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There are several reasons to praise USWNT. Their dominating performance is just one of them. With outspoken stars like Megan Rapinoe and Alex, Morgan USWNT had won many matches and many battles. One such victory came earlier this week when the House passed a certain bill.
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Back in the day, USWNT had a very open battle AGAINST US Soccer Federation for equal pay and they won it. It wasn’t easy and involved efforts from every team member. Now that battle is to be praised even more after reforms are made to make sports more equal.
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Fans all over the country and world are praising the team for standing up for their right and fighting a battle that had no certain result. Senator Maria Cantwell praises USWNT stars Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe on the Senate floor.
Earlier this week the House passed a bill that ensures equal pay for women representing the nation on an international stage. This decision is the after-effect of the USWNT lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation back in 2018. It was a long battle, but this win isn’t just for soccer. It is across all sports. From now Male and female athletes representing the USA internationally will be paid equally. It is a big step towards equality and we can the what a few empowered voices can do.
As senator Maria Cantwell said, “I … want to thank heroes like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, who brought that case against U.S. Soccer… U.S. women’s soccer led the charge after winning the World Cup and making it clear to everyone that women athletes deserve equal pay.” The bill is passed from both houses and now only President’s signature is left.
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While we are enjoying the news, USWNT is preparing for the 2023 world cup. They are set to receive 6.5 million USD for the heroics of USMNT.
It is all on the settlement agreements between USWNT and US Soccer Federation. USMNT will be splitting its FIFA WC 2022 reward with USWNT. The amount USWNT will be receiving is bigger than the combined rewards of their last two world cups.
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USWNT Won the 2015 and 2019 World Cup back to back and received a total of 6 million USD in rewards. While this is a big win for USWNT, the bigger picture is the effect this bill will have on the sports ecosystem. For sure, it will motivate more players to work hard and represent the nation.
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