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A STUDENT attending the prestigious University of Oxford has gone viral after revealing some of the strangest things people have said to her because she’s Scottish.
Phoebe Walls, from Edinburgh, studies French and German and has so far loved her experience at the campus which is renowned as a place for the world’s elite to learn.
But as Scots only make up around one per cent of the student body, she’s received some weird comments.
Her video, which has 16.4k likes, explains some of the ones that shocked her the most at the time.
Phoebe wrote: “Oxford university student reactions to me telling them I’m Scottish.
“Scotland is a third world country.
“Scotland is just England's back yard.
“Can you play the bagpipes?
“I own land in Scotland.
“Don’t worry we won’t ever let Scotland have another referendum.
“You don’t look like a nationalist. 
“The furthest north I’ve been is Durham
“You’re remarkably Scottish.”
She added: “A boy said to me you’re so lucky we subsidise you and give you so much money, why would you want independence?
“And I was quite annoyed.
“Not many Scottish people go to Oxford, I think it’s about one per cent of the UK student body at the university.
“When I made the video I wasn’t trying to say I was oppressed in any way, it was just intended as a joke and these are real things people have said to me that I found pretty shocking at the time.”
Those in the comments were backing the young Scots student too.
One person said: “Hold your head up high girl, Be a proud Scot and show them! 
“Don't give anybody the right to walk over you.”
Another wrote: “The English people that think Scotland is a third world country have never been to Scotland.”
While a fan added: “I got a lot of that when I worked in London when I said I was from the Highlands. 
“Bagpipes, kilts, do you have electricity? Is that near Glasgow?”
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