when these pieces don’t paint a lawyer in a favorable light, it might be best to steer clear of them.
Of course, finding a professional isn’t enough by itself. You’ll also need to meet with him or her and discuss the switch. Meanwhile, what about the new agreement? That topic will also need to be talked about thoroughly, and you must make sure you’re comfortable with it. So, take your time and research. Dot all of your Is and cross your Ts, leaving no stone unturned in locating a reputable and trustworthy lawyer.

Sign A New Retainer

Once you’ve done all the legwork and found an attorney to represent you, it is time to sign a new retainer. Be sure not to fire your current lawyer until this step has been completed. That will ensure that you’re always represented in the matter.

The Preparation Of Two Forms

The next step in switching an attorney during an auto accident case is form preparation. A “Consent to Change Attorney” form will need to be prepared by the new lawyer. It is a document that gets filed with the court, saying that you changed representation. In addition, the professional will draft a letter to send to your current counsel, which says to stop work. The new firm may mail the item for you. However, attorneys typically get clients to personally mail them, as that causes the documents to become legally binding.

Some Final Thoughts

To serve your best interests, don’t forget to be open and honest about the claim. Also, make it a point to give the lawyer everything that’s been collected to date. Now that you know how to change your personal injury attorney, what are you waiting for?
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