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Friday, 16 December
07 Apr

In response to the City Press article Nando’s and Wimpy called out for lack of ‘meat reduction’ strategies article on March 25, Nando’s places on record the inaccuracies of both the article as well as the report by Four Paws.
The inaccuracies refer to the following:
According to Nando’s marketing manager for brand and product, Tlalane McWade, Nando’s SA and UK did not respond to a questionnaire by Four Paws.
However, the article cites information referencing Nando’s UK, which can be perceived as participation. Additionally, Four Paws neither sent the report nor the findings to Nando’s UK and Nando’s SA.
“City Press did not reach out to our Nando’s SA team on the media article it was developing on the report’s findings, as we would have welcomed the opportunity to comment. This would have allowed us the opportunity to avoid misunderstanding of our business model, our menu items and our contribution to the country through our shared value initiatives,” McWade says.
Nando’s South African restaurant menus have long held permanent vegetarian options to complement guest food choices. Vegetarian options include burgers, pitas and wraps as well as two of our unique Boujee Bowl options and two of our platters. Additionally, Nando’s publicly tested plant-based alternatives with consumers last year and is evaluating the commercial viability of the consumer demand to add these to its menus.
“At Nando’s, we aim to become carbon neutral by 2030. In addition to this, we are the biggest supporter of a number of shared value initiatives. We are the biggest supporter of local art and design. Nando’s supports more than 350 artists nationally on a regular basis and the artworks in our collection are displayed across 1 200 restaurants across 24 countries, making us the largest private collector of contemporary South African art in the world,” adds McWade. Nando’s sources more than 95% of its products locally, which dramatically reduces its impact on the environment, and supports local business and agricultural initiatives.

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