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Anthony Rapp, the Star Trek: Discovery actor who was first to accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, is sharing some of the hostile messages he’s received from people blaming him for the end of House of Cards.
Rapp, who says Spacey made sexual moves on him in his New York apartment in 1986 when Rapp was a 14-year-old stage actor, has said little in public since he told his story to BuzzFeed in October, setting off a rash of allegations from more than a dozen men who accused Spaced of sexual misconduct. 
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On Nov. 3, a few days after Rapp’s Oct. 29 accusation, Spacey was fired by Netflix from House of Cards, the popular Washington-based drama on which he earned multiple Emmy nominations playing a malevolent U.S. president. Production of the sixth and final season of the show is now on hold, its plotline uncertain in the wake of Spacey’s forced departure. 
On Thursday, Rapp began sharing some of the toxic messages he’s received on Twitter and Instagram, mixed in with many messages of support. The critical messages he posted accuse him of lying about Spacey and blame him for the fate of Cards.
One Twitter user, who goes by the handle Django Stiglitz, griped, “I think the Spacey story could have waited one season for us fans. How would you like if Star Trek gets ruined because someone there was a perv 30 years ago?”
An Instagram user calling himself DigableDude, even blamed Rapp for putting the other cast members and crew out of work. 
“Season 6 of House of Cards has been suspended,” he wrote. “Real people are being affected by this accusation of 3 decades ago. Cast and crew, who now have to find new jobs to feed their families and pay bills. I hope this is what Mr. Rapp wanted.”
Others accused him of being an attention monger.
“I’m convinced you just want the attention,” Twitter user Wake+Bake wrote. “KevinSpaey was drunk and you just cost (sic) a lot of fans to miss out on one of the greatest actors of all time ‘cos you can’t shut up.”
One message said Rapp had no evidence for accusing Spacey. At the time of Rapp’s accusation, Spacey apologized but said he didn’t remember their alleged encounter.
“No sympathies here,” AWriterNamedPam told Rapp. “You demolished a very talented man’s career over an incident for which you do not have a shred of evidence it took place; just your word. Furthermore, it happened over 30 years ago and he didn’t break any laws! Pathetic.”
Rapp also informed her that he had since learned Spacey “did indeed break a law in this case. Namely sexual assault of a minor.”
Twitter user MenTooStrong accused Rapp of acting like a “Lolito,” telling him, “You wanted something or you’d have left. You were just scared (and) didn’t understand (homosexual) feelings.”
Other Twitter and Instagram users questioned Rapp would accuse Spacey after more than 30 years had elapsed. Some asserted he was motivated by envy of Spacey’s success and wealth.
Twitter user CathThereFausti questioned why Rapp “forgot” the Spacey incident for 30 years, as well as asking what a 14-year-old was doing at a party with drugs and alcohol. 
 CathThereFausti accused him of being motivated by his “envy and desire for money.” 

“Trolls and harasssers” aside, Rapp that on balance, said most of the messages he’s received have been positive. He said some of the toxic messages “wound slightly” but “do not sting deeply.”
Messages of support continued to flow onto his Twitter page on Friday. He said he doesn’t believe the things his critics are saying and he will continue to expose “all forms of abuse and mistreatment.”
Spacey has not spoken publicly since his former representative announced he would “seek evaluation and treatment” on Nov. 1. Two weeks later, he was photographed at The Madows, a renowned rehabilitation clinic in Wickenburg, Ariz.,  known for treating sexual addiction.


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